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Sleep is for the weak.
Frankenstein flannels are back online.
You fresh fits are always on point!
Yeah that is what they are wearing now in NYC...jogging pants with a skinny leg and super tight ankle taper.
The oldest clothes I have is 4 Spiewak coats/jackets from 4yrs ago. They still look brand new! That is AMAZING Hirsh that you have a 18yr jacket! That is Vintage right there. Everything else I replace every year or two depending how nice they are I would keep or donate.
Yeah it's unbelievable this thread is not receiving any replies from members. Maybe it's because jeans right now is not in style and they are wearing yoga pants or jogging pants instead.
http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-soft-touch-crew-neck-long-sleeve-t-shirt-129376.html#18|/men/featured/new-arrivals/tops/| These were quite popular last year and they're back.
Your fit looks very casual and you look comfortable. However with the jean, there isn't much pop.Like Synthese mentioned, a slight taper would work wonders on your legs and shoes and makes you stand out more and gives you that edge. You got the look for it too.
A pair of Levi's I've owned for 3yrs now that is a light wash with holes on the knees. What I like about this pair is that it accentuates my bulge and my buttocks. They are a bit bell bottom though so I only wear boots with them.
New Balance ALWAYS fucks every fit up.
New Posts  All Forums: