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Thanks for the write-up, Mike. Almost dropped in there myself today. Excited to see the knits - I take it you didn't pick anything up for yourself?
Great entries so far, guys! Had a wedding to attend this afternoon so I thought I would enter for the first time in awhile:       tie is linen/cotton/silk from Howard Yount.
 Awesome. Thinking of grabbing these for fall. Not sure if they are hideous or beautiful.   Thanks, buddy.
@in stitches - like a young Dolph Shayes! Dressed by the internet today (at least this corner of the internet) per suggestions for this jacket from this forum: @mbaum (patterned shirt), @Ken P (light pants), @conceptual 4est (collar), @penanceroyaltea (pant roll):  Needles/Uniqlo/Orslow/Vans  [[SPOILER]]
Nice to see you posting over here, @shoreman1782  Today:  WWM/Kamakura/EG/Alden  [[SPOILER]]
Or a Derby! Either way, they look great.
PTBs, when done right, can be an excellent bridge between SWD, MC Casual and CM. They are not a statement shoe, but that is what makes them so versatile. Murl - why no love for shell? Those Marlows are beauts.
 Neiman Marcus house brand.  Site looks very cool, I hope I can buy your clothes even if I don't skateboard.  Please keep us updated!
Thanks, Helden. I go back and forth on this tie, but it has ended up sticking around as a seasonal item so far.
 I think optimality is great, if you can get it, but for most of us (myself included) we probably wouldn't make it out of the house if we demanded optimal clothing choices before leaving  for the day. I think there is a large circle of good fits that I am satisfied with, and if I happen to hit on an "optimal" fit in my first few attempts, even better. Hopefully this fits into the "good" circle. Pants/Square - Linen, Shirt/Tie - Cotton, Jacket - Linen/Cotton  Apologies to...
New Posts  All Forums: