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  Hi guys, can I get an ID on these? #8 cordovan, what's the model?   I would be buying them used
Gary Oldman is such a pimp
Back up to 87%   Not placing much stock in reviews from women that gave Magic Mike and BAttleship sterling reviews   But, if I was running a column for a publication no one has ever heard off, I'd shake things up as well just for the attention.
no, not really
you think a week with be enough?   Better wait 3-4 weeks is you want to go alone.
jesus christ
Campy and awful? Care to expound?
week and a half away   Seeing it at an iPic in Scottsdale Quarter, drinks shall be served!
I'm boring, mac 12 is what i usually drink on on the rocks   Glen18 is also great, went great with the few OpusX I had a couple of months ago
You boys won't be disappointed, I've been using Creed MI and GIT for a few months new. Great scents, MI especially for this time of year. Adventus is on the way
New Posts  All Forums: