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I think they are just having an in-store sample sale.
Lots of stuff: Notre Shop, Meyvn, Rooney, Farfetch, BureauBelfast, Cali Roots, Context, FWRD, Kafka, Mohawk + a bunch more.
Really like that sweater, @OccultaVexillum.  EG / InisMeain / OL / Epaulet  [[SPOILER]]
Mohawk General Store, 20% off starting Wednesday at 12PT/3ET with code: MOHAWKFRIDAY
@FrankCowperwood that DDugoff jacket is crazy awesome.
@wigglr you have been killing it!   A few recent fits (apologies for Instagram tilt shift douchery):     Polo / Kamakura / EG / Trickers     J.Press / Buzz Rickson / EG / Yuketen     EG / Kamakura / Luxire / Vtg. Florsheim
Work fit:     FW 14 Brown Homespun Bedford FW 15 Navy Twill Equus Belt SS 15 Ripstop Fatigues Trickers
 Only tried on the cord fatigues and they were bigger than SS16 fatigues (which was bigger than SS15). Wide leg opening.
 Hey @loanshark, I'm about an 11D in US (although 10.5 in Barrie could work for me) and I went with the 44 and they fit great. Hope that helps.
 Definitely below the knee, but a bit bigger above as well. I've only tried on the corduroy, not sure if other materials differ.
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