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Thanks for the info. I was wondering if you could elaborate more on what Nick's is setup to do that White's isn't. 
How far down in size do the 2040 and 2045 go? My girlfriend wears a 3.5 on the 9220 last, and would love another pair of boots.
My thoughts exactly. 
I'm really liking the leather on that; I think it's Guidi calf. I'd love to see that end up on a service boot on the same last.
I suggest when doing poetry to not rhyme the word "now" with "now."
To be fair, workers can appreciate fine fit and finish as much as anyone else. 
The painted horsehide boots were only $800. Guidi calf is probably a bit more than plain horsehide, but I'd imagine the painted horsehide is a bit more, and then Viberg had the labor of distressing it. 
I ordered at noon (their time), and I received a shipping notification about three and a half hours later. 
Almost went in on a brown calf 2030 service boot over there, like what Superdenim used to have. I definitely like the ideas in that thread.
That thread was not started by me.
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