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I prefer 2 button but if I see a nice 3 button I will buy it. JCrew got the Slim Tipped Polo Shirts and they carry 3 buttons but are very lovely polo shirts.
Ordered 3 chino shorts one being a blue pair. Was sent shipping email. Next day, received out of stock email along with a $10off coupon. Today I received another email thanking me for my return which is basically refunding me money for the blue pair. Found it weird they were thanking me for a return I did not make.
That Fred Perry looks really nice. I bet it's so comfy and fresh to wear in the summer. What a shame that Fred Perry makes their polos Made In China they feel like crap.
Uniqlo loves that polyester.
Way better than the cargo shorts. What brand? American Eagle?
They're all ugly. Type of shirts the dude that works at the gas station wears.
I like that the shorts are covering the knees.
Yeah I agree. I actually did not buy any t-shirts this year from Uniqlo. I'll be wearing some jcrew jersey cotton polo shirts all throughout the summer.The AA shirts are also much longer than Uniqlo. Which I hate. If you do go the AA route just know that some deals are lurking right now on ebay for AA shirts.
I prefer the Uniqlo's. The American Apparel neck band are too constricting.I have bought AA off ebay for $5 each. Not sure if they still allow them to be sold because AA jump on the seller's throats selling them.
No. The Supima T's are limited in colors. Which sucks.However the dry package version (which is cheaper priced) have more colors.
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