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 Thanks! I'm up for anything with extra hidden pockets.
BBJ / HillSide / UniqloxLemaire / Needles  [[SPOILER]]
Me and a sweaty looking digital image of Dick Enberg:     Bedford S/S 15 Workaday OCBD 15 OL EGxVans 16
New drops at End and Oi Poilloi.
@blue peterI like the contrast, especially with the thick-toed birks, but baggy pants would work as well. Debating the purchase of a long shirt, I like the idea but just not sure if I'd get enough wear of it.
It's funny, I never really thought of chelseas as SWD specific. Maybe that's naive based on the ubiquity of CP/SLP versions in this thread. But like I've said before, I'm not a chiseled guy so I don't think a super chiseled shoe would really work for me.
Thanks! I was starting to have second thoughts before they arrived, but I really like them IRL. Very comfy too.
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 EG / Needles / EG / Epaulet  [[SPOILER]]
 Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I just bought a pair of the black denim fatigues from Forward and they are pretty great. Lightweight with a loose top block and a decent taper.
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