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 Thanks, Clags!
 Your pics always kill it on this thread, FC. Very nice.
 Thanks, Frank!  I will take OK and not exciting at this point. Appreciate the feedback. Back to lurking now...
From this weekend:  Flat Head/Uniqlo/Epaulet/Converse  [[SPOILER]]
First run for my new Drake's cotton square today:   [[SPOILER]]
^ Speaking of duck canvas, got my chocolate ducks in last week:   [[SPOILER]]  As @Beatlegeuse noted, it's a much different material than the Luxire green ducks. Thicker, more rigidity with none of the slubbiness. Not better, just different. Also - no wedgies!
Can't compete with @RedDevil10 and @macjedi, but thought I would post anyway: Picked up these Alden shell PTBs on eBay in need of a little care:  Used the Mac method along with my Hanger Project deer bone, and...   [[SPOILER]]
@spacepope, @Parker,@Bam!ChairDance, @anyoneelsewhomaycare:   [[SPOILER]]  Space, @conceptual 4est  - very nice stuff today.
 I actually think those types of non-traditional elements (slim lapels, shorter jackets, button stance, etc.) work well when used in a casual manner like @sugarbutch does here. If a tie were involved I would feel differently. Maybe try it without the square next time?
 haha, noted.  Thanks, Parker. I will give that a try next time. I thought the contrast of light sneakers with the rest of the fit would be too stark, but I really have very little idea what I am doing.
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