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Nick's always seemed to trump White's in fit and finish, but White's has them beat in terms of clicking. Seen a lot of awful creasing from Nick's. Pick your poison, I guess. 
Everyone who's having issues, what size shoe do you wear? 
Come on, man. These aren't even boots. 
It's the curse of wings+horns. No Canadian bootmaker can work with them without quality tanking for their other offerings. The collab boot will be perfect, but nothing else from Viberg, not ever again. 
Wesco has female-specific models, but they're all kind of awful. White's is perfectly capable of making women's boots, and their fit and finish is leaps and bounds better. 
I think it would have taken another six months for him to receive the shoe if that were the case. Plus it wasn't lopsided enough. 
Sometimes they hand-cut the pattern, but I don't they they do for standard sizes of established models. If you look at the rear view of his shoes, though, you'll notice that the leather isn't cut quite evenly for the tab in the back. 
I'd definitely listen to LA Guy and send these back ASAP. The left shoe seems lopsided, and I think that's evident from your rear picture, too. No amount of re-lacing will fix this one, but I can't imagine Viberg won't fix this. These shouldn't have left the factory.
APCs or SExI23? 
Good luck.  With regard to typing on mobile, I think most people use keyboards like Swype or Swiftkey and copious amounts of autocorrect. Personally, I forgo all that and let the shit fall as it may. 
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