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 I believe it started a month or so ago.
Up to 60% off at The Bureau
Some FW up at Steven Alan, Independence, Indigo & Haven.   Haven also has an extra 15 off their sale section with code EXTRA15.
Thanks, @notdesigned! Good summer weight too. Wonder if it could/would work better if unlined though.
Extra 20% off sale at Mohawk with code FINAL20.
Picked up this season's java cloth andover from the sale at Bureau:       java cloth andover ss'16 kamakura nyco sateen fatigues fw '14 alden
Thanks @FrankCowperwood & @Master-Classter.
 Agree with @FrankCowperwood . These days I pretty much only wear clothes I don't have to iron (I know not everyone can do that). When I do have to iron, I don't enjoy it and I'm not good at it, but I guess I see how one could find it relaxing, similar to shoe polishing for some.
What's the shirt @Gerry Nelson? I like it. Casual Friday:  TS(S) / GBV / Niche / Visvim  [[SPOILER]]
Bedford looks great @Gerry Nelson (just picked one up on sale from Threads&Needles)   Some recent fits:     EG/Kamakura/EG/Epaulet     EG/BBBF/EG/Paraboot     EG/Kamakura/EG/Trickers
New Posts  All Forums: