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I wasn't going to buy it off that site, I was just browsing and found it. I thought suddenlee stopped going to uniqlo? Might have to shoot them an email then.
I was looking for the navy corduroy shirt in a medium online since it disappeared from the webstore since I looked at it last night and found this site:   Might order a pair of the new gray t000s
Their returns department is terrible. It took around 3 calls over the course of a month to get my return credit, and you can only get store credit, no refunds.
I liked these 2: in 06 and in 59 (reminded me of adam kimmel hawaiian overdye).   was looking through flannels earlier today and shit they have a lot of different patterns
Will uniqlo likely restock flannels? Both ones I want are only in XXL damnit. Thinking about dip dyeing a wine $30 merino sweater with black.
I haven't ironed/steamed mine, but I have washed and dried it and I'd say it shrank about 1.5 sizes
buncha good stuff here:,, and   calls for acetone and paint I think   I put the 45 inch ones in natural on my gats size 285 and when laced through all the holes there is enough for a really small bowtie. If you tie your shoes tight or have smaller feet, the 45 inch should be good.
This is pretty accurate. My dry fit shirts fit bigger and don't really shrink in the dryer, and I'm happy with the way they fit me, but I sized up 1 on my UU Ts which I think fit pretty similar to those premium cotton ones, threw them in the dryer, and now they fit pretty good.   Also got an easy suit in dark gray and I'm pretty happy with it. Sleeves are too long and the shoulders seem a little big, but for $70 for the set I can't really complain. Hooded blouson in dark...
How are these in person/comfort? Was looking at the black his or navy lows      
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