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 This is very nice. Clean, simple, fits you well and you look like you are comfortable in it.  Cox - is that jacket green and white or black and white? I'm assuming green because you chose a brown tie. I actually have that same square, but for some reason I don't think it is the right choice with the rest of the outfit.  Beautiful jacket, Don. One of my faves from you. @An Acute Style - I think it is that they are aligned vertically, not horizontally, that seems off.
Thanks! Niche pants are via the sale at No Man Walks Alone. Here's a direct link. Needles jacket is actually 50% off at Inventory.
GBV     Niche     Needles  
Extra 15% off sale tops/outerwear at Oki-Ni with code: 15EXTRATO
Actually never mentioned before but you are actually absolutely correct. One shiny nickel for you, my good man!
 Thanks, Pliny. Quite a compliment coming from you. As for the pants they are simply cotton chinos by Zegna. Don't tell Clags...
Further drops at Nomad.   Hickorees Summer Sale.
 Thanks, and yes it's the Doyle. This, along with my olive Bedford, have pretty much been my go-to jackets the past few months.
Thanks, @Ken P. Correct, top button is not buttoned. Here is a spoilered untucked pic:  [[SPOILER]]
Late to the @luv2breformed recent bandwagon but great fits lately, buddy! Today:   [[SPOILER]]  New suit for a wedding this past weekend (skinny tie courtesy of the groom), no camera and no photographer so bathroom selfies are spoilered:  [[SPOILER]]
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