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 EG/SunnySports/EG/Converse  [[SPOILER]]
 Needs sluttier tee.
I need to get a brick wall. Great stuff, guys.
Slubbiness would certainly help. Obviously the shirt could go with that jacket, it's a plain blue shirt after all, but I guess I always think of dotted ties as, along with neats, the most businessy of ties, so that, combined with a spread collar (broadcloth?) light blue shirt, just seemed a a tad askew. Could just be my opinion, maybe I'm just picking nits.  Foods for thinkings.
 I feel like this would make for an interesting FC.  Stitchy hit on all the main points here, but you basically have three pieces fighting for our attention. That jacket, or what I can see of it, looks like it could be a keeper (although probably more f/w than s/s), but you want to start by pairing it with some more simple counterparts.  I don't hate the shirt in and of itself as much as stitches does, but I don't think you are going to find a jacket + tie combo that works...
 It's the Allen Edmonds "Bradley," in need of a good brushing. Picked them up in a thrift a few years back, I think they are only offered in shell now.
Hmm... I've ordered twice and got hit with duties twice. Didn't come until 3-4 weeks later though.
For jackets? I would think blues, light browns/tans, white/cream should work. That was my first time wearing them so I don't have much experience to draw from. As long as you keep the rest of the fit pretty simple with enough contrast you should be fine.
There's that' men's floral jacket!   Really like this one too:  
Japanese Bordeaux from the recent sale:   [[SPOILER]]  The color on these is amazing in person.
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