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I don't know if I'd have to guts to try bleach, but I should probably stop using Woolite Dark.
That's absolutely fantastic. I'm astonished it took only 8 months.
I thought I heard that technically all of the components need to be from North America for NAFTA to apply, so Dainite or European/Japanese leather could invalidate it. I've never seen it happen, though. If the leather soles are from Germany, that's an issue, too.
These look so much better with a 6" shaft versus what was on the website before. Very nice. Looking forward to some pictures and your thoughts.
It's brown calf, not Merlot CXL.
For the record, they're likely using the flesh side for that boot, rather than the grain side. It's not really a fair comparison.
Must be a canned response. I actually emailed, too and received the same thing. I don't think George sent mine, though.
Sorry, I don't want to shit this place up. Please return to sycophantism and baking unnecessarily waxed boots.
What experience do you have with White's Boots to claim that the materials and construction aren't superior to Wolverine's?
It's a completely different aesthetic, and the Christy soles weren't developed for made-in-Maine heritage boots; they're a legitimate work boot sole and have a history in that. If anything, they're more appropriate on these Vibergs, though again, it's a completely different aesthetic niche from that of Dainite.
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