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 Additional EG sales at NotreShop, RooneyShop and Gentry.
 The Bureau has in the past, yes.
 Yes, both usually do.
Work Fit:  LeLaboureur / Kamakura / GungHo / Buttero  [[SPOILER]]
 Looks great, where are the pants from?
 Congrats, man. And you did it right before they switch from 3 days to 2.
 Speaking of Anderson Valley, the blood orange Gose is outstanding.Tart, a little sweet, a bit salty. Excellent: 
Looks good, @eazye   EG / BuzzRickson / OL / EGxVans  [[SPOILER]]
 Le Laboureur / Rough&Tumble / Orslow / Buttero  [[SPOILER]]
I'd be down, just need to re-read how to pack and ship everything again.
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