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Failure, hence the reason why your hand is over your face.The next thing you need to do now is this:
Nice suit.
Sorry I came across rude.Hirsh my little denim angel! I hope you feel better soon. I miss your fit pics!I didn't laugh as hard as Jet.
Yeah you tell em'! Fuck their money! Fuck their hard earned money! Their money those jackets and their lives have no value...what is important here is that the seller have all the free time in the world to fucking take pictures of cats and foods on instagram!
My question is why would you throw black pants/jeans on a brown blazer? To me that is just tacky. Sure both colors could work, but those are two colors that much need to be avoided together IF possible. Navy and brown go perfect.
The pants/jeans fit and color is fine.You want him to dress like you?
Spacepope tore that shit up! Fresh fit..fresh swagger...can't touch dis.
@Parker buttery scotchy fit ma do.
Saw the leather jacketsaw the rest of the fit
New Posts  All Forums: