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 Size on this character?
Great look, @nickp. What are the shoes?
Haven't been super excited about much this S/S, but these are pretty rad:         Thinking it could be a good season to pick up some basics on sale later too.
In case you haven't seen it posted elsewhere, an EG trading thread has been created.
 Definitely, will edit original post.
As I believe was discussed earlier in this thread, I started an EG (but Nepenthes friendly!) trading thread here.
 Classified thread has been started. Link. Please feel free to offer up suggestions for the thread along with your EG cast-offs.
Do you like garments? Specifically those that are engineered? Then welcome to the...   Possibly official ENGINEERED GARMENTS TRADING THREAD!   Bought a plain navy blue Baker jacket but now you only wear tabliers and dickies?   Trade it!   Bought a leopard print tux jacket but your significant other gave you "the look" as soon as you opened the box (where it has remained to this day)?   Trade it!     Please feel free to post any Engineered Garments item you...
 I think I had that thought a few months back. I would be fine keeping in this thread, but I'm not sure if there are any SF rules that would require it to be in the marketplace. maybe that is only if there are sales involved.  Paging @LA Guy.
 EG/EG/RIsingSun/Vintage  [[SPOILER]]
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