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Thanks for the thumbs last time, guys. Totally open to suggestions here:  EG/Uniqlo/TaylorStitch/CP  [[SPOILER]]
I know I've said it before, but I really love that jacket, @Crat  A couple of similar looking fits from the pat few days:  Polo/BB/Luxire/AE  [[SPOILER]]   Epaulet/Kamakura/Bills/VTG Florsheim  [[SPOILER]]
 I don't think they have been shipped yet. I backed the first run and have not heard anything since.
 Thanks, E!  Like the colors here (and the patch pockets!), but it appears that the sleeves and jacket are a tad short. Could be the camera angle, as I believe you have mentioned that as a factor before.
 Some really great looks in there, Greg. My only nit to pick is that I think the dotted tie in the first pic looks out of place with the rest of the outfit. Pants are linen, tie is linen/cotton/silk from Howard Yount:   [[SPOILER]]
 Alex, that jacket is stunning. Very jealous.
 I really like this, Claghorn, but I am wondering about your thought process when picking the pattern. I have a similar navy SC with a light windowpane and when I post pics I get a lot of "looks like part of a suit"/ "wish the pattern was bigger", etc.   Very cool shirt, HF.  Why did this not get more thumbs?! It's almost as if thumbs are not a perfect way of determining things.  +1111 The rare full shot for me today:   [[SPOILER]]
 Here are a few pics and construction details of the Summer sky blue chambray (spoilered):   [[SPOILER]]
First post on this side of the wall, trying to branch out from strict MC a bit. Wanted to keep things simple, totally open to critiques/suggestions:   [[SPOILER]]
 Will try to do so this weekend.  The fabric is fine, and indeed very light. I expected (perhaps naively) that there would be more texture to it, instead it just feels like a very lightweight poplin.  I tried to replicate a Kamakura collar, but because it is unlined and unstructured and the fabric so light, the collar doesn't really stay up that well.  These small problems (along with a hem measurement I made much too small) are all my fault, it was my first Luxire...
New Posts  All Forums: