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What happened?
You might want to consider having the USPS hold your mail until your return. I think that should prevent it from being in limbo and going back to Canada, but it might take closer to two weeks for something like that to happen.
That looks totally normal. Wonder what happened in that last picture. I would have sworn up and down that you had some sort of elongated boot. 
Some weird optical illusion in this one. The left boot looks 8x as long as the right in this photo. 
Really great once again. 
This:  And then you have these bottom-feeders going to reddit every couple of weeks and asking for cheaper versions of it. Dayton hasn't put out a boot as iconic since that wings+horns collab, and I don't think they ever will. I was dumb enough to buy into it, and the boot I ended up with was basically trash. I don't even wear it anymore. 
Some of the problems I've seen were so bad that they pretty much indicated that the brand is incapable of making quality boots. The fact that they'd let some of the things I've seen out of the workshop shows what little regard the workers have for the overall quality of the product. 
 Dayton has not bounced back as far as I've seen. People have sent me pictures of major discrepancies between boots; I've heard of boots being made with exposed interior welt stitching. And then there's some pretty significant waits (and excuses) to go along with it. Even the good boots I've seen have discrepancies in stitching across the pair. I wouldn't go near them at all. 
 No, not usually. I was just trying to figure out the lack of creasing in the toe.
You using shoe trees? Looks like there's not much creasing in the toes at all. 
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