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  Here's a general idea. They aren't this light, but they look and feel great.
This man is correct. Another SF memeber posted these up with some jeans and a little cuff and I had to have them.          
  I bought the Chipps they had in their Fall/Winter 2011 rollout.  I would wear them with a decently tight pair of joes jeans and a tucked in gingham, got a ton of compliments and a ton of metro lumberjack stingers.   The joys of being fashion foward in the Southwest.
  As I'm sure you know, Nolan is a fan of working with the same actors several times over, and Hans Zimmer did the scores for Inception as well as the Batman trilogy
  She had the inside track on becoming CEO of Wayne Enterprises, and advised other board memebers that they shouldn't be gobbled up by Daggett since here Save The World initiative would make the company whole again.  Talia/Bane's intentions were never to help Daggett (although it gave more context to their relationship), it was to convince Wayne to give Talia access to the nuclear energy emitter/machine.
Robin Blake isn't Robin, he's taking up the cowl of Batman. His name beign Robin was just a nod tot he fanbois
  Daggett gave Bane access to his drilling/construction companies in exchange for Bane intiating trades (put options IIRC) that would bankrupt Wayne Enterprises, therefore allowing Wayne to be gobbled up Daggett's corporation. When Talia finally received Wayne's permission to use the reactor for her "Save the World" project, she informed Bane of this and Daggett then became expendable.
Maybe Bardem's character has ties to Quantum. Either way, I cannot wait.
Quantum of Solace was a fine film. The only thing people bitched about was a murky, directionless plot (which actually WASN'T the case when it was discovered what Greene/Quantum was after).  It had an excellent chase scene, some cool parkour, and was NOTHING like a Michael Bay film.   Casino Royale was a superior film, but Quantum was still an enjoyable flick.
Saw it again, great film. Several of the glaring plotholes had some minor filler explanation that I missed the first tiem through.   Bane was an amazing villain.  Was he as charasmatic as Ledger's Joker? Of course not. That's not the type of villain Bane is.  He was an incredibly fast brute, very smart, and very manipulative. He had conviction in what he was doing, and knew that he was goign to complete what Ra's couldn't. He was funny at times, but menacing in...
New Posts  All Forums: