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still looking for this, any member from japan can help me with this????  thanks in advance.
thanks , it was actually me and i was told it was a rick's worker jacket, but it isn't cause the worker jacket has buttons not zips, thanks a lot though
    does anyone know the brand of this leather jacket and where can i purchase it, i know it looks similar to a rick one, but this one has a zipper so i don't think its a rick, thanks in advance to whoever can help me find this beauty.
thanks for your reply man but i think it's a different jacket since it has a zipper, its similar though...
does anyone know what brand this jacket is, or has any info? any japanese speaking member? thanks in advance.  
if you think it's too tight exchange it for a size up, it wouldn't be much of a difference.  
thanks bud.
on him it looks perfect, i was talking about my experience, i guess its kind of difficult to find a perfect fitting rick unless you go to the actual store which we don't have here, at least that i know of.  
i had the same rick a few months ago and even though the body fits perfect i wasn't sure about the arms, it does look good though just the arms seem too tight.  
i guess i should change my avatar lol, i support certain things but don't get involved
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