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Nice to see you posting over here, @shoreman1782  Today:  WWM/Kamakura/EG/Alden  [[SPOILER]]
Or a Derby! Either way, they look great.
PTBs, when done right, can be an excellent bridge between SWD, MC Casual and CM. They are not a statement shoe, but that is what makes them so versatile. Murl - why no love for shell? Those Marlows are beauts.
 Neiman Marcus house brand.  Site looks very cool, I hope I can buy your clothes even if I don't skateboard.  Please keep us updated!
Thanks, Helden. I go back and forth on this tie, but it has ended up sticking around as a seasonal item so far.
 I think optimality is great, if you can get it, but for most of us (myself included) we probably wouldn't make it out of the house if we demanded optimal clothing choices before leaving  for the day. I think there is a large circle of good fits that I am satisfied with, and if I happen to hit on an "optimal" fit in my first few attempts, even better. Hopefully this fits into the "good" circle. Pants/Square - Linen, Shirt/Tie - Cotton, Jacket - Linen/Cotton  Apologies to...
I think it's a good deal, but also probably too casual for the rest of your outfit. I have that shoe and the walnut is a very light brown IRL, so I would probably go with black shoes if you are wearing a navy 3-piece. Having said that, it is your wedding so do what you want as I cannot imagine anyone commenting on the over casualness of an Allen Edmonds brogued oxford.
Top to bottom quality-wise this might be the best batch of FC entries I've seen. Not a dud in the bunch, I could easily have voted for everyone. Great job, dudes!
+1 to what Spoo said about OB. Plus pockets, side tab adjusters and no annoying mesh interlining. Best part of more modern board shorts with higher quality materials and made in a non-Bro cut.
Thanks, dudes! Got some ecru Orslow fatigues (on the recommendation of @Ken P) coming in, so I'll try a lighter pant when those arrive, @mbaum. Trying to keep things pretty simple right now, but I agree that florals would work well (those shirts are sweet, @penanceroyaltea) and might give all that a shot later. @in stitches - you and murl teaming up is not fair and should be disallowed. Too many vehicles. Looks great. Also, did you make it into the EG lookbook? I think at...
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