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nicelynice That coat makes you and your wife look like doctors.
Uniqlo polos are quite nice. But I hate the pockets so I used a seam ripper and took them off.
Shorts are too long ma do. Get them hemmed.
Ayo guys quit the yap and post fit pics. Anybody rocking polo shirts? Post some fit pics please. No deep v-necks please leave that for the fruity celebrities like Jude Law.
I want ID on the polo shirt not the guy lolThe polo shirt he's wearing is fresh.
So far every package I been getting from UNIQLO FedEx SmartPost has not been providing the USPS tracking number when FedEX transfers the package to the post office. Not even putting a 91 or 92 on front of the FedEx tracking number works. I have to call FedEx everytime to get the USPS tracking number. Very annoying.
Great looking polo shirt for the summer. Was wondering if anyone here can help me out identifying the name brand. All help is appreciated.
New Posts  All Forums: