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Here's a $10 off $75 purchase code: 858Dk I have no use for it. Enjoy.
The length on the top looks fine. Perhaps taper the sides? Get a nice low fade. As far as attractiveness you not a bad looking guy. You have clean skin and nice eyes. No homo.
Use Signature Confirmation.
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I heard they gave the old Converse a face lift. Now they sport padding in the inside.
Levi's 522 Roomy on the top and tapered at the bottom like a skinny jean.
Those Canada Goose jackets are so ugly. It looks like jackets you wear to go hunt deers like Ranger type shit. The last one is the best looking one it looks more casual and cleaner. But really those parkas for the Fall?
So maybe something like this:"Hey man it's been a long time! You looking mighty cute and fine in that jacket I was wondering what brand is it and if we can get acquainted and have a cup of coffee or maybe a movie? Hit me up stud!"
That is extremely offensive! You could get yourself banned for writing disgusting atrocious profanity! My goodness I have heard other bad words but this one really is the most disturbing. You need to wash that mouth of yours! You poopyhead!
I don't see how it should be awkward. If anything he should feel special and take it as a compliment lol That jacket is military style because of the straps belts on the shoulders. It looks like a bomber jacket.
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