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Yeah I can't do UNIQLO sweatpants. Best sweatpants are PUBLISH BRAND but they expensive. Sometimes Amazon puts them on sale or if you search you can get a pair for $30/$40 bucks.
Thanks for your detailed input because I really hate the Uniqlo soft touch material/shirts. I can't imagine wearing a bulky tights like that under some jeans or joggers. I'll stick with the extra warm for now which aren't that thick or thin.
Ahhh I see.
Man those shits are ugly bro.
Ana de ArmasShe's 5'6 Cuban. Sexy lil thing.
Bell bottoms need to come back.
Damn where can I get this jacket? Damn that is FIRE! Buttery scotchy to da max!
Who is that tortilla looking butterface?
I still have brand new in the manufacturer bags 3 Uniqlo camo flannels I think from 2yrs ago. A dark green, black and navy. Beautiful shirts. Good quality too I found these slightly thicker than the usual Uniqlo flannel they have in tons of colors. Been saving them for a special occasion. I just have so many new stuff I haven't bothered to wear.
Was on sale a few days ago for $136 I couldn't pass it up. For some reason the Wallace and Barnes jackets from Jcrew fit me so perfect. Quality isn't bad at all.
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