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Punch the Canada Post number into USPS's tracking once it hits the US, and you should get something.
Shell cordovan has a tendency to tear while lasting, due to its relatively low tensile strength. 
I compare 2030 in its standard width to the same size in Barrie, D width. Barrie is a bit wider in the front and heel. I wear dress socks or thin SmartWool socks with my Barrie-lasted boots, but I can comfortably wear thicker socks with the 2030. 
Could it be this? http://www.bakershoe.com/Product/Detail/horse-hide-semi-dress-by-whites/
Thanks for the info. I was wondering if you could elaborate more on what Nick's is setup to do that White's isn't. 
How far down in size do the 2040 and 2045 go? My girlfriend wears a 3.5 on the 9220 last, and would love another pair of boots.
My thoughts exactly. 
I'm really liking the leather on that; I think it's Guidi calf. I'd love to see that end up on a service boot on the same last.
I suggest when doing poetry to not rhyme the word "now" with "now."
To be fair, workers can appreciate fine fit and finish as much as anyone else. 
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