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 Yeah, it was new (to me), thought I'd give it a shot, could be a fail. Wanted to stay away from more blue or resorting to white/cream.  Thanks. Watch is a Hamilton Khaki, a gift from the Wifey a few years back. My only watch, and I love it.
SeaJen - That jacket is really something. I always like your WIWTs.   [[SPOILER]]  Comments/Critiques always welcome.
Nice sweatah, Stichy - details?
Crat - that jacket is really great. Belstaff, right?   K4lnamja - very nice fit.   Red Devil - happy belated, really enjoy your tumblr, nice fits too.   For a Sunday trip to the dog park:  
AAS - that jacket is great. Semi-casual Friday. Jacket is actually dark brown corduroy:   [[SPOILER]]
 Fit and pattern mostly, a little too busy. I don't really like any shirt I wear with a sport coat to have more than two colors, including white.  4-5 inches? Yipes. I'm beginning to think this may be a bigger problem with more of my jackets than I thought.  Appreciate the note, aravenel.
HC - beautiful tie, whole fit looks great. AAS - Maybe not surprisingly I'm not a fan of the shirt, but the rest is spot on. Love the patch pockets. It's possible the cords and lack of tie mean this should go in the MC Casual WAYW thread instead. If so, sorry, thread Gods.  Decided after a day of wear that I do not like this shirt:   [[SPOILER]]
DC, Suited - love those jackets.   Changed last night for dinner:     Carroll & Co. J. Press Kent Wang Kent Wang
 SB - I really like the shape of those trousers, very classic. I see that you are a fan of the besom pocket (a rarity on this board), any particular reason why? Feel free to ignore if this has been discussed prior to my thread participation.
 Nice fit, Orge. Yours is what I wanted mine to be.  Beautiful tie, Mimo.
New Posts  All Forums: