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Such good stuff on the last pages.Really like that look @onitaps  Messing around with these workaday bedford cords:  EG x3 / Alden  [[SPOILER]]
 Some of that stuff is just fantastic. Anyone know if anything is currently for sale anywhere?
YOOXREMIX for up to an extra 20%
 Thanks, buddy. It's by Caruso, "sartorio parma". Great fits lately, as always.
Mohawk started their winter sale.
Thanks, duder!
Nice, CP. Today:  Pants are actually a dark olive green. In hindsight, probably would have gone with a more muted, "earthy" square.  [[SPOILER]]
@adiosditto quickly becoming one of my favorite WAYWT posters.
Epic stuff these last few pages. Today:  EG / Buzz Rickson / Post O'alls / Alden  [[SPOILER]]
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