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Thanks, looking for short sleeve, should have specified. Resigned to it not being anywhere, maybe I'll give Nepenthes a call and see I they've got any leads.
Needles asymmetrical sneaker: Trying to decide whether to spend the extra $$$ or just stick with basic cons/vans.
Don't think anyone posted Needles F/W 15 yet:                More Here
So many good fits so far, but for the sake of participating in a good man's challenge, I'll post what has basically become my daily business casual fit: Casual Jacket (EG) OCBD (Kamakura) Chinos (EG) Suede Shoes (Alden)
 Thanks, I called yesterday and they only have smalls left.
Anyone know of where to find the natural patchwork foulard camp shirt in medium?
Independence Chicago 30% off Spring/Summer
Last pair sale: http://www.yuketen.com/last-pair
I bet that in more temperate climates (like LA) it would work well with the upcoming FW line, which I believe is all blacks and grays.
Thanks for the thumbs, dudes. Glad you liked it @Superb0bo, started looking into Laboureur after seeing your fits.
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