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Mike, I think that looks pretty great. Yes, it's a little slimmer than normal EG (again, it only really looks slim from the side) but as long as your comfortable you should be good to go.
Tons of sartorial win on this page. @eluther- those fatigues look awesome. Great purchase.   @Superb0bo - FWIW, I think the red/black combo works.
 The picture from the side looks a tad slim, but straight ahead it looks fine. Could just be the pics, but obviously if you aren't comfortable you should ditch them. You already sent the 36 ghurkhas back to NNY, right? I was too late on those and they seem to be sold out everywhere.
Simple but effective @Patrick R    @DonCologne - yay on the shoes! boo on the fleece!
 Sorry, don't have many details as I bought them off eBay. Here's a link to the purchase if that helps.
Thanks, dudez. Technically the birthday was a month ago and this arrived a month late despite being ordered a month early as it was MTM.   The quality of the leather puts all my other belts to shame.
 I would say go TTS on this one. If you normally wear a large in EG, go large here. 
 Polo/BBBF/Epaulet/AE (novis) First run with my new Equus belt, a birthday gift from the Wife:   [[SPOILER]]
I love you too, peanut.
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