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Is this a horrible look? Is this in style?!?
Awful indeed. I tried the Supima boxer briefs but they are too warm and too thick. So far I find the best underwear to be Airism.They are too warm for my tastes, too thick. I sweat too much in them. They should make them lighter and add cuffs to the sleeves.
How old are you?Agreed.
In many Dracula movies.
If you put the end of the scarf over the back of your head it looks like you hanged yourself.
Don't hate the playa hate the game. Sup Jet's mom
Especially when they made at a sweatshop and cost less than $5 to make.
Uniqlo underwear selection online is very poor. Surprised they not carrying Airism Low Rise. But take a look at this garbage: http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-seamless-boxer-briefs-146061.html#reviews WTF?!? Who are these underwear aimed for? These underwear look like they can make a man sterile.
Made by Anus.
They appear to sell during Spring/Summer time.
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