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I like that fit!
Papi wear a pink shirt. It matches greatly with gray. Both colors go hand in hand.
Why? lolI got 30 days to return it.
I added this jacket yesterday to my coat/jacket collection.
Any good thermal shirts ma dudes?
They are HORRIBLE. Here are some reasons why:• Very flat hardly no pouch (trust me it hurts!) (Uniqlo is forgetting us Americans got big ones!)• The material feels like female panties.• Runs very TIGHT. Poof your junk is gone!I've given up on Uniqlo underwear.I'm now rocking some Urban Outfitters trunks (3 for $24) that have a much bigger pouch, good comfy cotton with spandex.I might try out some Calvin Klein.
I seriously doubt that.
I'm going to have to check them out in person next week. Uniqlo needs to add new colors. They always got the same boring ass colors every year round.
Sounds like some of you enjoy that taco bell. I understand it can give you the runs then shit all over your jeans, understandable. I like my jeans worn for months and well marinated as my ass aroma sinks in to them.
Every 6 months or 8 months. If they get dirty with a stain than sooner. It all depends how clean they are. I have dozens of jeans but if I was wearing one constantly almost everyday then I would probably wash every month.
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