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You sure it's not Icy Mocha CXL?
 It's Seidel. Viberg's used their stuff. Dayton's famous charcoal nubuck leather is from Seidel, actually. 
Really like this. It's really easy for this jacket to wear you, but you wear it well. 
Yours look significantly better. 
It typically comes in the mail weeks later, though.
There's CXL hate because there's a lot of people who don't understand much about leather; they see all of these cheaply-made shoes from OSB, Wolverine, et al., and they don't understand that the prevalence of loose-grain creasing and other issues would happen with any cheap cowhide that they use. It just so happens that CXL is popular, and everyone's using it. 
It's exceptional. I've worn mine nearly every day for six or seven months, and then alternated it with other stuff thereafter, and mine aren't nearly as worn in. 
If you're interested in the OSB Trench Boot for quality, look elsewhere. OSB is a brand that tries to maximize the amount of the leather they can use, rather than optimizing for quality. This leads to tons of loose-grain creasing and other issues. See here:   By the way, didn't PW Minor just announce that they were closing up shop. Who's making the Trench Boots? Did OSB buy out the factory? Is PW Minor still making boots for other companies, just...
I've been happy with the quality of the SLP that I've handled. My SLP jeans hold up very well compared to everything else I own.
I always assumed everything was fully-canvassed. Mr. Porter claims this tuxedo is at least:
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