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That looks great, @Superb0bo . Excellent textures.     EG / TS(S) / Niche / Yuketen
 Went last year with @mbaum. Decent selection and really good prices, but a long wait (outside) to get in and a long line to pay. Plus it's going to be about 95 on Saturday.
 Yes, navy and black, both floral embroidered.
Hey dudes, hope all is well.   Anyone need a Showgirls poster autographed by Jessie Spano herself?  
Looks great, @ramdomthought!
@pe3brain - would probably be easier to give feedback if you made your pictures a bit bigger.   @el Bert - is that the moleskin baker from last year? Looks great.
 Thanks. Bought the large in this jacket, sleeves/shoulders/length are fine but the waist is very big, so much so that I really don't like the look of it buttoned.  But very lightweight, almost like an overshirt, it gets a lot of wear.
Which Needles pants are those, @ManofKent?   From this weekend:     Rough&Tumble / Uniqlo / OL / Buttero
Thanks, guys. Looks like it will be an XL for me in that case (assuming I can still find one).
Awesome. How's the fit on that - TTS?
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