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Lots of great stuff in this thread recently. This may be too casual even for this thread, but whateveez:     Our Legacy / BB / EG / NB   @EFV - just took another look at your brand's page, and not taking anything away from the rest of the site, but that intro page is awesome.
 Not 100% sure, but I think @penanceroyaltea had some nice fits with this jacket.
 It's a wool/poly blend. 80/20 maybe?
Spent some time in NY earlier this week for work, wore this pretty much every day (apologize for the crappy cell in elevator pic quality)  Schott / Vintage / SNS / Port Flannel / Rising Sun / Alden  [[SPOILER]]  
 Iso, I think the top is too formal for the bottom. SC + Jeans can be tough to pull off well, but the white, non-BD, FC shirt is too incongruous to work here FWIW, I don't mind the hair at all.
 Unfortunately I don't get into NY until Monday. Just in time to unsuccessfully phone in my order from a local area code.  Will try to stop by Nepenthes if I have some free time.
X-post   [[SPOILER]]
Awesome stuff as usual @KongGeorgeVII   EG / GBV / Needles / Vans  [[SPOILER]]
Agree with @EFV that @UrbanComposition fit was one of the best I've seen in this thread in a long while.    [[SPOILER]]
@eluther that is great. It inspired a less swaggy fit by me today:     EG SS '14 EG FW /14 x2 RRL
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