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I see no hint of insight here.  When the adults are talking then you should really just stand still and listen.  You might learn something.  If you're other 5,250 posts are as good as this one then you'd do everyone a favor by laying off the forum and devoting the time you've spent in this endeavor to dick-eating.
Response is for OP....   Best move: get to a safe distance and yell "Cut that shit out else Ima call the cops, man."  Then don't call the cops.   Keep in mind that the police are not refs.  By calling the cops you may very well get that dude arrested, thereby setting into motion a chain of events that helps no one.  Him being arrested means they'll have to waste money bailing him out.  Trust me.  I know they'll waste the money to bail him out.  They do it every...
If you're just being philosophical about suicide then read Albert Camus The Myth of Sisyphus. Camus thought that the question of whether or not to off one's self was the most important philosophical question a man can ask.   If you're truly wondering whether life is worth living then you should talk to a doctor or other mental health pro.  No shame in it at all. 
The double headed eagle is a symbol of Freemasonry in general.  But this headgear comes from the Scottish Right --one of Freemasonry's appendant organizations.  The 32 inside of the red triangle refers to the 32nd degree of Scottish Right Freemasonry.  This is the highest level of the Scottish Right.  (33 exists only as an honorific degree, awarded to members who do exceptional things.) 
Urine on top of the urinal is like the piss equivalent of the upper decker.
I'm confused by your post. Hoi polloi is Greek but Jersey Shore is Italian.
  In the modern era I'd say cuffs were on the right arms up until the mid nineties or so.  Of course that depends on where we're talking about.  That's roughly the same time that too many kids who should have become plumber's apprentices started going to college.  Perhaps your slanty smile emoticon is meant to convey your understanding that there was a time when there were only French cuffs?  Do you disagree that the hoi polloi have recently taken to cuffs and links with...
Now is when she tells you that she used to be a man.
Anyone who thinks that the mere mention of Creed should end this thread is sadly naive.  Why such an assertion?  Because it smells the best?  Which one?  The GIT?  Because it's expensive?  Because it's only sold at finer department stores?  Because P Diddy wears it?  This kind of thinking has a parallel in the world of fine watches: "You really must by a Rolex. They're the best."  As an aficionado of both scents and timepieces I chuckle at assertions that widely known...
Most people shouldn't wear French cuffs.  Maybe if many stores stopped selling them then I wouldn't have to see them on bank tellers, law office interns, cheesy real estate wannabes, and so on.  The worst part about the past decade's French-cuffs-to-the-masses movement has been the proliferation of totally shitty cufflinks.  It used to be that cuffs were a rare and special thing.  Let's go...
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