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To change the topic back to the discussion of Luxire's offerings, let me pose the following question:   I would like to take the plunge and order a few shirts from Luxire. I intend to send through a shirt that fits somewhat well, but I wanted to make a few adjustments to it. I have taken a few pictures wearing the aforementioned shirt, which can be found in the link below. If anyone could provide any recommendations regarding modifications...
Sent you a note.
This question's for all you Epaulet experts in here. I'm a beginner when it comes to Epaulet, but I'd love to dive in with some good pants for work. Which of the slim Walts would you recommend that would be appropriate for the workplace (and in the best fabrics)?
I agree - the uncuffed Walts look great. Did you get them tapered at all, or just hemmed?
Hi everyone. Two quick questions...   1. I just bought a pair of duck canvas Rivet chinos in moss, and they are great! The only thing that is bothering me, though, is that I can't seem to get my cuffs right. They look floppy, loose, and just plain BAD compared to other people's cuffs I see in pictures. If anyone could share their cuffing tips with me, it'd be greatly appreciated!   2. Mike, any plans to release any additional colors in duck canvas? This fabric is...
I do have a pair in 39. I'll PM you.
Yup, they are available as well. Achilles Low in black? What size are you looking for?
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