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So Macallan is technically a Highland but they claim Speyside?
lobster ravioli from Costco
Nice last two days.  Received my much anticipated package via Swiss mail, box of Cohiba robusto and 3 pack of Esplendidos. I'll probably age them for awhile, although the robusto I smoked last night had zero draw issues, smoked great and even burn, little bloom on the caps, great so far.   My desktop humidor (40ct from Diamond Crown) is now full, so I bid on a 150ct cheapo from Cigarbid.  I will do something more substancial with better long term storage when I buy a...
Girlfriend bought me a grinder and french press for Christmas   I've never really made my own coffee before or even have an idea of what I might like, my caffeine usually comes from Blue Monsters or K-cups.   Any recommendations on what type of coffee I should start with? I'm guessing a milder bean but some recommendations would be great while I build up my pallatte for the more expensive stuff.
waiting for some cohiba rubusto/esplendidos to show
Received some YSL Libre' for Christmas.
Bought myself some jcrew gear, chippewa boots, S.T. Dupont Linge 2 lighter. Girlfriend bought me a jcrew cashmere sweater and pjs. I think I'm good on jcrew for awhile. Have to buy a suit next week, which I'm fairly excited about
Didn't get a chance to skim through everything, where is everyone liking their socks from? I picked up about 7 pairs on sale at jcrew last weekend
wow, Dom Perignon line?   When did Davidoff discontinue their wine/champagne lines btw?
   It was easier to understand on YT than it was on that IMAX screen. Bane is going to be a badass villain. "It doesn't matter who we are, all that matters is the plan" "No one cared who I was before I put on the mask" "Of Course" "To crash this plane.......and leave no survivors!" "No time for fear now doctor, that comes later"   I couldn't understand what he was saying to his goon though. Something about staying behind.
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