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Thanks, @blue peter !    FYI - for those looking to buy fatigues this fall, they are much roomier than the past couple seasons.
F/W '16 Corduroy Suit:     FW 16 Baker FW 14 Tattersall BD FW 16 Fatigues Paraboot
 I love 'em, but you are slimmer than me so it's possible there could be too much room in the thigh/seat area (I recall @mbaum perhaps mentioning this?). Personally, I don't find that much difference between the fit on these and similarly sized fatigues.
 BBJ / UniqloXLemaire / OL / Vans  [[SPOILER]]
@Patrick R - that looks really great.
 Agreed, but that's all the email said.
25% off at NotreShop with code "asalecode"   Exclusions: acronym, select adidas styles, raf simons x adidas, commes des garcon parfum, john elliott, aime leon dore, stone island & vans
Some cool weather slipons:     Diemme   Shearling Vans (h/t to @basil rathbone)   EG corduroy "suit"    
Bought these dark grey herringbone quilted cinch pants off Rakuten (size 36), but unfortunately they won't work out for me. Look basically unworn.      Would sell at my cost ($100).
I've done both. No issues, but drying in a dryer could produce some fading/marking depending on the type of cotton. Not necessarily a bad thing.
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