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  Sounds like Jet has.....     $40/stick better be effing awesome though    
  Sounds like Jet has.....     $40/stick better be effing awesome though    
Reading "The Fuente Story" today, bio of Arturo, Carlos, and Carlito Fuente.....Getting distracted by the Outback Bowl though.
placed a second order for some siglo VI's and punch punch.....Forgot to throw in the H.Upmann travel humidor and box of 25 petite coronas, so I'll have to wait for my original order to get received.   Seasoning the humidor I won on CB tonight
mortgage banking, while not the same, doesnt suck right now
very cool add, jmrouse....
Reasoning behind my comment, from wiki:   Since the Scotch Whisky Regulations 2009 came into force labelling of bottles of Scotch whisky has been regulated, and currently produced bottles of The Macallan indicate it is a Highland Single Malt. However the website for the brand indicates that "The Original and Spiritual Home" of The Macallan is Speyside,[5] an area near Strathspey.      
Thanks rollafan. Whats the diff between MRE and regular MR? Thanks for going out of your way to answer my pleb questions....   BTW, 5% cash back on the everyday items on the Amex Blue is after 6500/yr  
Thanks for the detailed response. I use the Amex Blue Cash almost exclusively now due to getting 5% cash back on everyday items and 1% on everything else.  Wonder if I'd be able to upgrade my Zync to Gold (doubtful as I'd imagine it'd be a new account number/credit check. Hmmm.  
i think Tom Hardy is going to knock this character out of the park.....amazing how far he's come since his small role in Blackhawk Down.
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