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  Thanks, guys. I actually bought the jacket off a tip from MoK. I believe he has the same one.
Excellent, @ManofKent   Garbstore / EGx2 / NB  [[SPOILER]]
 Thanks, and yes, sir. These bought on deeeeep discount.
Nice stuff, guys. @Chulillo - I like that safari jacket.   From earlier this week:     EG/Kamakura/Arpentuer   (Unseen shoes are Alden shell PTBs)
20% off purchases of $250 at Steven Alan.  [[SPOILER]]
15% off at Great Divide with code EASTER15   I believe they have free worldwide shipping as well.
 Thanks. It's like a slightly thicker, rougher, more textured linen. Still lightweight, just with a bit more character. Good stuff.
 Maybe .5"? I see what you are saying, but for everyday use I am okay with it.  Yes, this is the boiled linen version from last year. Got it 1/2 off from Inventory, one of my favorite pieces.  @Tirailleur1  - so good. Agree with @penanceroyaltea, Uniqlo has some great no-shows, need to order more actually.
  Needles / GBV / Orslow / Yuketen
 Thanks, FC. Congrats on your recent PTO spread. I don't even know what they mean, I just put up a bunch of random letters to try to look cool.
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