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Did you fall off a bike or were you eating period pussy? [[SPOILER]]
Holy fuck I remember Sega CD. I was one of the first to own it on my block. Got it days before it came out from Kay-Bee toy store. I remember how much of a huge disappointment Sega CD was. And Sherlock holmes. Almost every full digital video of Sega CD was grainy as fuck. I guess the coolest thing at that time about Night Trap was that Dana Plato (RIP) starred in it.
Am I really the responsible one for members derailing this thread in it's entirety? Being that I brought up the Tekken thing some days ago?
Ma do this is really you? You look like a straight up G son! First thought that came to ma membrane was this do is really Riddick from The Chronicles when the mercenaries were chasing him down on the frozen planet. Yo you look lethal...just chillin in da ice dawg. Yo flames. No more left to say.Killed it.
I didn't watch the game but who won?
Dear UNIQLO, Can you please make more different colors/styles of Airism Boxer Briefs Low Rise? My balls will greatly thank you. Sincerely, -A Valued Customer
Holy shit ma do!!!...killed it! GQ caliber ma do! Suit is beyond buttery scotchy holy shit!
You crying because you want to look like a Tekken character?
I don't blame her. What female wants to look like a Marvel character on the street.Her fit stands out much more than yours. She knows how to dress without trying too hard.
Yo ma do you tore that shit up! Looking fresh buttery scotchy to da fifth power...all pimped out...swaggering crazy hard man! Damn GQ right there! Somebody put Stitches on the cover magazine!
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