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Coverchord sale started.
 I think you should be okay, although since its the knit it may actually be a bit slimmer than the usual EG jacket. Depends what season its from, I have a L knit from last spring that fits great, but the navy knit from last fall in L was just a little snug. Good luck!
 Thanks for posting, picked up the black polka dot loiter jacket. Fit is a bit boxier than other EG jackets so you may want to consider sizing down (I did not). There is another loiter in navy and a knit jacket in blue. 
Newborn-care coziness:  EGx2 / UniqloxLemaire / Vans  [[SPOILER]]
@fairlynerdy - Just my .02, I think that would look killer with a non-plaid shirt and black/grey boots. Great coat!
I was under the impression they were a unisex item that had already been marketed to both genders.Anyway, I bought my wife one a few years ago and it's rad and she loves it.
 Thanks, bud. It's actually two separate pieces from two separate years that ended up creating a suit ('15 herrinbone bedford & '16 patter mix willy post pants).
 EG x 3 / Marni  [[SPOILER]]
I like that look, @Gerry Nelson.  Some recent work fits:     JPress / O'Connells / Monitaly / Trickers     EG x 3 / Trickers     EG / Uniqlo / EG / Paraboot
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