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Well, that was interesting.   I almost never need to wear a suit, and if I did there is no way I could do it better than what has been posted in this thread. So instead I'll go the other way:       Even the shoes are blue (if out of focus).   @EFV - if this is too casual please feel free to DQ. Thanks.
 Thanks, Mike. Not really sure what to call it, I guess shacket is best, although it actually lacks any type of closure whatsoever. @in stitches - beautiful suit. Killing it.
Good first post @TweedyProf (thanks for the shout, @cyc wid it, very kind).   Happy Friday, boys + girls.     R&B/SunnySports/LVC/Converse
 I really like today's fit, but yesterday feels a little too incongruous as the jacket in the top half seems F/W and the bottom screams S/S.  Excellent as always, CP!
Garbstore via Uncle Otis     Big John via NoManWalksAlone     Niche via NoManWalksAlone     Gitman x Unionmade x Liberty     Sunny Sports     EG   Yuketen
I've got that same one. Haven't noticed any difference but it looks nice!
 FYI, per Nepenthes the following stores still have the orange/brown shawl in stock: Modern Appealing Clothing Nepenthes NY Pilgrim EG The Outpost   Well, I can't speak to how they compare to 2008, but I am about a 40 in MC jackets and I wear a large bedford. P2P is between 21-22.
 You were my inspiration! You're going to love this thing. Filled with textury goodness.
Wow. Tough to follow KongGeorge, but here I go:  Garbstore/GitmanBrosVintage/Niche/Vans  [[SPOILER]]
Inventory has their EG online.
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