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  Junkers is German, therefore the J is pronounced as a Y, names after Hugo Junkers. Above is the Junkers Ju-88, which was a multi-role bomber for the German Luftwaffe in WW2.  He was a German Engineer that died in the mid 30's, and wasn't affiliated with the Nazi's in any way.    
werd on the Hoyo Epi No.2's, I bought 3 tubos and they were all great.  Bolivars again are good, had some lighting issues though.
  Alden of San Francisco, $710 shipped in 9.5D (I wear a 10 usually, Barrie last).  Some heel slippage, but its minor and I understand that it settles over time.   Great shoe, wonderful service.   BTW, dumb question and I know some pining over this hiuge thread would answer my questions, but what are "seconds?"
had a Bolivar Gold Medal last night. It was pretty good, had some mocha/chocolate notes going on....Im not really one for describing flavors though, I like it or I dont.
Got the LWB cigar tonight. Ordered Monday, free UPS Ground, came in 3 days :) great shoe, very rich color, little darker than I expected. Threw on a pair on my favorite joes jeans, some cardinal colored OTC's, and rolled up some cuff. Will wear tomorrow with a blue check JCrew gingham and a dark brown belt. I'll get pics up this weekend
I paid $710 for the LWB in Cigar. No tax, no shipping. SM had them for around $30 less, but with the lighter edge and I believe thye were out of nearly every size.   Some great pics getting thrown up in here.
I went through SF Alden vs SM due to availability in my size, I do hope that they have the antiqued edges.  First pair of Aldens (hell first pair of wingtips), so I'm pretty pumped   I have a pair of JC Chippawea boots that may be getting replaced with some Indy's soon...
Just placed my order with Alden San Francisco for LWB Cigar in 9.5D, I hope like hell they fit.  Shoe trees, wax paste, ans 8" shoe horn on the way as well.
That's awesome info. Modified/Barrie last so if I rock a 10 usually, 9.5D sounds like it will be my best bet. 680 usd seems to be the going price on the LWB cigar model
  Dumb question, but those are shell cordovan, right? I was looking at those this evening. I heard that there was also a PDF sizing guide that Alden came out with.          
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