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Some quick and dirty pics of the sand suede straight out of the box. Fit is great, super comfy.  
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Selling this chambray duster in medium from a few seasons back:  FWIW I wear a large in most other EG jackets and this one fits fine.  $200 OBO, shipped CONUS.  [[SPOILER]]
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Dang, @eazye & @penanceroyaltea killing it.   Happy Friday!     Needles / UniqloXLemaire x2 / Needles
Agreed, I like it as is.
From the weekend:     Batik Baker S/S '14 Workaday 19th OCBD F/W '15 Wily Post Pants S/S '16 Alden
 Thanks, UC.  You're casual looks are a big inspiration for me actually. Think I was trying to get some wear of of these loafers here (as opposed to chunkier stuff I usually wear), but I totally get your point.
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