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the sale is starting tomorrow? on their site?
Casino Royale and QoS were great. Love Bond's style. Hell, I even bought my avatars sunglasses, cutler and gross
That Partagas I had last night was probably the best cigar I've ever had. Wow. Trying a Hoyo tonight, probably head to downtown Phoenix tomorrow night with a Gold Medal in tow
Beautiful tie, great price
On Jets rec, ordered a 3 pack of PSD4, Hoyo, and a box of Boliva Gold Medals   That's it. No more. Both humidors are packed.
smoked an OpusX Lost City lancero, Trinindad Robo T, and H.Upmann PS on Sunday. Hupmanns are smoking like shit (plugged) so I'll let em ride the bench for a year or so.Trinny Robo T's were awesome.
great post my dude, definately appreciate the effort   I did notice the Punch Punch I had the other day was fairly mild, but paired nicely with my coffee.   Any idea why Trinidad is discontinuing the Robo T? I hear this is one of the finest robustos on the market...     Whats HDM, btw?    
  I just got into habanos, I like mild all the way to full bodied, just depends on the time of day. I've gone through Monte, Coho, Upmann, etc. Any recs for when I have more room? RASS is popular, as is the PSD4
Cigar porn....I will work on getting better pics in the future. (Nikon CoolPix AW100, great camera, bad cameraman).   My 40 count desktop Diamond Crown Humidor parked on my buffett table (scotch decanter and sterling silver tray to the right).  S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 lighter, Davidoff cutter, H.Upmann travel humi in the back ground.  Top of the humi has H.Upmann petite coronas, Davidoff RR, Cohiba Robusto, 2011 Davidoff Supremo Belicoso, some random AVO, and some random...
  I don't think spending 40/stick is on many peoples bucket list, regardless of ability to do so.  You've been smoking longer than I have (hell, I've read this ENTIRE thread, and you've been posting for like 3 years in this piece), but to get $40 of enjoyment out of a cigar is tough.   Rec'd a box of Trinindad Robo T's, Upmann PC's, and Monte 2's last night. Both my humis are full. I'll smoke the Davidoffs, Ashtons, and OpusX I have get older while the Habanos get some...
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