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Jeans look fresh! Sweet deal man!
48 pairs baby!!!
The 522 has a tapered leg, a mid rise and a much smaller leg opening than 511. So I'm in love with the new fit! Yes! Along with a trucker jacket. Looking forward to seeing pics of you in the hotpants!
Just saw your post...thanks Hirsh! The wash I bought is Express. It's a light to mid gray wash. The other gray 511 I returned them back.Bought 3 more jeans from Levi's store (40% off!) including one that is a Premium Goods Raw Selvedge. All 522 which is my favorite fit now.I think my collection is around 48? Not sure I have to count lol
Awesome fit.
I bought those yesterday at the Levi's store but not the 511. I bought the 522 instead which is a mid rise and sits on the waist and smaller leg opening/tapered than 511.Here's a pic http://www.levi.com/IE/en_GB/men-jeans/p/168820004
I was wondering why the threads are loose like that?
It's because it's cheap weak cotton. Wash it a few times and notice how it turns to shit.Uniqlo flannles are ok for slight few wears after that it's garbage.They need to make their flannels with sturdy cotton.
Free shipping today only 8/25 www.uniqlo.com
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