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Strong start to the day. Very impressive @upr_crust! Weekend Robo-pose:   [[SPOILER]]
 The drape is what does it for me actually.
 Thanks, @mbaum. Inspired by @conceptual 4est styled by @msg Saw Sufjan at the Disney concert hall a year or two ago myself actually. Really dig his newest album.
 EG / Uniqlo / Arpenteur / Vans  [[SPOILER]]
Looking good @SeaJen (and many others on this page)   For Career Day at my wife's school last week.        In the end, I think I succeeded in scaring most of the kids away from being a lawyer.
Large Blackwatchy Andover Plaid Jacket from S/S 09(?). Interesting trades considered! Cash also accepted.  SOLD  [[SPOILER]]
 I aim to please.
@shmoomentality - I like that, welcome!  Needles/Uniqlo/Niche/Visvim  [[SPOILER]]
@Ken P -  Shirt Link   25% off with code "MEMORIAL"
X-post from the denim challenge:  Garbstore / GBV / OL / Vans  [[SPOILER]]  QUESTION - how do you actually x-post from another thread?
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