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To be fair, workers can appreciate fine fit and finish as much as anyone else. 
The painted horsehide boots were only $800. Guidi calf is probably a bit more than plain horsehide, but I'd imagine the painted horsehide is a bit more, and then Viberg had the labor of distressing it. 
I ordered at noon (their time), and I received a shipping notification about three and a half hours later. 
Almost went in on a brown calf 2030 service boot over there, like what Superdenim used to have. I definitely like the ideas in that thread.
That thread was not started by me.
This thread? https://www.ironheart.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=5767.0
I did? I better check this out.
Now that's much more offensive than a "Vibergian bean boot."
How much longer until those come?
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