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Agreed on standard trim. I thought someone here said that White's always does a liner with CXL, though my CXL Vibergs are certainly thick enough to not have one, as are many other boots. I'd go full brass eyelets for sure.
If you're having trouble finding shoes in EE, going up half-a-size in E could be the answer, though you can always order the stock models from Alden. The first time I was at Moulded Shoe, the owner told me that going up half-a-size in D can give a pretty similar fit to the standard length in E for the Modified last, especially since the E-width boot should be a bit longer than the D-width version. I've found this to be more or less true for Barrie and TruBalance as well,...
It could be that it's leaking through between the welt and the upper. A storm welt can help remedy that (like the Krause has), though those won't be as water-resistant as a boot with a storm welt that has two perpendicular rows of stitching (like the Alden 404). Most stitch-down boots should perform a bit better in that regard as well. 
I didn't even have a very good reason---I wasn't 100% on my Grant sizing, but I could have easily guessed it at the time, or I could have just gone to an Alden stockist. 
I had a shot at the Day Tripper boot from Leffot, and passed it up.
It'll likely end up being my next pair once my 991XHs fade a bit more. I'm hoping SE will be restocked by then. 
I thought that paper patches came into use in the 50s? 
For whom?
$550 for the Krause boot is highway robbery. On the dressier side of things, for $525 you could order the Crockett and Jones Northcote from British Sporting Arms (note there's no returns if they don't normally stock the Northcote, which I don't believe they do) or Pediwear in London for slightly more. You'll get nicer construction and much nicer leather.  If you're after more of a work boot, for over $100 less, you could just get a pair of White's, and you'd get an...
Big fan of their denim. I love the way the La Jolla jean fits, and all of details---just wish they'd start doing some denim with leather patches instead of paper. 
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