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Those are really great. The stitching seems better than that of Wesco's standard offerings, too. 
Can you go with heavier socks?
Fucking love Collateral. Just need a small Sebenza and a USP45. 
Didn't realize the offer was targeted. Some people were saying they had the Net-a-porter offer but not Mr Porter. That might explain it. 
Today is the last day, I think. If you spend $500 or more, you get $150 as statement credit. You need to sign up for the offer on the Amex website first. Pretty great deal since it works for everything.
And then they went and left the midsole un-dyed for that stealth boot. What a mess. 
Those mostly weren't QC issues. That was just a demonstration of how they terminate the welt/out-turned upper on White's. It's much sloppier than Nick's. I don't think it's out of spec for White's—it's just one of their goals to finish it nicely, while it seems to be more of a priority for Nick's. I have another album for Alden, too. It's worse. 
I don't think the tannage of the leather is making that creasing unavoidable, but I think White's does a better job of avoiding what's typically referred to as "loose-grain creasing," whereas it seems much more common with Nick's. On the other hand, White's isn't really putting the same effort into fit and finish. I don't think it's a quality control issue, but I'd imagine it's just not a goal for them. This album (http://imgur.com/a/zB1wF) shows what I'm talking...
Having the same source doesn't matter much. Horween supplies low-end and high-end brands alike: http://horween.com/101/on-leather-quality-and-properties/
Why can't you return them if there's an issue?
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