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  Good lord man, I thought I had been waiting a long time. Best of luck, truly.
Whew... Thanks I definitely remember several users saying this same thing. I've been waiting for the daytrippers/ravello so damn long even if they are a bit big it might be worth wearing hiking socks with them everytime lol.
  Well crap. Mine arrive on Wednesday and I was told to order true to size by Leffot and SF. I wear an 8.5d on barrie and trubalance, and I ordered a 9 on the daytripper. I have a pretty narrow foot and it looked like a narrow last. Now I am extremely concerned. Shitty shit shit shit.
Daytrippers are on the way, been waiting 8 months for this!
  Oh man I'd be down, I've had the hots for this boot since I first saw it in 2010 here: http://www.arichinnerlife.com/2010/11/30/alden-for-leffot-captoe-boot/
Just wanted to share that I was sent the navy suede indy from Leffot in a 9d (I have a pair of 9d barrie cordovan boots that fit fairly well) I returned them in favor of the 8.5d marble suede indy. Got them tonight, and they are amazing. Going to be my go to for jeans/lighter colored slacks this summer. Out of 4 or 5 pairs of aldens this is my new fave.   Also, I might have been the last one to snag a reserved pair of the Ravello day trippers in 9d a few weeks ago,...
If they are still available, I am interested. Willing to pay more than what the auction ended for. I fell asleep last night and forgot I was planning on bidding!
Hey Blank, I posted some pics of mine that arrived yesterday, but since I am new they are being moderated to make sure it isn't porn or something.
My plain toe J.crew Alden's just arrived...You're in luck Blank bc I couldn't find a pic of these ANYWHERE online so I just manned up and ordered them. Can't make up my mind about them. The quality of the leather seems to be well....lacking. Granted my other pair of Alden's are number 8 cordovan, but the seams don't even line up on the tongue and make for an uncomfortable fit. I got them at a nice discount but jeez, they might be returned in favor of the indy's. Here's...
New Posts  All Forums: