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They're different lasts, and the men's one has a toe-cap, which can change the profile very slightly also, but the two should work reasonably well for the demonstration of the different welt types.
I think we need another 2030 service boot group buy. I thought everyone here was sick of 2030, but it sounds like that's not the case given recent posts.
I did the same thing, but for a lot longer than seven days. 2030 is addictive. 
 On this page they describe using an all-leather Goodyear-welted construction. I'm not sure if this includes a lack of canvas ribbing and if instead they're using a leather analog. The Hathorne line seems to have it too, among others, though I'm not sure if this differs from the way they're doing the aforementioned vintage boot.Typically it can add some bulk to the profile of the boot, but for what you're doing, I don't see it really hurting the look of the boot. My C&J...
White's isn't hand-welted in the sense that say Vass or Saint Crispin's is; White's is a stitch-down boot with a Norwegian welt. See here for pictures. The upper is hand-stitched to the welt, but that's a bit different from hand-welting, where the welt is actually directly sewn onto the insole. In the case of OSB's Trench Boot, there's a canvas ribbing (gemming) that's cemented onto the insole and then attached to the welt. There'll be a bit of empty space left over after...
I certainly don't feel as if my knife is of lesser quality if the blade is (seemingly) perfectly ground and given a hand-rubbed, but not mirror, finish. The knifemakers from whom I buy knives aren't putting mirror finishes on the blades, because they're meant to be used, and they're not presentation folders. On the same token don't think something from say, White Kloud, is of lesser quality because the sole isn't given such a finish. They're just catering to a completely...
That's been my experience with all of Nick's standard-fare leathers.  I'm assuming you mean Nick's on the second paragraph. I thought Nick's was using Horween for natural CXL, and the leather formerly known as Mexcel from Seidel for the darker colors.
Seems like that isn't exactly uncommon lately, as evidenced by posts on here and Iron Heart forums. At least they're paying for return shipping, though this shouldn't have happened. I'd say their quality control is also an issue, though. It's kind of odd that they only took one boot back. Won't it be awkward walking in them once the left is fixed, since one is broken in while the other isn't?
There's no way that isn't a Japanese resole. Holy cow. edit: whoops, German.
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