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I love you too, peanut.
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I really like that, @jwalterweather. Plus that blade of grass adds a real air of mystery. Back into the 90s in LA:  RRL / EG / EG / Yuketen  [[SPOILER]]
Just put down a deposit for cigar. Seemed like a versatile middle ground between the black and oxblood/cognac.   FWIW - I think the navy looks great, but I have a pair of navy Quoddy's and I reach for them far less than I thought I would.
I actually thought they were all a wool/poly blend, about 80/20 or so.
Appreciate the suggestions guys. Might be too advanced for me at this stage, but I really wanted to try it out for this challenge. Ill keep all that in mind if I ever try it out again in WAYWT. 
I like the fit of that bedford, @ManofKent, great look. So the consensus seems to be that I bit off more than I could sartorially chew with my first attempt, so taking the advice of @el Bert and others I tried to simplify things:   [[SPOILER]]  Thoughts? (@agvs - if this resubmission is breaking one of the rules of the SWDFC, please feel free to disqualify)
Noooooooooo!I don't want to get too serious or anything, but this is exactly how Poland fell. PCK1 Offering too much for ties.
[[SPOILER]]  Mine now. First of either brand for me. Thanks, Spoo!
Snowman - awesome casualnessInteresting. I like that, but maybe it's the MC in me. Would you prefer the shirt be longer or shorter?And season 8 is the best Simpsons season for me:You Only Move TwiceMountain of MadnessHomers PhobiaHomers EnemyHomer vs. the Eighteenth AmendmentAll classics.
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