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Was the official OSB thread deleted?
What sort of socks do you wear normally? Moving to thicker wool socks could make it fit if it's a little large.
I thought their insoles were leather-wrapped fiberboard. Are the midsoles not leather either?
Do you see folks postering $100 sneakers in this thread? Your pictures are irrelevant here, as they were in the OSB thread. This thread was clearly made to avoid them. If you want to post storm pictures, do it elsewhere.
Rancourt seems to be referring to some of their boots as "Blake-welt stitch," though at first glance they look like Blake-rapid boots. I wasn't sure why they're using a welt, but then when I saw the bon-welted OSBs, I started wondering.
In the picture below, it seems that there's just a rubber slip sole with a pre-stitched welt glued on to look like a midsole that's been stitched to the slip sole.
My understanding is that the white midsole is referred to as a rubber slip sole. On boots like theseit's stitched to the midsole. The slip sole is then, I think, cemented to the outsole. My guess is that the cement is more effective for rubber on rubber, and that's why it's used. A thick outsole like that can't be easily stitched, so that's the next best thing.I'm also wondering if Rancourt is using fake stitching. On this...
Yep. The welt is pre-stitched and glued on for appearance.
To get back on-track after Crane's interrupted the discussion in the OSB thread, here's what we were discussing before: it seems that Highland is using a fake welt for their OSB handsewns.
It's just because they're cheaper. It's the same reason Rancourt uses fiberboard insoles on their Blake-stitched boots rather than a leather insole.edit: No storm photos here. Feel free to discuss the construction techniques of other related makers, like Rancourt.
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