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Thanks for the thumbs yesterday, guys. A new personal record. @Crat & @in stitches  - two beautiful coats. Excellent stuff. Possible entry for Stitchy's challenge (tie is navy wool, pants are chocolate brown moleskins):   [[SPOILER]]
 Thanks! And yes, it is from nSuited. Bought it during their Black Friday sale. SB - that suit looks great on you!
 I like this, JD, but it looks like the points of the collar are turning inward. Maybe longer stays?  Nice, SeaJen. Love me some moleskins. Thanks for the thumbs yesterday. I agree with the comments on the skirting issue, I think it is a combo of three things: 1) need to drop a few LBs, 2) slightly upward slanting camera angle; and 3) working on getting a better understanding of what cuts work for me.  Appreciate the thoughts. Trying out some new J.Press Flannels today,...
 Madder squares and ties? They are not in the majority, no. But neither are closed-toed shoes.
I don't really see a problem with that, Rudals. If there was no white stripe on the tie I don't even think this would be up for debate. It's not like you are wearing a butcher stripe shirt or something similar with such a pronounced stripe. I could also be biased because I wore the same tie today:    [[SPOILER]]
Sorry, I should have been more clear. The items made by Zegna/Oxxford/HF are clearly labeled as such, not a case of C&C having their own designs made for them, as I believe the the Samuelsohn stuff is. I also don't think they work with any of those companies anymore.
   +1. Samuelsohn makes a number of items for C&C, this is one of them. CB for C&C will look just like the regular CB tag, will be made in England and usually says on the C&C label that it was made by CB for C&C. C&C has also had items made for them by Zegna, HF, Oxxford and others.
 I wish. Scoured the thrifts for years for a pair but I gave up some time ago. Got these off eBay.  Very nice, Choc. Is the tie brown or black?
I would actually recommend burgundy instead of brown/khaki. I have both and feel I almost never reach for the browns.
Is it in good taste to wear madder squares/ties outside of the Fall/Winter seasons? Or are they as seasonally restricted as linen ties are to Spring/Summer?
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