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Shades of Greige (now Shades of Grey) from a few years back.
Thanks, IC. the shirt is a little pinker than it is on Gustin's website, but not as pink as it looks in my photo. Nice quality, good fit, I'm happy with my purchase.
First shirt from Gustin (red selvedge chambray) + dad jeans:  
Congrats @tchoy - how about a green jacket challenge for Master's week?
First Gustin purchase, red selvedge chambray. Very happy with the quality and fit:  
Another bit of run for the Doyle:  
Some nice stuff so far. From yesterday:      
@SeaJen - I really like that look. Very simple, very good. @clarinetplayer - beautiful suit. So yesterday's fit was not what one would call a "hit" but I really appreciate the comments/critiques.  Here's attempt #2:   [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the comments, everyone. I guess I was going for a soft, low contrast look, but perhaps that is not something to aim for. I imagine this would have been better received with a navy blazer/better square. Next time!
 Yeah, some sort of silk/linen/flax combo. Thanks!  I really like this, MF. That's definitely the type of jacket I could see working well with jeans as well.  My only quibble would be with the tie, maybe too bright? Everything else is fantastic.  What jacket is that, Stitchy? For the FC. In hindsight, square is probably too matchy (although I think it is slightly better up close):   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
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