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Just a thought. Not sure if these are on point, but a handful of Drake's are on sale at Exquisite Trimmings.
That's it, @Cleav. Now I'm really mad.
 Other than the square fold I think this might be your best look yet. Suit & tie look great, like the knot size/collar spread, really nice stuff. Where is the tie from?  I'm going back and forth here, but thinking that this might be one of the situations where a white linen square is not the optimal choice (maybe it's all the browns?), It's certainly not bad, and everything else looks great, but I think that something between the lightness of the shirt and darkness of the...
 No way, bro. I'm always super pissed.
Really interesting idea, @Holdfast. I feel like there are two different fits I could go with if I enter. Excited to see what the rest of the group comes up with.
I was eyeing that same shirt but was worried that broadcloth might be too formal of a fabric for typical EG wears. $25 to ship a shirt doesn't help either.
Not necessarily, especially with some of EG's higher rise pants. @in stitches - looks good, buddy. Not sure I'm worthy of inspiring anyone, but I'll take it!
25% off sale items at End with code EXTRA25
@ManofKent - congrats! what's up next?
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