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Picked up the Quoddy for JCrew mocs couple weeks ago.  They are great looking, comfortable,adn the construction is second to none.  Those boys in Maine know what they hell they are doing.
I have two boxes chilling so far in my big humidor   I would so thus far my favorite cigar has been the PSD4  
Scottsdale is still the same   Le sigh
Eh, Farrelly brothers didn't have any hand in that abortion  
The Jewish kid?  I think Roger will make a pass at Peggy for no really great reason  
Smoked a Monte #2 Saturday night, then a Davidoff 2000 tubo after dinner last evening.  I've slowed down smoking big time......   Probably go with a H.Upmann petite corona tonight
had a H.Upmann from my travel humidor I bought from them, I think thats the last   Flying to Newport later today, think I'd have any trouble bringing some robusto's in my travel humi? Dont really want to take the bands off. 
Cigar LWB, I'm seated if the break comes into question   Errrr, anyone have that shoelace link by any chance? I hear that I've been tying my laces incorrectly for 20+ years.    
  Junkers is German, therefore the J is pronounced as a Y, names after Hugo Junkers. Above is the Junkers Ju-88, which was a multi-role bomber for the German Luftwaffe in WW2.  He was a German Engineer that died in the mid 30's, and wasn't affiliated with the Nazi's in any way.    
werd on the Hoyo Epi No.2's, I bought 3 tubos and they were all great.  Bolivars again are good, had some lighting issues though.
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