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First wear for these Epaulet Irish linen trousers:   [[SPOILER]]
 I am an idiot. I need to read things better (although that coat is still pretty rad).
The Nepenthes tumblr had a few pics of items I hadn't seen yet: EUW Jacket - Navy Homespun EUW Jacket - Olive Homespun Reversible Coat - 20oz Melton Dk Navy Cotton/Linen Coated Canvas Reversible Coat - Floral Dk Navy Cotton/Linen Coated Canvas That reversible floral number is amazing. More here.
First wear of the Irish linen walts I bought on sale a few weeks back:   [[SPOILER]]  Love the texture on these pantaloons.
Thanks, Mike! Unfortunately, I don't know the answer. I was looking for some lighter wash jeans in a regular fit and found these on eBay for about $30. They were advertised as "1930s 8.6 oz buckle-back dungarees."
 LVC/Orslow/Birks  [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
Oi Polloi EG is in.   And a few pieces at Farfetch.
I'm in.
 Ha. Quite apt.  Per Nepenthes, the bedford is stocked by the following: Bureau Context Correspondances EG Corridor EG Denka  Drinkwaters Garbstore Inventory Stockroom Jack Straw Mini Shop Portland Dry Goods SF Market Siwali. Central Trading Co, LTD. Tailor at the Tannery VMC EG
Thanks! Not bad for $30.
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