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 Happy to help! @SeaJen - looks good. Like the shoes.
Yep, but in a different fabric. Here's one from End:http://www.endclothing.com/brands/engineered-garments/engineered-garments-explorer-jacket-s5d0897-ol.htmlMight be worth Googling around for a better price.
Well said, @gdl203   Probably your best one yet @Caustic Man. While I agree a tunic/long shirt could be good there, I would be hesitant to recommend that you spend money on something like that at this point, it can be a tough look to pull off, and unless you are comfortable in something like that it won't be enjoyable to wear. I think you will see that as you explore more "SWD Brands", while brand itself is certainly not the be all and end all (and plenty of CM piece can...
No problem. Unfortunately I am not really familiar with the different Japanese sellers. @Lorcan7 or @AlexanderTG might have a better answer. Might be good to start with the list of Japanese stockists in the opening post of this thread.
 I think that's a Needles Rebuild Harris Tweed Rough Out Jacket.  I think Nepenthes carries them (not sure if they had that particular jacket), but I don't know if they would have any from last season left. Might be worth a call. Other than that the only other sellers I know are in Japan.
Rough & Tumble     EG       OL     Trickers     Needles   EG x Vans     @Synthese and any other long coat aficianados - suggestions on how best to wear the EG chambray piece?
  EGx3 / EGxVans  [[SPOILER]]
The guys at Union said that was an issue with all the blue sneakers - maybe give them a call and see if they have any solutions.
 All over the place. Almost any of the links posted in the last few days will get you there (Unionmade, Independence Chicago, etc.)
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