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The shoe is lasted after the liner is attached to the upper, so it shouldn't affect the size, as long as you're not counting on it to stretch in order to fit.
Too many people are selling the little containers of VSC for a much worse value, and I got sick of sending the link to everyone who asks about VSC. I don't have any bumper stickers; they're tacky. I even take the dealer frames off. 
I wouldn't put more products on shell than necessary. Venetian shoe cream and the (very) occasional waxing should be sufficient. Are you planning on taking these out in the rain a lot?
Sorry—the oil tan leather isn't plasticky at all. When I wrote my post, I got the names mixed up and thought that the dry tan leather was the smooth, not the oil tan. My samples didn't have "black smooth" on them, only "black oil tan," so I didn't realize until you guys posted.
As far as I can tell, no. I own both, but haven't used the balm yet. Viberg ships it with all of their boots.
Cotton ball works fine for me. My SO has the same can of Venetian, and that's how we always apply it.
Is the brown smooth the same as the brown dry tan? I've handled the black dress and black dry tan extensively (I'm assuming they perform analogously). From what I've seen, they seem similar in terms of durability, but the black dress might resist scuffs a bit more. It also helps that it's dyed all the way through. The black oil tan that I've handled is very durable—I'd go with their thicker oil tan leather if durability is your main goal. I thought that both the brown...
Why not get a cotton ball, stick it over the opening of the can, and flip the can? 
Definitely some great stuff coming out of Japan. Viberg, White's, Nick's and Wesco seem to all have a decent market there as well. The Real McCoy's, Flat Head, Moto Leather & Silver, and White Kloud, to name a few, are also making some very nice footwear. I've handled The Real McCoy's N-1 shoe, and I thought it was extremely nice. 
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