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Sale on select items at Cosmotog. Other EG sales at Kafka, Indigo&Cotton, Norse Store and Couverture.
Norse Store Sale has started.
 @snapehead - Bedford has peak lapels, Baker has notch.
30% off at Haven.
 I got the corduroy fatigue shorts and they actually fit very similar to the regular fatigues (if that helps). I felt this year's were a bit bigger than the corresponding size from last spring.
They certainly fit big, but I'm not sure if you can size down a full size. I am and wear an 11 in the Ghillie and while there is definitely room (both in length and width), not sure if I could have fit into a 10. Sorry, not a great answer.
@troika thanks, man. Yes, you did mention Kinori earlier. Need to check them out in person sometime.
Cool - I'll look into them.Thanks for the kind words, @OccultaVexillum
Thoughts on your Tender purchases? Been eyeing some pieces for a while.Have those Heschungs, love 'em.
 A bit more so than i originally thought, yes. I don't think me and super sleek go that well together, so it works out.
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