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@troika thanks, man. Yes, you did mention Kinori earlier. Need to check them out in person sometime.
Cool - I'll look into them.Thanks for the kind words, @OccultaVexillum
Thoughts on your Tender purchases? Been eyeing some pieces for a while.Have those Heschungs, love 'em.
 A bit more so than i originally thought, yes. I don't think me and super sleek go that well together, so it works out.
Great shots @the kidcrash . Cool proportions 'n stuff.  BBJ / GBV / OL / Epaulet  [[SPOILER]]
Some quick and dirty pics of the sand suede straight out of the box. Fit is great, super comfy.  
Woodlands Shop - 30% off selected merchandise with code SPRING16
Selling this chambray duster in medium from a few seasons back:  FWIW I wear a large in most other EG jackets and this one fits fine.  $200 OBO, shipped CONUS.  [[SPOILER]]
Context 35% off   Mohawk 20% off
25% off at Rooney Shop with code MEMORIAL16.
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