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With the way boots have been coming out of OSB lately, you probably made the right choice.
Luckily it's something he can mask with some dubbin, though that look isn't for everyone. Also think it'd look much better with round waxed laces. Not a fan of flat laces on chukka boots.  Regarding the Krause, it's interesting this picture made the cut for the website:
If you're not interested in a belt from Alden, maybe go with C&J. I'm very happy with my C&J belt and the belts from them that I've handled.
I'm not at all a fan of Alden's calf, so that's a good thing. I tried looking into the Kudu that Carmina used, but I can't seem to figure out if it's from Charles F. Stead. I was a little alarmed to find this, though I'm sure there's a wide range of leather qualities coming from them.
I very briefly owned a Barrie-lasted chukka on the same sole. It is light, and should be fine with rain, though I can't comment on its long term durability. It's odd that those microcellular rubber soles don't really have a ton of information written about them online. You'll have to let us know what you think of them once you get them and use them for a while.
That's what I was worried about.
Been there done that.
You could always put it in jars, and give it to loved ones as gifts. 
It could be quite the conflict of interests if that were the case.
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