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I have some Davidoff White Edition 2011 that I'm ready to start on   I literally had like 12 sticks in 2012 MAX   Not sure why I feel out of it, thankfully my humidors have been kept up
  I'm pretty bummed I missed that. I picked up the plain toe Chippawea in late 2011, but I really want the Indy's. Seems they are more expensive everytime I look at them
  Right there with you. Only issue even if the code DID work is the size I'm looking at for the Indy's doesn't ship until August 7th
That better coming with matching handcuffs
Pics of the Dunhill traveler? I think I have a H.Upmann lying around
I bought a ton of stuff their last fall/winter during 30% off   As mentioned, give it til Black Friday and they'll fall
Scottsdale, AZ   You would think you being in the 'Dale you could get away with it, but it seems if you aren't wearing True Religions and a Graphic T, you're doing it wrong   ok BROS
  Here's a general idea. They aren't this light, but they look and feel great.
This man is correct. Another SF memeber posted these up with some jeans and a little cuff and I had to have them.          
  I bought the Chipps they had in their Fall/Winter 2011 rollout.  I would wear them with a decently tight pair of joes jeans and a tucked in gingham, got a ton of compliments and a ton of metro lumberjack stingers.   The joys of being fashion foward in the Southwest.
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