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Inventory has a number brands at 50-60% off (Needles, EG,Yaeca, Post O'alls, etc.).
Inventory has EG at 50% off.
First real wear for the TS(S) cords:     Plus Port Flannel (and EG)
 Might be worth a trip to Wasteland to see what you can find. There is a bigger/better version on Melrose too. Lots of good places if you can head East a bit.
@mike868y - looks good, bud. Any suggestions on best ways to wear these TS(S) cords would be much appreciated:  EG / Port Flannel / TS(S) / Yuketen  [[SPOILER]]
Got these from the Wife for Hanukkah:     And was finally able to pick up a couple of these after a local restock:     Drinking the brand stout now, interesting stuff.
 JUSTINTIME for 20% off.
 Lucky for you (and me) it's a large.  Thanks, man. And I agree wholeheartedly.
Brown homespun with hopefully @notwithit approved footwear:  EG / Uniqlo / EG / Trickers  [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
Thanks, Spoo!    [[SPOILER]]
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