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I'm assuming he means the boot would be 8" tall. I think most service boots are closer to 5" or 5.5".
Personally, I preferred the Tate+Yoko version with the black edge dressing. I wish one of them would order a version like that.
If you're concerned about the fact that the MassDrop boots are final sale, I've heard that they'll accept returns on quality issues like what you've mentioned.
Never heard of any others. Kangaroo CXL would be interesting, though it probably wouldn't be too far off from this: http://www.highsnobiety.com/2010/09/28/visvim-virgil-boots-kangaroo-folk/
They have CXL horsehide, too. I own some.
Agreed. I'd like to see them with black leather laces, actually. Wesco sells some decent ones.
It's hard to tell from pictures, but I'd bet that's #8 CXL. I've seen so many Indy boots listed as "calfskin," but I'm pretty sure it's all mislabeled CXL. As far as I know, CXL is typically done with cowhide and horsehide. I haven't seen it made with anything else.
Exposed interior welt stitching most certainly is detrimental to water resistance. I don't know why you would think it isn't. The original poster who had issues likely didn't have exposed interior welt stitching. If you're assuming every OSB boot has it, then that has worse implications than anything I could ever claim about the brand.
I don't see why B. Nelson wouldn't be able to do this, though it'd be a bit more expensive than a standard resoling. As far as I know, B. Nelson has a variety of lasts in-house for these types of situations.
So typically in a resole, the welt remains on the boot. In Goodyear-welted boots, the welt is stiched through the upper onto a canvas ribbing that's cemented to the insole. Replacing the welt would require a last very similar to the original. With that said, Oak Street should be able to do that (via PW Minor) if they have storm welts available, which I'm assuming they do, considering Crane's is having a boot made with one. Storm welts aren't a cure-all, and a properly-made...
New Posts  All Forums: