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Signed up for and was approved for J Crew's Credit Card yesterday.   $25 gift card for every $500 you spend (not including taxes, fees, etc) and special 30% off sales more frequently throughout the year at no annual fee? Sounds good to me.
Nice. Did you use the macallan ice ball maker or another?
I think they are building Benson up for something big, but we'll see
My 2013 Victory Boardwalk
Fantastic, thanks!
does shoemart list seconds on their site?
    Nice. Its tough living out here being a Diamondbacks fan. A seemingly large majority of the people that live in Phoenix/Scottsdale/Tempe are all from the Mid West so there are a TON of Cubs/Brewers/White Sox fans out here. Spring Training out here is great as well, watch approxiamately 2 minutes of baseball, and the rest of the time looking for the beer guy and that pack of girls in the sun dresses
Bob Benson making moves...I like him, and there's been a ton of speculation that he's there for anythign BUT his title as an accounts man....
  PE   done and done
Am I the only Diamondbacks fan here? Only just started following the thread, not sure how I didn't see it before.   Really need Aaron Hill and Daniel Hudson back from the DL, the amount of blown saves (12, I believe) is extremely alarming. Putz and Bell love to give up lead-off basehits in the 9th inning, and our set-up man Hernandez is less than stellar as well. Yikes. I'll take 2nd in the West though, going to be a great summer competing with the Rockies and Giants.
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