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 Done and done!
 Thanks, man! Yep, these are Ghurkas.
Holy Moses, @nickp! Excellent stuff.   With Rakuten's help I was able to complete this F/W '14 suit:     Won't actually wear it together often, but the pieces work great as separates.
@nickp - those are both very good, but that second one is amazing, look-book good.
Prurient-esque grocery store pic:     '14 Olive Moleskin B2B '13 Tattersall BD '14 Tweed Ghurka Paraboot
Came home to an awesome collection of goodies from @thewho13     Thanks so much, buddy! 
Wow, @eazye - that is really great. Please post more often!  Barena / EG / Needles / Marsell  [[SPOILER]]
 I think this is an issue in a CM context (other than black shoes with a navy suit), but it doesn't really apply to the SWD side, especially in EG. If it looks good, it looks good. You seem to have a good eye for putting pieces together, so go ahead and experiment, see what works.
Agree with @mbaum, this should be a great season for LA. Loving that homespun fabric, and I actually like the shorter length on the shop coats.
Independence has a few S/S items in.
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