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Yeah, I'm sure it's out there but whatever it is I don't own it (yet).
That's great @g transistor, thanks.  A few drops at the Garbstore including this beauty:  
X-post from WAYWT
 Thanks, eluther. I felt like the textures (ripstop+chambray+twill) were enough for summer, but I definitely need more patterns in my life. Still trying to work on basics (if there are such things in the SWDverse).  Also, I need to be able to transition these Friday fits into legal office life so I can't go too crazy.
Thanks, dudes! It's hard work to become synonymous with one of the worst sartorial trends in the US over the past 30 years.
Wednesday:  Needles/BBBF/Epaulet/AE  [[SPOILER]]
Arrived yesterday:   [[SPOILER]]  Thanks, @Drinkwaters!
 EG/SunnySports/EG/Converse  [[SPOILER]]
 Needs sluttier tee.
I need to get a brick wall. Great stuff, guys.
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