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Thursday Boot Co. is trash and they've ripped off other bootmakers' designs. 
It's not reaching. The post he made was blatantly homophobic, and that sort of thing makes the thread unwelcoming to a lot of people. 
Please tell me that blatant homophobia is enough to ban someone. 
The fact that a leather is harder to work with doesn't make it bad. Any leather worker worth his salt should be flexing the leather anyway. If leather that's hard to work with were lower quality, shell cordovan (among many other leathers) wouldn't be lauded here. I can't count how many times I've seen people on Reddit mischaracterize creasing as "loose grain." Viberg's clicker goes through tons and tons of leather when making a boot. I generally trust them in terms of...
What Reddit says to do is just what StyleForum said to do two years ago, or a cheaper version version of that. Nothing wrong with the classics. 
I heard him say the same thing and plenty have repeated it. It's misinformation. He said that he can bend the leather and get it to crease. It seems like he doesn't actually bend the leather as part of his leather selection process to weed that out. I asked an experienced leather worker about it, and he said that with Chromexcel there can be more of an area of the hide that exhibits this behavior, and it can be harder to detect with CXL. Good leather workers can avoid it. 
He might be a troll, but there's enough people spreading that nonsense here and on other forums. As much as I'm sick of CXL, there's nothing inherently wrong with it. 
This is nonsense. If the leather is selected properly, it's not just going to crease in an outrageous way. A good clicker will bend the leather before cutting it and make sure this doesn't happen. 
Epaulet has jeans?
 Hollows does far and away the best work out of the popular US leatherworkers that I've seen in the same aesthetic. 
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