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I'm actually excited for baseball in Arizona this year. What a time to be alive.
Anyone getting in on The Division Open Beta this weekend?
Same. "Patience" is no longer Yellen's fallback
this is adorable
I live in the desert, keeping the jacket on is no good either :o
undershirts? I hate the lines under my shirts though....
Absolutely fantastic rebound for Homeland. What a cliffhanger to leave the most recent episode on...
Just got done with Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag It had graphics and story Video games now are better than they've ever been
It couldn't get over 500k viewers sadly. I think that's more because its on Starz than anything else Great show
I picked up Jon Lester for Aramis Ramirez (I'm already flush with corner infielders, just need Texiera to get his ass off the DL)   Picked up Andrew Baley off waivers a month ago when Hanrahan went down, that's been by best move of the year aside from snagging Guthrie. I also picked up Jason Hammel, hopefully he pans out.
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