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someone please translate!!
We've all heard the stereotypes, which coast do you think is better? Pros and cons? Where do you live? Where do you wish to live and why? I grew up in LA but lived most of my adult life in various places in the east coast (Northeast to be more specific). This is my last semester as a grad student and am thinking about starting fresh but also settling down. Obviously, I'll be going wherever there's a job for me. But if both places offered good pay, I would have hard...
        How a girl should put a man's shirt!! 
If you don't mind me asking, how old is your wife? And what kind of clothes does she pair these shoes with? How often does she wear these? 
Um.. maybe it's because I'm a girl, the peach one reminds me of a towel?!   What color is your gf's skin? If she has fair to light skin I think the peach is great but if she has darker or olive tone skin I would stay away from the peach and go for the striped one. 
more, please.
Ah.. what a pain to order online internationally. Which model does your wife own? What is the fit like?   I like Carminas but I don't see a model that I want. I'm looking for a rounded cap toe oxford.. like the Forest model in mens or this Robert:   I would order mens shoes if it weren't for my cursed small feet.    I've been eyeing these Gucci brogues on Net-A-Porter for some time now..    The shape of these are perfect and I'm obviously drawn to...
Thanks for posting this. I don't have a clue if there are any shoemakers other than the ones you mentioned. I'm a girl and I started following this forum looking for women's shoes of qualities at par with Allen Edmonds, Alden, etc. To be honest, those women's Lobbs don't look as nice as the men's. Let alone the varieties. Maybe I've already been brainwashed by this forum..  
is anyone else having problems with the site???  
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