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 Whoa. Didn't know those were available here, just got a pair for myself.
Just got the navy S&C shawl collar cardigan (FWIW - this is a Large). Love it:   [[SPOILER]]
Some recent work fits:     EG / BBBF / EG / Mckinlays     TS(S) / Kamakura / EG / Epaulet     EG / Kamakura / EG / Heschung
I don't have that one, but I did try it on when it was released.   @OccultaVexillum I think a large would work for you (based off my limited knowledge seeing the sizing requests you've made in other threads).   I did pick up the corduroy baker form this season, fits similarly (a little loose in the body, slimmer in the sleeves/shoulders).
@OccultaVexillum - are you asking about the navy floral jacquard? If so it fits similar to most other baker jackets, which is s little slimmer than the bedfords. I think you could take your normal size in other EG jackets for that particular baker and be fine.
From this weekend:     EG / Gitman / EG / Marni
Thanks, @bry2000. I'm for any company that finds extra places to hide pockets.
Pretty simply Sunday fit. Not all EG, but similar ethos:     HillSide / EGWorkaday / Vans
 Sweet. Where'd it come from?
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