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Looks good @ManofKent    Hung out with @mbaum on Saturday. Wend to Baco Mercat.  Good food and good company.       EG / EG / OL / Yuketen
@eazye - good to see you posting over here, looking good.     Rough & Tumble / Vintage / Orslow / EGxVans
Thanks, dude! I'm not too familiar with the variousVibram soles - what makes you want to switch? Also - I know you're busy but post more on your blog! Once I found it last year I went back and read the whole thing start to finish. It was a big influence on me.
Price drops at Steven Alan. Includes some stuff from F/W 14 too.
Looking good, @lawlercon. And thanks for the tip on the MWRxNepenthes shoes, mine arrived yesterday. Work fit:   S/S 14F/W 13S/S 14 (workaday)MWRxNepenthes  [[SPOILER]]
Nepenthes shirting drop:   http://nepenthesny.tumblr.com/
Your best one yet, @Caustic Man.
 Happy to help! @SeaJen - looks good. Like the shoes.
Yep, but in a different fabric. Here's one from End:http://www.endclothing.com/brands/engineered-garments/engineered-garments-explorer-jacket-s5d0897-ol.htmlMight be worth Googling around for a better price.
Well said, @gdl203   Probably your best one yet @Caustic Man. While I agree a tunic/long shirt could be good there, I would be hesitant to recommend that you spend money on something like that at this point, it can be a tough look to pull off, and unless you are comfortable in something like that it won't be enjoyable to wear. I think you will see that as you explore more "SWD Brands", while brand itself is certainly not the be all and end all (and plenty of CM piece can...
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