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Yep. The welt is pre-stitched and glued on for appearance.
To get back on-track after Crane's interrupted the discussion in the OSB thread, here's what we were discussing before: it seems that Highland is using a fake welt for their OSB handsewns.
It's just because they're cheaper. It's the same reason Rancourt uses fiberboard insoles on their Blake-stitched boots rather than a leather insole.edit: No storm photos here. Feel free to discuss the construction techniques of other related makers, like Rancourt.
The SF makeups ship to LA Guy first, so you shouldn't have any issues with customs.
Who the fuck are you the polite policewoman?
To be fair, I've heard of significant quality control issues coming out of Julian, and they're also Goodyear-welted boots, not stitch-down constructed ones. I've heard claims that Julian isn't making the boots and that production is outsourced to Mexico.
At $400-500, fit and finish is not something White's is overly concerned with. Their principle demographic is firefighters and loggers. They're not Viberg, and they're not catering to the fashion market. White's Boots boots are incredibly well-made, and I doubt you'll see any flaws on a pair that impair the durability of the boot, but things like sloppy welt termination and sole stitching, and variations in heel shelf aren't out of the norm. Here (
I think we could still get hit with duties from Viberg purchases if the materials aren't from North America, but I don't know if I've ever seen it happen.
Worth is subjective, but if wings+horns isn't selling very much at full-price, and everyone is waiting for sale season, the brand is likely overpriced, at least in the context of this forum. Products are worth what people will pay for them.
Homes are destroyed; people have died—let's celebrate with a sale!
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