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 I have a ripstop and the high navy twill. Personally, I don't find the ripstop noticeable at all, but if you feel it is, then it might be best to go with the twill. Only downside of the twill, at least on the navy, is that it attracts hair/lint etc. quite easily.
Barney's has an XL left, and it's on sale:http://www.barneys.com/engineered-garments-kalamkari-india-balloon-pants-503935889.html
Doesn't look too tight to me. Nice fit.
Whoa @in stitches! A fit where the wearer of a bucket hat doesn't look like a doofus - well done!
 Thanks, buddy. I'll check it out.
Thanks, FC.
@Synthese - Japan stuff is epic. I now feel like a really need a long coat. @in stitches - awesome MC fit. Conrad Wu? Today:  TS(S) x 2 / RRL / Yuketen  [[SPOILER]]
Some pretty good deals at the Barney's Sale.
 Thanks, Sander. Yeah, shirt is about a 1/2 size too big. Suit is actual a very dark grey  These are both outstanding.
Strong start to the day. Very impressive @upr_crust! Weekend Robo-pose:   [[SPOILER]]
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