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Nice @happyvillian!
If it is anything like last year, it will be.
Some looks from The Bureau.
 I believe they are elastic (at least they were last year) so I imagine they measured unstretched.
Sale and WTBs are completely acceptable.
A very hit or miss place in Culver City on Pico near work. Can't think of the name right now. Would love to find someone better/closer, although my tailoring needs aren't great right now.
 Maybe try Berdj's tailoring on Manhattan Beach boulevard. I had some success with him a few years ago.
  Barena / EGx2 / EGxVans
 I went to a birthday dinner there a few years ago, seemed nice. Haven't been inside the banquet facility since the bar mitzvah circuit of 1994.
Good stuff, dudes! From Saturday night:     Needles EG F/W 13 EG Workaday Marsell
New Posts  All Forums: