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 Definitely below the knee, but a bit bigger above as well. I've only tried on the corduroy, not sure if other materials differ.
@CrowShit ha. haven't reached vest stage yet. any purchase would only be for online thumbz.
Thanks, @blue peter !    FYI - for those looking to buy fatigues this fall, they are much roomier than the past couple seasons.
F/W '16 Corduroy Suit:     FW 16 Baker FW 14 Tattersall BD FW 16 Fatigues Paraboot
 I love 'em, but you are slimmer than me so it's possible there could be too much room in the thigh/seat area (I recall @mbaum perhaps mentioning this?). Personally, I don't find that much difference between the fit on these and similarly sized fatigues.
 BBJ / UniqloXLemaire / OL / Vans  [[SPOILER]]
@Patrick R - that looks really great.
 Agreed, but that's all the email said.
25% off at NotreShop with code "asalecode"   Exclusions: acronym, select adidas styles, raf simons x adidas, commes des garcon parfum, john elliott, aime leon dore, stone island & vans
Some cool weather slipons:     Diemme   Shearling Vans (h/t to @basil rathbone)   EG corduroy "suit"    
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