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There's also suede dyes that could be applied, like [this](, though I've never used it. I'd imagine it'd be harder to implement than the wax, though, and the leather would have to be cleaned before use. 
 Shoes should never be agonizing to break in (yes, I know about Red Wings, and no, I don't care). It sounds like you're forcing a square peg in a round hole. White's isn' doing bespoke boots—you send in a trace, and they do their best to fit you to one of their lasts. Sometimes it just won't work for you. I'd get rid of them.  With that said, you could probably dunk the whole shoe in water and hasten the process, but that could do more harm to the boot than not. 
Honestly, hated the cinnamon color before. You made it very palatable, though. Nice. 
Is it the angle, or is the left shoe significantly different from the right? 
Wondering if the boots would look better once he gets more wear on them and he leather starts to crease on a macro level. 
I don't think I've ever seen loose-grain creasing on calf in the same way I've seen it with cowhide. Maybe it could be due to the denser fiber structure of calf, or maybe the bootmakers doing calf put more of an effort into clicking than the relatively lower-end makers doing cowhide that presents the issue.  Anyway, the creasing itself looks fine. Guidi's leather is most often used in a setting where it's distressed (see their own shoe offerings). In this case, there's a...
What do you mean by "no toe-box"? There's a toe-box, it's just not structured. It's an aesthetic choice, and at the moment, I think Viberg is mostly doing partially-structured toe-boxes. If you're unhappy with it, why not just buy one of their boos with structured toe-boxes?
 Chromexcel is chrome-tanned and vegetable re-tanned. Chromepack is just chrome-tanned. Both leathers are hot-stuffed. The full breakdown of the differences can be seen here:
As far as I know, he's not actually hand-welting anything in the conventional sense, is he? I remember having a picture of what he actually does (when he's not using a canvas ribbing) that I came across months ago,, but after going through his Instagram, I can't seem to find it. This thread ( seems to discuss it quite a bit, though you'll have to read a couple of pages.  It...
Looks good. Gotta love their shipping. I'd definitely go with much shorter cuffs, though, even if it means rolling a few times.
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