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Sorry, they are sold.
 Thank you so much. Fantastic boots.  Alright, hopefully I will have some pics for this thread soon...
Thanks Frank, maybe I will start with a 46. P2 has a low instep and good toe room?Shell norweger is calling my name... or osloer boot...
Thinking about trying the new peter last - what size would a US 12 D on Alden Barrie translate to? 45.5 or 46?
 At least get an initial layer of paste wax on them to help with the rain, or try the leather defender if you can get it. I put a topy on my pair after a month or so, mainly for traction. I wear Alden suede and shell a lot in Seattle rain.Now that said, today was pretty wet and an ultimate indy day for me. Commando sole is great! GW has some advice for you:
The Dempsey unveiling was fun last night, but the whole thing feels a bit weird...  Not that I'm complaining :)
loafer socks: falke step (not sneaker - that one is higher cut) do not show in LHS, and do not slip as they have a rubber pad in the back. Mr porter and socksfox stock them. Best I've tried. (not my auction)    If that was a 12 I would be trying to scrape together $750...
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