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Did your Aldens have a storm welt? That can help in terms of water resistance. Standard flat welt Goodyear-welted constructions aren't really the best for water resistance, and exposed interior welt stitching, like shown below, will give an easy path to the interior of the boot for water to travel.
I've never had that happen to any of my Dainite-soled boots, nor have I seen it happen to any. I can't imagine it happening to one of them. I've never handled Itshide, so I can't comment on any differences.
I'm really liking the black one, though they don't look too far off from Aldens. While they absolutely have issues with quality control and assurance, it seems like there's more good than bad out there. I don't know that I can say the same of P.W. Minor. I'd love to hear an explanation for the cause of all of these issues and what's being done to remedy them. That would definitely give me some needed confidence in the brand.
As far as I know, the canvas ribbing would be cemented directly onto the insole, and any sort of filler materials would go on top of that, but I can't say for certain what that material is without handling it.
Looks like fiberboard in this video:
I went to Nordstrom and even the display models were poor quality. Something is seriously wrong with Wolverine, and it's more than just that people post more negative than positive. You don't see this in the White's or Viberg thread, and even the Alden thread has nowhere near these kinds of issues.
The construction of the boot will be the limiting factor in water resistance for a CXL boot. CXL is very water resistant.
SF is very influential, and I think that influence trickles into other forums as well, like the various communities on Reddit, Iron Heart, and superfuture. Advertising on SF is hugely beneficial for companies. With OSB now stocked at Nordstrom and Bonobos maybe being an affiliate is no longer as essential as it once was, though those shops vary their stock from season to season.
There were actually three boots that I've seen. Egregious flaws aside, it's a very nice color of shell:
Definitely made the right choice for the waxed flesh by going with the deconstructed toe-box. It's almost like a completely different last.
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