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 EG/EG/RIsingSun/Vintage  [[SPOILER]]
Looking really good @emiristol. I do agree with the poster in the other thread that those shoes even in a slightly more casual blucher model would work a bit better, but that's basically nitpicking at this point. Sort of a casual "northern lights" for me today:   [[SPOILER]]
F/W 50% off at Independence.
 Haven't seen anything in person but from the looks of their website they don't have much left. To answer your earlier question re: LA stockists, I have not seen anything pop up anywhere yet. Mohawk seems to get stuff earliest.   Semi-related note Threads and Needles now has a web shop.
 I think you nailed it, Anden. I think a dark blue, green, burgundy/wine and probably brown (maybe lightly flecked with some color?) would also work, but those are probably good answers for almost any kind of coat. Agree with @kulata on the preference for more robust footwear as well given the rustic nature of the jacket.
@PinkPantser - love that, really digging your fits here and on the other side. For the FC, keeping things pretty trad:    [[SPOILER]]
First FC I've had the chance to enter in awhile, keeping things pretty trad:    [[SPOILER]]
Thanks @Pliny (and others for thumbz).
excellent @Betelgeuse!   [[SPOILER]]
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