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Campy and awful? Care to expound?
week and a half away   Seeing it at an iPic in Scottsdale Quarter, drinks shall be served!
I'm boring, mac 12 is what i usually drink on on the rocks   Glen18 is also great, went great with the few OpusX I had a couple of months ago
You boys won't be disappointed, I've been using Creed MI and GIT for a few months new. Great scents, MI especially for this time of year. Adventus is on the way
cant wait
Surprised they haven't turned up the jets on viral stuff yet. I have feeling it will be a full court press on marketing after The Avengers is released
Too bad Jane is gone, Peyton List was the prettiest girl on the show IMHO
Diamondbacks popped out of a slump today, Hudson heading to the DL sucks though
Yes, the DM series is great. Currently working on a box of 2011 Davidoff White Edition Belicosa's    
Picked up the Quoddy for JCrew mocs couple weeks ago.  They are great looking, comfortable,adn the construction is second to none.  Those boys in Maine know what they hell they are doing.
New Posts  All Forums: