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  It was about 2 meters wide but I think it was more like 6 - 8 meters long.
  Nice what plates were on the car?   Anyway, no more Veloster for me, hello Scion FR-S.
  The pocket circles are still being tinkered with. 
What is your opinion on circular (pocket squares)?  
I am looking into getting a pair of Carmina's, seeing there is a boutique that carries them now. They are supposedly the only place in Canada that you can get them. Not sure if that is true or not, but it is one hell of a selling point. 
    Might end up ordering fabric from Japan, so I can make some pretty awesome shorts for the summer.
    Nice to see 7 restaurants in Montreal get in the top 50, would have expected more seeing Montreal known for its cuisine. One thing is for sure, I am quite surprised where Toque is on the list, seeing it is supposedly one of the best restaurants in Montreal after Joe Beef.
I put away $200 a month in my savings account. Plus there is about $5000+ that goes into my RRSP each year. Nothing spectacular, but I guess that is better than most people in my age group. Don't get me wrong, the RRSP nice, it lowers my income tax now, but I will have to pay for it down the road. I also try and set aside some money, so I can purchase small quantities of silver.   One thing is for sure, if I start making good money, within the next few months, I will...
Sucks to be him. All the best to him trying to pay back whoever he owes money to.
My bad forgot to put in (Quebec micro brewery).  It was more a comparison of what I drink, depending of the occasion or the time of the year.
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