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Noooooooooo!I don't want to get too serious or anything, but this is exactly how Poland fell. PCK1 Offering too much for ties.
[[SPOILER]]  Mine now. First of either brand for me. Thanks, Spoo!
Snowman - awesome casualnessInteresting. I like that, but maybe it's the MC in me. Would you prefer the shirt be longer or shorter?And season 8 is the best Simpsons season for me:You Only Move TwiceMountain of MadnessHomers PhobiaHomers EnemyHomer vs. the Eighteenth AmendmentAll classics.
  Thanks for the feedback guys. @el Bert - how would you have worn the shawl?   @Ken P  - This is probably not a good thing to write on a message board that lives forever, but I actually like the crotch bunching.  Went back and forth on whether the shirt should be inside or out of the shawl, but perhaps you are correct. Might re-submit if I have time.
 Yes sir. Not surprisingly the Yoox pictures didn't do it justice.
New linen/cotton jacket for the still warm first weeks of Fall:   TS(S) / Gitman VTG / Orslow / Vans  [[SPOILER]]
Got my herringbone fatigues yesterday, these things are stunning. Thick, soft fabric, subtle pattern and a great cut. Highly recommended.
Lots of heavy hitters & great fits so far, so taking a bit of a leap here. Dipped into the F/W wardrobe a bit early for this:  [[SPOILER]]  EG x 3 / Post O'alls / Birks  [[SPOILER]]
Great sweater, @Murlsquirl!
Japanese brand, workwear-esque, the founder is the brother of Daiki Suzuki who started Engineered Garments.
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