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That thread was not started by me.
This thread? https://www.ironheart.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=5767.0
I did? I better check this out.
Now that's much more offensive than a "Vibergian bean boot."
How much longer until those come?
I'd feel a little awkward if I'm being overly picky and I'm unhappy with the fit and finish of the boot. "Yeah, you're going to have to start over again, I think your stitching is a little sloppy," is a conversation I'd like to avoid.
Except when you're OSB, and your manufacturer tears up the shell while lasting. 
I don't think you can really compare Guidi's leather to conventional leathers. If you look to Guidi for cordovan expecting something in a similar vein to Horween's, you'll be sorely disappointed. Guidi's leathers fill an aesthetic niche, and discussions of quality are very different from that of other tanneries' leathers. Guidi's leathers aren't ones that you'd want because you want the "best quality" available, it's a leather you'd get because you love the look and feel,...
Hey Guy, I'm wondering how far will the 2045 last go down in size. My SO is a 3.5 in the 9220, and she'd love to buy another pair of your boots. Is it possible to get a boot in 2045 that would fit her?
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