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Steven Alan 30% off sitewide.
Dang, @eazye & @penanceroyaltea killing it.   Happy Friday!     Needles / UniqloXLemaire x2 / Needles
Agreed, I like it as is.
From the weekend:     Batik Baker S/S '14 Workaday 19th OCBD F/W '15 Wily Post Pants S/S '16 Alden
 Thanks, UC.  You're casual looks are a big inspiration for me actually. Think I was trying to get some wear of of these loafers here (as opposed to chunkier stuff I usually wear), but I totally get your point.
Especially like that first jacket @gnatty8   Some recent fits:     EG / EGWorkaday / RRL / Paraboot     Polo / Kamakura / UniqloXLemaire / Meermin      BBJ / Kamakura / EG / Alden
@The3rdConch0rd - possibly my favorite from you. Looks great.
Work fit:       BBJ / Kamakura / UniqloXLemaire / Buttero
That's awesome, @kindofyoung - is that your new Luxire coat?   Really love the top half @FrankCowperwood (hat included), but I actually feel it would work better with some different pants. Maybe something non-jeany and more flowy?
That's awesome, @blue peter. Congrats!
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