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 In the sense that people say there are only seven different plots for stories, in theory I guess something like this may be true. But there are so many different offshoots and digressions of each base look (whatever that number might be, if such a number exists) that trying to nail down a certain number of archetypal looks that encapsulates everyone who posts here (or on similar forums) is a fools errand.  Don't look too deep, it gets ugly quick.
While I agree that the outfit here is not perfect, I disagree that the jeans need to be dark raw selvedge.     As long as the cut is right, faded or light denim works well with certain casual jackets.  Look at @NOBD's fits for reference.
I really wish there was an easy answer to this, it certainly would have made my transition from CM to SWD easier.  But just as there are no rules for dressing SWD, there is no "onelist" of essentials.  Part of it is that dressing SWD is much more an expression of you and how you want to dress, as opposed to how your tradition/society/occupation influences how you should dress. Part of it is exactly what @StanleyVanBuren said, that there are so many different avenues to go...
 Yes, sir. Dark navy high count twill.
 Jeans and T looks fine, although I personally prefer a round neck to a v. I think with that fit you need sleeker boots, or if you want to stay with something chunky, then maybe try to balance it out with some type of outerwear up top.  Really like what you've been posting, Austo.
Thanks, looking for short sleeve, should have specified. Resigned to it not being anywhere, maybe I'll give Nepenthes a call and see I they've got any leads.
Needles asymmetrical sneaker: Trying to decide whether to spend the extra $$$ or just stick with basic cons/vans.
Don't think anyone posted Needles F/W 15 yet:                More Here
So many good fits so far, but for the sake of participating in a good man's challenge, I'll post what has basically become my daily business casual fit: Casual Jacket (EG) OCBD (Kamakura) Chinos (EG) Suede Shoes (Alden)
New Posts  All Forums: