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 Ha, so do I.  I too have not been to Bestia, but I have heard really great things. I think @mbaum can speak to that.
Last day of fits are amazing. @ChetB - coat looks great, looking forward to seeing the rest of your recent pickups.   Spent Saturday at The Broad:       EG / NeedlesRebuild / GungHo / Needles
@Seafinch - overall thoughts on the Portview?  Fits look good.
@Liszt - consistently one of my favorite posters.  SNS / EG / RisingSun / Visvim  [[SPOILER]]
From the Nepenthes Instagram:     Needles rebuild car coat.
@Auximenes - really like that jacket.
 It's a little scratchy, not crazy though.  The leisure jacket has lining in the body so it's not really an issue there.
 Barena / EG / Arpenteur / Needles  [[SPOILER]]
Thanks, guys. That Bedford is probably my favorite F/W jacket.
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