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 Ah, need to pay more attention. Agree on the bagginess for GN, nice top half and the fit would be aces with slightly slimmer (but not skinny) pants.  Very nice, @EFV. I wish you (and others) would post more in this thread as I think, at least here in the states, most of us end up being forced to dress in a "business casual" manner for work and could use as much inspiration as possible.  Looks great!
Just wait until you get to the line to pay. One person to check everyone out. Took me and MBaum about an hour.Lots of good stuff though and 70% off everything.
@ghostface - another excellent fit. You are one of my favorite posters on SF, glad to see you x-posting here.   No need to ask for approval, just glad to see you don't mind attaching the stench of MC Casual to your fits.
 I guess I thought the jacket added to the differing proportions. I'd really like to wear this jacket more, but for such a simple piece I have a hard time integrating it into fits. Appreciate the comment, you dick. I actually went back and forth on these and the cons, but these NBs are the most comfortable things I've ever worn, so that swayed me. 
I like that @robinsongreen68, looks comfy. Today, playing with proportions a little bit:  LVC/EG/EG/NB  [[SPOILER]]
Looking good today, gents.    @sansimeon - very nice, details on the pants?   For the FC:    
Looking good @in stitches. tough to follow that. Oh well:    [[SPOILER]]
Great looks, @eazye  Garbstore/Kamakura/TaylorStitch/AE  [[SPOILER]]
 I've said that a few times this season...
 Thanks for the kind words, Steffen. I'll keep that in mind about the collar spacing. SS is the Havana, 
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