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 Thanks! I go back and forth on pocket squares without ties. Nowadays if it's more of a standard sport coat I'll add a square, but for something more casual i will leave it out.
Excellent batch of posts over the past few days. New jacket that is completely inappropriate for today's LA weather but I'm inside all day so who cares:     EG/BBBF/Equus/Epaulet/Alden
Probably late to the party on this, but just as a heads up I received the olive moleskin B2B and while it's great, it is a bit slimmer in the chest/waist area than this season's bedford in the same size. Shoulders/sleeves seem to be about the the same.  [[SPOILER]]
Apologize for the poor night time iPhone shot, but this past weekend it was finally cool enough to break out the herringbone fatigues:     WWM F/W '10 EG S/S '14 Equus EG F/W '14 Trickers
Wow, I need to catch up on this thread.  From yesterday, somewhere between this thread and MC Casual:   [[SPOILER]]
 Offhand I know that The Bureau and American Rag had them.
Rought & Tumble up at The Bureau.  Someone please buy this shirt and make it look amazing:  
 Large measures 21.5 p2p and 19 in the shoulders (unstructured though so it has a bit of a raglan effect).
 Thanks, @mbaum. I'll give that a shot once it drops below 80 again.
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