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Damn Heattech long johns in small size all colors gone
Urban Outfitters? You were trying on the Levi's 511 Corduroy winetasting?
I currently own 10 pairs of jeans. 12 pairs might be my limit but anything over that is ridiculous.
My current favorite is a dark green skinny from Levi's. Perfect for the upcoming holidays.
brad-t I can go some weeks without washing my ass and I spray some febreeze and it's like I stepped out the shower. Febreeze is real stuff.
Going to the same store and buying more? But if you are buying online it's always a gamble. That's because even in the same model they can fit different. Levi's sizes are always crazy when it comes to their jeans. That is why it's always good to try them on in the store before buying. When purchasing online buy from a store that got a great return policy.Amazon got a great return policy hassle-free and you don't pay return shipping. Zappos is another store. Levi's.com is...
^^ WOW amazing reply and thanks for the review! It looks fantastic on you! I saw it in person and thought that it looked well made. I love that the top block is a nice sturdy woven fabric. Also loved that it's got a nice inside pocket. I will be purchasing the navy. Thanks again for your informative post.
Anyone purchased this jacket? http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-wool-blended-down-short-jacket-134874.html#69|/men/outerwear/down/down/| Thoughts on warmth? The inner lining made of Polyester looks like a trash bag but I was surprised it wasn't too extremely thin. I have a feeling this jacket might start vomiting feathers after a few months.
I've been saying that all along that he's a rough neck. But you motherfuckers come up with the stupidest things and get all elaborate and shit about traps and different body parts. Nooo...he's fucking rugged man. The guy is all muscle mass that's his physique. So much sweet sugar coating in posts makes me feel this is a very feminized thread.
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