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Beats having to look at the J.Crew logo every time I put on my shell Alden boots.
You're not a scientist; you're not making scientific arguments. You latched onto something @anrobit said in passing because he called you out on your bullying. You've continued to bring it up, and you beat it to death to show some sort of superiority through psuedo-science. You even made a reference to having read an "applied chemistry technical white paper" as if that's supposed to impress everyone here.  No one cares about coconut oil. Let it go, and start acting like a...
Referring to your drivel as scientific analysis is offensive to actual scientists. 
You should probably be fine, and if not, it may be within the margin of "sock error." 
Blue in Green has Canada Goose (as a side note, Self Edge has a 900 fill power down jacket, and they're in NY), and Barneys has both Canada Goose and Arc'teryx Veilence.  
I'm looking for a cruelty free conditioner. Are there any vegan leather conditioners that you guys recommend?
Here you go:
 Applied chemistry technical white paper sounds impressive. I'm actually pretty strongly against the use of coconut oil on leather, but not really because I think it's going to damage the integrity of the boots in minute quantities. Isn't lactic acid commonly used in tanning leather? 
The Katahdin, I believe, sizes similarly to Alden's TruBalance last, so this fits in with @Ambulance Chaser's suggestion. 
Thanks for the info!
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