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I bought those yesterday at the Levi's store but not the 511. I bought the 522 instead which is a mid rise and sits on the waist and smaller leg opening/tapered than 511.Here's a pic http://www.levi.com/IE/en_GB/men-jeans/p/168820004
I was wondering why the threads are loose like that?
It's because it's cheap weak cotton. Wash it a few times and notice how it turns to shit.Uniqlo flannles are ok for slight few wears after that it's garbage.They need to make their flannels with sturdy cotton.
Free shipping today only 8/25 www.uniqlo.com
Anyone rocking these? It's a new style. Unlike the 508 which is discontinued the 522 is cut more slim and fitted all around. All I wear is Levi's 511 but I can't stand the low rise of the 511. These are mid/high rise that goes on the waist not below. It's got a more lean taper than the 511. Less baggy than the 508. These are the answer for those that dislike the 511 and 513. I bought two pairs and they are more comfortable and lean than my 511's.
Aww that sucks. ♫♪Hit the road jack ♫♪
It's a good addiction!By the end of the year you will own more than 15 pairs.
I like your new diamond avy! Boyfriend better get you those jeans and not those popsicle shorts!
Yeah Hirsh is correct. It's a vintage. Even some of the new Levi's jackets come with no pockets.
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