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Bunch of Needles stuff on sale at Understudy.    http://understudyshop.com/collections/needles   30% off with code SFUNDERSTUDY
Hmm. I don't really see that issue with this particular outfit (unstructured jacket + linen pants). Maybe if there were more formal fabrics and a tie involved.
Thanks, man. Yeah, sometimes I like the idea of these loafers more than the loafers themselves. So soft, super comfy, but tough to pair with a lot of pants.
From yesterday:   [[SPOILER]]
Interesting. I work in-house so I never see the inside of a courtroom or a suit. Looking forward to see how this project progresses.
Taking @Lorcan7 's suggestions on how to wear this white jacket. From this past Saturday at the (now waterless) Getty Villa:  WWM / Uniqlo / EG / Vans  [[SPOILER]]
Stanley, that last picture is the best use of the suit (or parts of the suit at least) that I've seen. Obviously you don't need to be snorting coke off of Elton John's piano to make that type of suit look good, but I think the more casual pose certainly helps. FWIW - I don't think you need to slim the sleeves unless the billowiness bothers you while you wear it and detracts from your enjoyment. Doesn't look bad. Question - is this suit (and any similar suit you might...
 Rough & Tumble / Uniqlo / OL / Needles  [[SPOILER]]
 Correct. Bought it of Grilled to see if I could make it work. Styling options are always welcome.
Looks good @ManofKent    Hung out with @mbaum on Saturday. Wend to Baco Mercat.  Good food and good company.       EG / EG / OL / Yuketen
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