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  It was about 2 meters wide but I think it was more like 6 - 8 meters long.
What would be interesting, the government finds out who the person is and will not renew his passport when the time comes. He will be stuck in Canada for the rest of his life, now being able to leave other than if he walks into another countries embassy, looking for asylum.   Also if this person dislikes Canada so much, they should move somewhere else. All I can say is, the grass is not always greener on the other side.
  Nice what plates were on the car?   Anyway, no more Veloster for me, hello Scion FR-S.
  The pocket circles are still being tinkered with. 
What is your opinion on circular (pocket squares)?  
What is interesting, the majority of the protestors are from the french CEGEPS and Universities. The english CEGEPS and Universities didn't really see any issues. The only way this whole thing will resolve itself, is if the government gives in. Seeing dealing with the students and unions, it is usually a one way street. Also many of these students protesting, are studying in certain programs that already have many people trying to get jobs in (i.e sociology)   It...
I am looking into getting a pair of Carmina's, seeing there is a boutique that carries them now. They are supposedly the only place in Canada that you can get them. Not sure if that is true or not, but it is one hell of a selling point. 
    Might end up ordering fabric from Japan, so I can make some pretty awesome shorts for the summer.
    Nice to see 7 restaurants in Montreal get in the top 50, would have expected more seeing Montreal known for its cuisine. One thing is for sure, I am quite surprised where Toque is on the list, seeing it is supposedly one of the best restaurants in Montreal after Joe Beef.
    That also.
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