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 Thanks, buddy. It's by Caruso, "sartorio parma". Great fits lately, as always.
Mohawk started their winter sale.
Thanks, duder!
Nice, CP. Today:  Pants are actually a dark olive green. In hindsight, probably would have gone with a more muted, "earthy" square.  [[SPOILER]]
@adiosditto quickly becoming one of my favorite WAYWT posters.
Epic stuff these last few pages. Today:  EG / Buzz Rickson / Post O'alls / Alden  [[SPOILER]]
Well, they almost always have 5-10 pairs of Trickers on sale, and from time to time the Langston gets thrown in there. If you sign up for their email list they will send you codes constantly and at some point the code will be big enough and the price low enough to get the boots under $300. Happens a few times a year, although I should mention that sizing can be limited.Heres a...
If you're patient you can get the Trickers Stow on Sierra Trading Post for around 50% off from time to time (it's sold under the name "Langston"). I've liked the look of some of Meermin's recent releases as well, although I'm not sure if those would be too dressy.
 Both fit a bit bigger than mainline EG, especially the fatigues. The twill chinos have a bit of a taper from the below knee, the workaday fatigues do not. So long as you don't have a large top block you could probably size down on the fatigues and perhaps on the twill as well.
New Posts  All Forums: