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@derrida26 I have this fabric in a pair of pants, it sort of looks like 3D "Magic Eye" art from the 90s. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing.
I agree with @Timbaland . I always think long shirts look great in lookbooks, but I just feel weird wearing them (and I never see anyone wearing them around me). Maybe it's just a lack of confidence. Could look cool with a cropped jacket (maybe not that tender one though).
Thanks for the comments and thumbs, dudes. Marnis ended up working out well. Got them on deep discount from LNCC, been seeking a pair since @ghostface recommended I look into black derbies a few months back.
 EGx2 / Nonnative / Marni  [[SPOILER]]
@agvs I can't compare to previous seasons, but the one I have does seem rather long and the length is actually accentuated by the lack of high side gussets.     FWIW, I felt that this season's short sleeve shirts have actually been a bit slimmer in the chest, but maybe I'm just getting fatter.
 I believe it started a month or so ago.
Up to 60% off at The Bureau
Some FW up at Steven Alan, Independence, Indigo & Haven.   Haven also has an extra 15 off their sale section with code EXTRA15.
Thanks, @notdesigned! Good summer weight too. Wonder if it could/would work better if unlined though.
Extra 20% off sale at Mohawk with code FINAL20.
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