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Hey Guy, I'm wondering how far will the 2045 last go down in size. My SO is a 3.5 in the 9220, and she'd love to buy another pair of your boots. Is it possible to get a boot in 2045 that would fit her?
Anything shell with antique edge dressing and sole sells out.
Andrew from Dayton told me the same thing—some of their boots use leather, some use cork, but he's trying to move everything to cork to eliminate squeaking. Personally I'd prefer to have leather, and I haven't had an issue with squeaking.
I'd be interested in the same boot with a leather like this: 
Not a fan of the new patterns at all—the trench boot, that new chukka and the lace-to-toe workboot are all pretty awful. Really liking the service boots, and I look forward to more Guidi offerings. 
@missusjuiceman went TTS for her 9220-lasted service boots. It's apparently not as wide as the 110, but a D-width instead. She thinks TTS would work for anyone with a normal width foot.
Keep in mind that I made up my reason. I don't know if that's true. You definitely don't need bright shoe laces under any circumstances. 
so if you fall, people can find your unconscious (or dead) body easily. 
I was speaking of Viberg in general, not just their hiking boots, but Ron Rider's hiking boots are also priced higher than Viberg's. This pair at Leather Soul was $800. If we're going to compare sale prices, we should compare it to Viberg's sale prices.  With regard to Norvegese stitching being higher quality than Viberg's stitch-down offerings, Viberg has their liner attached under the insole, and the upper is also attached under the insole, just before the liner stops on...
What other brands are making similar boots at this level of quality? As long as Viberg keeps doing so, I'll keep paying the price. 
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