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I've been saying that all along that he's a rough neck. But you motherfuckers come up with the stupidest things and get all elaborate and shit about traps and different body parts. Nooo...he's fucking rugged man. The guy is all muscle mass that's his physique. So much sweet sugar coating in posts makes me feel this is a very feminized thread.
You basically took what I wrote and fine tuned it to proper english. Amazing.
You guys are going to duke it out at a Uniqlo store?Ok who's taking bets!
I think Benesyed is more of a comfortist than a fashionist. He goes for comfort before anything instead of crazy fashion stuff and ignores much attention to detail. I think that Benesyed is afraid to break new ground. It's something that one has to adapt to and feel comfortable in their own skin wearing cool outlandish clothes. Benesyed looks like a rough neck it could be he prefers baggy clothes.
Item missing to complete the full fit effect:• Cowboy hat• Horse
The look great on you.
They don't like thermal shirts on this site. I posted a very similar thread and received no responses: http://www.styleforum.net/t/382751/where-can-i-find-thick-waffle-thermal-shirts/0_30 UNIQLO got some but they thin and material is cheap as hell.
Maybe he's a dancer, a salsero?
That's great and all...but...does it make you look like a pretty boy?
I was wondering where you been and hoping that you be ok. But this WOW!! That allergic reaction is just crazy what it did to your body. My goodness! I miss you and your posts! I hope you get better soon!!!
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