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 It's actually a vintage Banana Republic from way back when they sold actually safari clothing. And wool ties apparently.  That jacket is fantastic, great look.
 I've got that sweater! Looks great, although I agree that it might look better with the top button undone.
Thanks all for your input. much appreciated.  YRR92, in stitches, been following you guys for awhile, great stuff.   RE: Collar roll, that's what a recent BB OBCD will get you I guess. Really liking the roll on my Kamakuras.
Went to see "Gravity" with the Wifey on Friday. Movie was good, not life-altering great as I was led to believe, but worth seeing in 3D.     Question - does the scale of the tie pattern clash with the flecks in the tweed?
 Spoo, I will kill for that tweed. Just give me a name.
 Very nice.
 My experience is limited to finding their sport coats at thrift stores. So for me the price is right.
No-Tie Thursday:    [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the thumbs for the noob yesterday, guys. Day of Fall dressing #2:    [[SPOILER]]
 Thank you, sir. Believe me, they were much bigger before I got them to my tailor.
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