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@mbaum - looks great. Are those the EGxVans you've been looking for? If so, where'd you end up finding them?
Excellent challnge, @Parker. Can't believe the number of HOF fits in this thread alone.  Garbstore/GBV/OL/Vans  [[SPOILER]]
EG 15% off at Independence.
Thanks, KP. I got my from The Bureau but it looks like they are all sold out.
Looking good dudes! Mother's Day Out: EG S/S 15 Orslow Birks (Mom took the pic)
Well, partially because of the tie (as you point out, AJL), I was assuming DLester was wearing this in more of a CBD setting rather than the usual more casual environment posters in this thread usually tread, hence my comment.If I have assumed incorrectly please feel free to disregard.
 Here is an MC nitpick critique - I wish the collar points were a little longer and a bit closer to the lapels. Please note - no one in the real world would ever notice and the rest looks great. Boots are rad.
 Needles / EG / Needles / Buttero  [[SPOILER]]
@thefoxtooth - late to this, but that video is magical. I really enjoyed it.   Two from the past few days, opposite ends of the casual spectrum:    
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