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I haven't noticed much in the way of stretching for my Vibergs. Maybe it's the thickness of the leather, or the lining mitigated it. I'm also not sure if Viberg pre-stretches anything. I know Nicholas Hollows does that for his CXL belts.
 I apologize if I put you in an awkward position by mentioning you directly. 
Summoning DW on this one (and whoever else has an opinion on it, of course).  Could there be any advantage to using a fiberboard insole on a Blake-rapid constructed boot? Kyle Rancourt has been posting on Reddit about using fiberboard insoles on their Blake-rapid constructed boots. It sounds like marketing nonsense to me, and I'd imagine that leather insoles are quite a bit more expensive. Is it at all possible that it's not?  
CXL is also cowhide. White's CXL won't do it as readily, but it can still be a crapshoot. I think Wolverine and OSB use lower quality CXL, and so you'll see the awful-looking creasing. I haven't noticed these on my Vibergs, or as much as in the White's CXL pictures out there. Alden seems to do it much less, but it happens occasionally.
Isn't the #8 CXL going to be restocked on Viberg.com? It's a cap-toe, but identical otherwise.  I wonder if Guidi leathers would be available for this sort of group buy. 
Plain-toe with an unstructured toe-box sounds great (and in my opinion, it's the quintessential style for 2030, though cap-toes can look great, too).
I think we need another 2030 service boot group buy. I thought everyone here was sick of 2030, but it sounds like that's not the case given recent posts.
I did the same thing, but for a lot longer than seven days. 2030 is addictive. 
I certainly don't feel as if my knife is of lesser quality if the blade is (seemingly) perfectly ground and given a hand-rubbed, but not mirror, finish. The knifemakers from whom I buy knives aren't putting mirror finishes on the blades, because they're meant to be used, and they're not presentation folders. On the same token don't think something from say, White Kloud, is of lesser quality because the sole isn't given such a finish. They're just catering to a completely...
That's been my experience with all of Nick's standard-fare leathers.  I'm assuming you mean Nick's on the second paragraph. I thought Nick's was using Horween for natural CXL, and the leather formerly known as Mexcel from Seidel for the darker colors.
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