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Some great stuff already today, folks. @penanceroyaltea killing it lately.   Messed around with the EG knit a bit this weekend:     EG / Rough&Tumble / Freemans / NB
Thanks, @jet    @DarkDestiny - Yep, that's navy.    @mbaum - fleece looks awesome.
 I actually prefer this old stark fit to the new more cropped, slimmer design. Anything smaller than this would not work with my body's inherent lumpiness. Will try cuffing the sleeves next time per @avery's suggestion.  And thanks, @in stitches. Inspired by you to give the stark a try.
@ramdomthought - I like that a lot. @sugarbutch - jacket looks rad, but I think there is a bit too much cuff on the jeans.  SNS / Port Flannel / LVC / Yuketen  [[SPOILER]]
Needsupply has 30% off sale items which includes some F/W EG.   Gentry also has 15% off with the code "Thanks15" and I believe Indigo & Cotton has 25% off as well.
  Thanks, guys. I'm 6'2" so hopefully that alleviates some of the negative slouchiness. Will post pics for feedback when it arrives.
 My true jacket size is probably around a 41. Figuring this could be a good slouchy outerwear piece.
This sale convinced me to add more burgundy to my life:     Crossing my fingers the S&C in large works out...
@StyleforumRobot - I think there may be a problem with the links for Karma Loop and Haberdash.
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