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Thanks! It's a Polo (by Corneliani), silk/linen mix, unstructred/skeleton lined, half belted back with triple patch bellows pockets.  Got it from fellow thrifter and all around good guy @ATLjon.
Strange, it should. Worked for me yesterday.
Interesting stuff, MC. Blue pants Thursday:   [[SPOILER]]
Jackets look cool, EFV. Interested to see how they turn out (and what the length is like). Got this cotton Drake's square as part of the Barney's sale (link):   [[SPOILER]]
I'll take it!
Wait, is this good or bad?
Great looking jacket, @europrep  Today:   [[SPOILER]]  EG/Kamakura/Epaulet/AE
 Thanks, MF. These are the snuff rapello suede, which are a bit darker in real life than they appear on the website. I find myself getting more and more addicted to suede shoes lately. Not good for the wallet.
Dang, @in stitches, looks good. Top pic is quite slimming too. @Monkeyface - Great work on those trousers, wish I had the patience to do DIY stuff like that.   [[SPOILER]]
Thanks! It's actually an Italian made vintage piece for an old Los Angeles' men's store, no maker listed though, sorry.
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