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For those that like the flannels...have you noticed that the camo flannels (dark green, black, navy) feel thicker and more durable than the colored ones? Soho Uniqlo store got the frankenstein flannels (probably last year stock).
That's that brokeback mountain swag.
The coat is super awesome! Pants are awesome as well. But why throw those shoes into the fit?Those shoes go with bummed out sweatpants. All else is fail.
They don't sell 30" inseam. They will tailor it for you at the store. 2-4hr wait though.
Yeah they all like a tint of yellowish.
Spacepope fits are an inspiration.
I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.
It's so short that the cold wind would slip right under it. Not good. Plus the cold wind will enter your asscrack because the jacket is not covering it.
New Posts  All Forums: