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  Will do Gdot, thanks very much for the advice.
  I thought the reason why you belived they were leather soled was because on a few online stores they're described as having a leather sole. But no, they're rubber soled, yeah I agree, was thinking only of chancing them in light rain.
   Really appreciate the advice,  I'm pretty sure they're rubber soled, what made you think they were leather soled, Gdot ? Also if you you really wanted a pair they're regularly on ebay UK for half of RRP  or less.
  Hi, was having problems with photobucket, so I just uploaded them from my pc. Will they be ok to wear in the rain using only a cream ? I suppose I can't have it both ways.  
  First post here. I bought a pair of Paul Smith Kasmin boots, but being a complete shoe care novice I'm unsure what products to use on them. I intend to read all the valuable info posted, skimmed to page 22 so far, but I want to get wearing them very soon.   I've only wore them once and was unfortunate to lightly scuff the right toe as you can see in photos. They're are a casual to smart casual boot, and I don't think they would look right polished. I afraid of...
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