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@firefit Thanks man. Those are the willy post pants from this past spring. I think they are mostly sold out, but they have a heavier khaki twill coming out this fall. Hope that helps!
Nice @FrankCowperwood. Very nice.
 EG / GBV / EG / Paraboot  [[SPOILER]]
 Thanks man!(the shoes are technically cigar )
@Gerry Nelson killing it as usual.   Couple recents:     EGx3 / Marni     EG / Kamakura / EG / Alden
 OrSlow has some nice washes.
Bought these navy java cloth cambridge shorts (sz 36) but they turned out to be a wee bit tight in the thigh. Just looking to get back near what I paid ($100 shipped in US):   Still looking to move this chambray duster (M):  
Work fit:     Bedford (S/S 15) Kamakura Wily Post (S/S 16) Alden
@derrida26 I have this fabric in a pair of pants, it sort of looks like 3D "Magic Eye" art from the 90s. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing.
I agree with @Timbaland . I always think long shirts look great in lookbooks, but I just feel weird wearing them (and I never see anyone wearing them around me). Maybe it's just a lack of confidence. Could look cool with a cropped jacket (maybe not that tender one though).
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