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 Definitely, although I don't always agree with the anti-navy pants CM crowd. So long as they don't look like orphaned suit trousers (e.g. - distinctive texture/pattern/detailing) I think they can work in that context.  But here I totally get your point, almost an extension of the city/country dichotomy.
[[SPOILER]] [/quote]Damn. All I'm asking is 1/4 of that wall, once a week. I'll pay.
@Cotton Dockers – I've been thinking about this a lot recently – maybe too much – but navy pants are just so hard to wear. Your jacket and shirt pair exceptionally well – honestly a fantastic combination. However, the navy pants throw it off for me in terms of palette. I don't mean this to sound rude, but I think literally any other color of trouser you have would work better. Jeans would work better, as well. The brightness and saturation of that blue feels out of place...
 You have completely outdone me being me.  Needs bigger wall. Otherwise excellent as usual.  I know that thread gets tons of shit, much of it well deserved, but I think it's been a lot better lately. Still lots of misfires, but I think the overall quality has improved in the past 6-12 months.
Not if you bought products made in the USA.If you are going to get hit with duties it can take a few weeks to receive anything.
X-post from WAYWT (I do not know how to do an actual x-post)     Homespun '14 Tattersall '13 Workaday Bedford Fatigues '14 Alden (?)
 If it is anything like their past sales it will take a few weeks for the next drop (or additional discount code), but there definitely should be one.
20% off Sale at Kafka with code: PATRONTWENTY
Such good stuff on the last pages.Really like that look @onitaps  Messing around with these workaday bedford cords:  EG x3 / Alden  [[SPOILER]]
 Some of that stuff is just fantastic. Anyone know if anything is currently for sale anywhere?
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