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Thanks for the info!
270-degrees can be sleeker. I don't think you'll find much difference otherwise, unless it's something like the Alden 404 that needs a 360-degree welt because of the storm welt. The shoe will have a steel shank regardless of the welt.
People keep mentioning the same questions keep getting asked, so I figured it's not a bad time for an FAQ in this thread.  Why shouldn't I buy this boot?If you plan on using this as anything more than a dress boot, then there's likely better options for you. At $350 MSRP, it's not too far off from White's Boots and Nick's Boots, both of which have superior construction and higher quality materials. For example, Wolverine uses cheaper leatherboard for their insoles, an...
I think you'll be very happy with them. I have trouble wearing anything else after getting my Vibergs.
Too bad Viberg doesn't just measure the ball, heel, inseam and length of all of the lasts and post them up on the site. I guess it'd be a lot of measuring for every size of every last, but I'm assuming they all scale by a known quantity for each size?
So it doesn't matter how you treat people, because sales will increase anyway?
To put it in perspective, this is what it looked like in 2007.
I thought the photo studio part was a joke because of how terrible that photo looks. 
How long do we have for the deal? Also, is it limited to one per customer?
The lighter-weight wool socks from Smart Wool (Sierra Trading Post factory seconds are a godsend) are pretty warm in even hot weather. Wool is much better than cotton at wicking moisture away from your skin, and moisture can lead to blisters.  Nordstrom has a great return policy, so if you're unhappy, I'd bring it back. I don't know if they still take things back that've been worn outside, but I wouldn't be surprised. 
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