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CXL is made from cowhide and horsehide, but not calf. Your shoe is likely cowhide.  I don't have any experience with Alden's CXL bluchers, but my Alden CXL boots are very comfortable as are my Barrie lasted boots.
Guy, you're Viberging the White's thread. Love those boots, though. They look even better once they're broken in.
In the real bad stuff, you'll get some snow that fills in the studs, and that wouldn't really happen with commando soles, but I haven't found it to be an issue for me. Ice is where traction is really lacking, and every sole will have a rough time on that. 
How do people usually compare the size of your Red Wings to that of Alden's TruBalance or Barrie lasts? If folks are generally wearing the same size in those, then you'd probably go with an 8 on this boot, unless you have a lot of extra room in the Red Wings.
People say that Dainite studded soles are awful in the snow and rain, but I've had nothing but good experiences with them. Those Dainite soles have gotten me through some awful winters.
As far as I know the #461 or C461 are the classic work boot last. 
Topy is a brand famous for making thin rubber outsoles that partially cover a leather sole; it's become genericised to mean any of these types of soles. These types of soles are not typically stitched through the original leather outsole. Here's an example:
Agreed on standard trim. I thought someone here said that White's always does a liner with CXL, though my CXL Vibergs are certainly thick enough to not have one, as are many other boots. I'd go full brass eyelets for sure.
If you're having trouble finding shoes in EE, going up half-a-size in E could be the answer, though you can always order the stock models from Alden. The first time I was at Moulded Shoe, the owner told me that going up half-a-size in D can give a pretty similar fit to the standard length in E for the Modified last, especially since the E-width boot should be a bit longer than the D-width version. I've found this to be more or less true for Barrie and TruBalance as well,...
It could be that it's leaking through between the welt and the upper. A storm welt can help remedy that (like the Krause has), though those won't be as water-resistant as a boot with a storm welt that has two perpendicular rows of stitching (like the Alden 404). Most stitch-down boots should perform a bit better in that regard as well. 
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