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• Slim • Leather • Fills in my missing right asscheek I got into a bad car accident and I lost my right asscheek. Wallet got to be slim cause I got a smaller butt now and it's got to be able to support 25 credit cards which I carry which fills in quite nicely in my backside right pocket.
Anyone got any horrific shopping stories? I remember the first time I went inside Abercrombie & Fitch years ago. I kept asking myself where the hell am I? Is this a club? Dark as hell I was following people around hoping I would get to a destination...the men's section. The music is pumping everyone is loud and I thought I saw a few waiters passing out drinks. I finally saw some shirts and no matter how hard I tried to look at the tag for a price and size it was too...
Whichever you get rid of, chances are down the line you will regret getting rid of it.
Internet arguing and bickering is pointless.
I just don't understand why those U sweaters have 14% Nylon.The only sweaters I wear are sweatshirts from Uniqlo. I still have many from 2yrs ago and they still holding up. Uniqlo pullover hoodies I also love. This year I only bought the dark green one since my past ones are still holding up quite well.It's about the only clothing I wear the most from Uniqlo. But 3-4yrs ago their colors and material were much nicer.
It looks like clothes for older people like 50yrs and over.
Rumor is Uniqlo is changing their company name to UNIQLA and will only make clothes for women.
The dry package t-shirts is a perfect fit. It seems they finally realized that the previous was cut too long. How sad I didn't find nothing interesting at Uniqlo when I visited.
Guess I'll be picking a few up this Monday.Soft Touch shirts are too thick to be wearing under another shirt. I imagine it must be very cold where you live?
Uggs Butte
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