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I've found that the 2030 with hiking socks fits similarly to the Barrie in dress socks in the same size. The 2030 most certainly feels like a wider last, though this could be due to the instep of the 2030.
Thanks for the invite, but I'll probably abstain from this one. Glad to see everything is resolved, though, and that this thread will see a permanent change. 
I think that depends on what you mean by mild. If you're mostly walking from a parking lot to wherever you need to go, you'll likely be fine, if there's just a small amount of snow on the ground. If you're walking quite a bit, look into putting a Topy sole over your leather sole, and that should help stave off damage to your leather sole.
I wouldn't replace the sole on your boots until it's worn out. Each time you replace the sole on a Goodyear-welted boot, you shorten its life. A commando sole will do better in snow, for sure, but ice is ice, and there's not a whole lot you can do about that, unless you want caulked boots:
I've been buying the same size in RRL for everything, but it all fits completely differently. The pieces could potentially be made in completely different factories, and since the pieces are either loose reproductions of older pieces, or at the very least inspired by them, they can all have different intended fits. My RRL jeans from a few years back even fit differently in the same cut with different washes. 
Now I'm waiting for boot preorders to hit the marketplace on here: "Alden cigar shell plain-toed boot on Barrie last (size 9D). Will be ready to sell my pair in six months. GET YOUR MONEY IN NOW BEORE IT IS TOO LATE."
Seconded. My 2030 boots are my most comfortable.
Whoops, I misread that in the original post. If anyone would be selling seconds as first, or returned boots, it'd be Gilt. I loved Park and Bond, but after watching that whole Naked and Famous fiasco a while back, where they got a bunch of non-selvedge denim specially made for them, and no one realized what they were actually buying, I've figured a lot of the stuff on there is too good to be true.
The standard Alden Indy boot (401, 403 and 405) will be slightly more water resistant than the plain-toed 1K, due to the welt, but its storm welt is like that of the Krause, and it's just raised up to better protect the seam. The Alden 404 that I linked to was just an example of a storm welt with the extra set of stitching to keep that area between the upper and welt sealed off, but most Indys, including mine, don't have that.  I'd definitely go with the Indy over the...
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