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That's been my experience with all of Nick's standard-fare leathers.  I'm assuming you mean Nick's on the second paragraph. I thought Nick's was using Horween for natural CXL, and the leather formerly known as Mexcel from Seidel for the darker colors.
Seems like that isn't exactly uncommon lately, as evidenced by posts on here and Iron Heart forums. At least they're paying for return shipping, though this shouldn't have happened. I'd say their quality control is also an issue, though. It's kind of odd that they only took one boot back. Won't it be awkward walking in them once the left is fixed, since one is broken in while the other isn't?
There's no way that isn't a Japanese resole. Holy cow. edit: whoops, German.
It takes the same amount of time as it takes for a brown CXL boot to scuff at all. That's all it takes for the black CXL to show brown.
Viberg's going to run out of waxed flesh at this rate.
Waxed flesh thrives in the rain. Viberg chose it for their country derby boots for this reason.  This is the closest thing you'll get to a side view of that last with an unstructured toe box:
 Good luck with the surgery. 
Agreed, would have rather seen that on the 2040 and the Service Boot on the 2030. 
No. I mean the sizes they stocked. Strange that they did 6.5 but not 7.5 or 10.5. 
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