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For jackets? I would think blues, light browns/tans, white/cream should work. That was my first time wearing them so I don't have much experience to draw from. As long as you keep the rest of the fit pretty simple with enough contrast you should be fine.
There's that' men's floral jacket!   Really like this one too:  
Japanese Bordeaux from the recent sale:   [[SPOILER]]  The color on these is amazing in person.
Saw this post on the Leffot Tumblr and thought it might be helpful to folks here:   What do the letters and numbers inside my shoes mean?   Some of it is basic, but good to have as a reference.
But it's so casual and louche. So filled with nonchalant whimsy!   For realz - not a problem. I'm going to stick with digging it, but maybe I'll put some stays in it next time and see if it gets a different result.
How did I get dragged into this a day later? FWIW, the floppiness is what I like about it and why I went without stays.
That looks really great, @Lorcan7. Starting to regret not buying that PO jacket...
Further drops at Independence. S/S EG 50% off.
Further drops at Independence.
If you do feel like paying those horrible customs charges, the grey herringbone and navy knit shawls are available at Mohawk
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