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I'd be surprised if you couldn't sell it for retail if you tried it on. I've seen the Leffot x Viberg shell boots go for more than retail on the secondary market.
If you want a pair of dressy boots that can be worn with a suit, White's is grossly inappropriate. I think even more so is roughout with a navy CXL. If you want boots that are dressy and can be worn with a suit in a pinch in a similar price range, look to Crockett and Jones, Alfred Sargent and Carmina. Alden's shell options are good, too.
Viberg's pricing isn't the way it is because of quality, though the quality is very good; the prices are the way they are because of their goals. They're actively trying to be a fashion boot brand, and exclusivity is critical—it serves only to build them. Nick's is just starting to get their feet wet in terms of offering leathers that aren't completely inappropriate for the fashion communities (their stock leathers were, in my opinion). White's has been doing that for a...
Hey @cathpah, shouldn't you be getting your boots from @VermilyeaPelle soon?
I'm assuming he means the boot would be 8" tall. I think most service boots are closer to 5" or 5.5".
Personally, I preferred the Tate+Yoko version with the black edge dressing. I wish one of them would order a version like that.
Agreed. I'd like to see them with black leather laces, actually. Wesco sells some decent ones.
I've never had that happen to any of my Dainite-soled boots, nor have I seen it happen to any. I can't imagine it happening to one of them. I've never handled Itshide, so I can't comment on any differences.
As far as I know, the canvas ribbing would be cemented directly onto the insole, and any sort of filler materials would go on top of that, but I can't say for certain what that material is without handling it.
Looks like fiberboard in this video:
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