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That's totally different. I'm much fatter than you.
Thanks, @ChetB. My thinking was a navy jacket would be too formal with jeans, even in cotton/unstructured form, but you could be right. (FWIW - shirt is actually linen)
@1969 - I actually really dig that jacket, but I think the tie might be a wee bit too formal with jeans. Interesting stuff so far, here's mine:    [[SPOILER]]
Thanks, Beatle. That is definitely a problem for me, something I am trying to work on both pants-wise and weight-wise. I had a custom pair made by Luxire which generally worked pretty well, but there was actually a little too much excess fabric bunching that I will have rectify somehow on my next order.   Edit - any suggestions on brands/cuts @Beatlegeuse    Also, you and @Betelgeuse really need to have a sit down to decide who has to change their ID.
^Definitely. PM me if you make it out the armpit of CA (I can say that - I went to school in Stockton.)
 I have not, my thread participation (and post count) is rather limited. Are you sure you don't have the Eskdale? That is the longer version of the Liddesdale. @SeaJen , @Michigan Planner - are your jackets both unlined? This one is just the outer quilting, although I believe there are some lined versions that might add to the bulk.
Brrrrrrrr...   Not slimmed, but it might be a naturally slim cut. Got it on sale from END clothing last year.
A little Spring chill today:   [[SPOILER]]
 Thanks, PB. Possibly true on the pants, but I believe the jacket pulling is due to my contrived "casual" pose.  All the pieces are really great here individually, Ian, but the top half is too formal for the jeans (which is obviously the problem of most jeans/tie fits). If you go dad jeans on Friday, try to really casualize (?) the top as much as possible. Thanks, Pliny. Shirt is Kamakura. This guy to be precise.
Very good stuff today, especially @eviltimeban, @SeaJen and @deacon-hh (welcome, nice first fit!)    [[SPOILER]]
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