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smoked a Cohiba Esplendido last night, goign with a Davidoff 2000 to start the day with some coffee. Then, Saints/49ers time baby
cocostella, PM sent
had a punch punch and a siglo VI today. punch was amazing, siglo tasted good but was plugged/had a shitty draw. big order tonight, h.upmann petits, monte #2's, and trinidad robustos   wanted the h.upmann travel humi and robustos, but they were sold out, maybe next time
waiting for punch punch and coro boxes to arrive, already to order a bunch of petit corona Upmann's (JFK's cigar of choice), and H.Upmann leather travel humi with 5 robustos....I'm going to need to start posting pics for you guys.  Smoked a Davidoff 2011 White Edition Belicoso tonight, need to order one more box before they go bye bye.
  my bad :o
  Sounds like Jet has.....     $40/stick better be effing awesome though    
  Sounds like Jet has.....     $40/stick better be effing awesome though    
Reading "The Fuente Story" today, bio of Arturo, Carlos, and Carlito Fuente.....Getting distracted by the Outback Bowl though.
placed a second order for some siglo VI's and punch punch.....Forgot to throw in the H.Upmann travel humidor and box of 25 petite coronas, so I'll have to wait for my original order to get received.   Seasoning the humidor I won on CB tonight
mortgage banking, while not the same, doesnt suck right now
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