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 Needles / EG / Needles / Buttero  [[SPOILER]]
@thefoxtooth - late to this, but that video is magical. I really enjoyed it.   Two from the past few days, opposite ends of the casual spectrum:    
Go with olive. It goes with everything (other than more olive maybe). Wearing mine from last Spring right now actually.
@Baron; @ghdvfddzgzdzg; @Ken P; @sugarbutch @robinsongreen68- thanks for the feedback, always appreciate it.   I'm not necessarily going for a big legged look, it's just tough to avoid with my build. But I will take your thoughts under advisement.
 WWM / GBV / OL / Converse  [[SPOILER]]  If anyone has any suggestions on how best to style this jacket (or casual white jackets in genera) I would love to hear them.
 Yeah, that's what I thought too. Didn't work out so well.  Thanks, Gingah.
@The Noodles- you should leave your pics up, they would help you and others learn.  If dressing non-MC does not come naturally to you, my advice would be to read at least the last year or so of this thread, then lurk for awhile to see what different types of styles you think would work for you. Find posters you like and look through their WAYWT history to get ideas.   Take it slow, don't buy a ton of stuff right off the bat, and listen to every piece of advice...
Yeah, I see that. Definitely not the norm, just a different look I guess. Thanks for the feedback.
Out with the little one for Earth Day:  EG / Uniqlo / EG / Visvim / Baby  [[SPOILER]]  @soqueriaterum - looks great. Please post more often.
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