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Hey @cathpah, shouldn't you be getting your boots from @VermilyeaPelle soon?
I'm assuming he means the boot would be 8" tall. I think most service boots are closer to 5" or 5.5".
Personally, I preferred the Tate+Yoko version with the black edge dressing. I wish one of them would order a version like that.
Agreed. I'd like to see them with black leather laces, actually. Wesco sells some decent ones.
I've never had that happen to any of my Dainite-soled boots, nor have I seen it happen to any. I can't imagine it happening to one of them. I've never handled Itshide, so I can't comment on any differences.
As far as I know, the canvas ribbing would be cemented directly onto the insole, and any sort of filler materials would go on top of that, but I can't say for certain what that material is without handling it.
Looks like fiberboard in this video:
I went to Nordstrom and even the display models were poor quality. Something is seriously wrong with Wolverine, and it's more than just that people post more negative than positive. You don't see this in the White's or Viberg thread, and even the Alden thread has nowhere near these kinds of issues.
Definitely made the right choice for the waxed flesh by going with the deconstructed toe-box. It's almost like a completely different last.
I think I'd tell them it's theirs if they can reimburse you for all of the shipping costs that you've had to pay throughout this ordeal, and the cost to actually return it to them. I'd at least give them the chance to do that, and if not, I'd sleep just fine keeping those boots.
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