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Sent you a note.
This question's for all you Epaulet experts in here. I'm a beginner when it comes to Epaulet, but I'd love to dive in with some good pants for work. Which of the slim Walts would you recommend that would be appropriate for the workplace (and in the best fabrics)?
I agree - the uncuffed Walts look great. Did you get them tapered at all, or just hemmed?
Hi everyone. Two quick questions...   1. I just bought a pair of duck canvas Rivet chinos in moss, and they are great! The only thing that is bothering me, though, is that I can't seem to get my cuffs right. They look floppy, loose, and just plain BAD compared to other people's cuffs I see in pictures. If anyone could share their cuffing tips with me, it'd be greatly appreciated!   2. Mike, any plans to release any additional colors in duck canvas? This fabric is...
I do have a pair in 39. I'll PM you.
Yup, they are available as well. Achilles Low in black? What size are you looking for?
Selling brand new in box, unopened Common Projects Achilles Low in WHITE color way for $265 total (includes shipping).   I have sizes 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, and 44 available. Shoot me a PM if interested.   Would prefer to ship to USA, but we can try to work something out if you are outside of the US. Thanks.
Selling an unworn, brand new pair of CP Achilles Suede Vintage Green in size 40. I realized I ordered a size too small, so these are absolutely brand spanking new. Comes with all original content, including box, extra white laces, and shoe bag. Here is the product page for them: http://www.endclothing.co.uk/common-projects-achilles-vintage-suede.html   Will try to get pics up ASAP.
Selling an unopened brand new pair of CP Achilles Suede Vintage Green in size 41. I realized I ordered a size too large, so I didn't even bother opening the box, so these are absolutely brand spanking new. Here is the product page for them, since I don't want to open the box: http://www.endclothing.co.uk/common-projects-achilles-vintage-suede.html FYI - 41 is equivalent to US 8, but it's probably best for US 9-9.5 since they run large.
Dear Tailors:   Just ordered my first shirt from Proper Cloth. Seems to fit okay - I am about to order additional shirts, so I am trying to fine-tune the sizing. There seems to be excess material in the back - how should I ask them to address that going forward? Any feedback/comments would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!   Shirt Dimensions:   * Presidential Spread Collar * Collar Around: 16.00 * Sleeve Length: 33.00 * Yoke Width:...
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