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If you end up deciding against Viberg, any shop that's decent in general and can match the stitching (and use similar thread) will probably be just fine. For the average resole job, only the outer row of stitching will need to be redone, so it's not all that dissimilar from resoling the average boot with a stitched sole. White's and Nick's have two rows of stitching that need to be dealt with. This thread ( on...
Also, forgot to mention socks: I wear thicker wool socks with my Vibergs, and with dress shoes I typically wear thin dress socks. 
Doesn't Meermin have multiple lasts?
Goodyear-welted boots don't have a longer life expectancy. I'm also not sure who you'd find to convert them. That sounds like a hugely bad idea to try.  Send them back to Viberg. 
Those cuffs definitely need to be changed up. It's a shame to pair that with Ann Ds. 
I've heard so many people say they're going to order just to figure out sizing. It sucks, but keep checking back, and see if the stock changes.
I don't think they're sending promo codes out in general. 
In most cases they'll only have to replace one of the rows of stitching, since only one goes through the outsole, but yeah, I've still seen it look very sloppy. As far as I know, Viberg will try to match the stitching. Also, if you want flat waxed laces, I'd send Guy at Viberg an email and maybe he can help. 
I've had great experiences with the leather laces from Wesco (they sell black ones). That's what I use on my Service Boots. Viberg uses the best flat waxed cotton laces I've seen from a bootmaker. I've seen really fantastic ones on high-end sneakers, too. Other than that, it's pretty tough to top. What didn't you like about those, or did you not get flat waxed laces with your boots? By the way, I would probably not send your Vibergs to B Nelson. Seen some pretty messy work...
It's the Alan Smithee of tanneries. 
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