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As I believe was discussed earlier in this thread, I started an EG (but Nepenthes friendly!) trading thread here.
 Classified thread has been started. Link. Please feel free to offer up suggestions for the thread along with your EG cast-offs.
Do you like garments? Specifically those that are engineered? Then welcome to the...   Possibly official ENGINEERED GARMENTS TRADING THREAD!   Bought a plain navy blue Baker jacket but now you only wear tabliers and dickies?   Trade it!   Bought a leopard print tux jacket but your significant other gave you "the look" as soon as you opened the box (where it has remained to this day)?   Trade it!     Please feel free to post any Engineered Garments item you...
 I think I had that thought a few months back. I would be fine keeping in this thread, but I'm not sure if there are any SF rules that would require it to be in the marketplace. maybe that is only if there are sales involved.  Paging @LA Guy.
 EG/EG/RIsingSun/Vintage  [[SPOILER]]
Looking really good @emiristol. I do agree with the poster in the other thread that those shoes even in a slightly more casual blucher model would work a bit better, but that's basically nitpicking at this point. Sort of a casual "northern lights" for me today:   [[SPOILER]]
F/W 50% off at Independence.
 Haven't seen anything in person but from the looks of their website they don't have much left. To answer your earlier question re: LA stockists, I have not seen anything pop up anywhere yet. Mohawk seems to get stuff earliest.   Semi-related note Threads and Needles now has a web shop.
 I think you nailed it, Anden. I think a dark blue, green, burgundy/wine and probably brown (maybe lightly flecked with some color?) would also work, but those are probably good answers for almost any kind of coat. Agree with @kulata on the preference for more robust footwear as well given the rustic nature of the jacket.
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