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I like it, @FrankCowperwood - what's the jacket? Looks vintagey.
 Thanks! They are the pattern mix Willy Post Pant.
Thanks @Francks! Just got these pants in, super comfy and cozy. 
Work fit:     Needles / Kamakura / EG / Yuketen
Some black Friday buys:   Inis Meain x2         EG x2    
Workaday 41 Z Khaki Twill (Large - $100)     And still have these for sale:   Chambray Shop Coat (M-$150):     Quilted CInch Pants (36 - $125)     NWT - Dark Navy Java Cloth Cambridge Shorts (XL - $125):  
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 Thanks, man. I actually feel the same way. I figured this would be rather easy to wear, it being such a rumpled trad "timeless essential", but I do have more trouble wearing it than I thought. I've tried it with various shades of brown, blue and green to various effects. I have the matching trousers, need to get the stones to wear that more. I do think a grey bedford and khaki cords can be a a nice combo. Definitely works better in a bizcas work fit than a "streetwear" fit. 
Random assortment of stuff (and all EG) on sale at Cosmotog.
 Agree, TTS is fine. I wear an 11 in US and my Paraboots are 44 and fit great. @e0d9n0b5  - here are a few places for sub $400 Paraboots (EDIT - just noticed you said CAD, sorry, still a bit cheaper with BlackFriday sales): OiPolloiNorseStoreHipStoreStuarts Not sure where you are located, but some stores won't ship Paraboots to the US. It actually rained in LA today:  EG / Rough&Tumble / LVC / Alden  [[SPOILER]]
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