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Is there any word on if stitch-down boots will be eliminated completely for the life style offerings? Will the Goodyear-welted boots be a standard construction with a cork filling and canvas ribbing to attach the insole to the welt?
It was the wrong thread when he posted it in the Nick's thread, too.
Wolverine's does it much more readily than others. I wasn't enamored with the leathers I felt from White's. The dress leather and dry tan leather from White's was plasticky. The oil tanned leathers were fine, some thinner than others---I believe that the leather they use for the harvest roughout is oil tanned, and I liked that as a roughout, but it's thinner than the black and distressed roughouts. I don't think the "veiny creases" that you found on your Wolverine will be...
Shell is certainly not a leather I'd describe as soft. The 2030 is quite a bit wider all around than the Barrie last. I've found that I can wear the same size in Barrie boots with dress socks as I do with the 2030 and medium-weight wool socks due to the extra width.
I've seen enough 20+ year old pairs of White's boots with rubber soles to think that the tales of rot are bunk. My own shoes with different types of rubber shoes seem to be doing as well as my leather soled shoes. 
Yeah---I think requesting shell will just sidetrack the discussion. Also, the other big shell provider is Comipel. Also, Shinki-Hikaku Co. in Japan does shell. 
I haven't noticed much in the way of stretching for my Vibergs. Maybe it's the thickness of the leather, or the lining mitigated it. I'm also not sure if Viberg pre-stretches anything. I know Nicholas Hollows does that for his CXL belts.
 I apologize if I put you in an awkward position by mentioning you directly. 
Summoning DW on this one (and whoever else has an opinion on it, of course).  Could there be any advantage to using a fiberboard insole on a Blake-rapid constructed boot? Kyle Rancourt has been posting on Reddit about using fiberboard insoles on their Blake-rapid constructed boots. It sounds like marketing nonsense to me, and I'd imagine that leather insoles are quite a bit more expensive. Is it at all possible that it's not?  
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