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Welcome to the other side, @Murlsquirl!  Sunny Sports / EG / EG / Alden  [[SPOILER]]
Bought this from Bodega, but it is just a bit too big for me. Never worn, tags still attached. Copy from Bodega:   "A shawl jacket from Garbstore that features a Japanese hishimoto wool/nylon mix fabric, perfect for the colder months. 52% wool, 32% viscos, 10% silk, 6% polyester Four button front closure Two angled front hand pockets Bound internal seams" :  Measurements (approximate, +/- .5') A) Chest (pit-to-pit): 22.5" B) Length (from bottom of collar):...
 Not to worry, NIck. I got a large. And yes, Nepenthes New York.  Jacket diversity. I love the bedford, I think the four pocket look is perfect for casual wear, I just thought I would switch it up before I get another version of the bedford.
  Nepenthes has it. Just picked one up. 
@jcmeyer - fit is great. Maybe a tie is not necessary, but I don't think it detracts in any way. I agree with @ridethecliche that a knit was probably a better choice, but wool plaid is not the epitome of formal and is seasonally coherent with the rest of the outfit.
 I think I just bought your shirt. Drake's squares, as always, look gorgeous. Going to have to point my wife that way for gift ideas...
@schmidtdalton13 - great entries so far, much better camera angle on #2. Those boots are gorgeous, please keep posting.   @in stitches - killing it in Inis, per usual. Glad too see a little more activity in this thread, hopefully it will get better as we get further into F/W.
 I wonder if setting up some kind of EG trading thread would be worthwhile.  Seems like the EG is the kind of brand where certain items don't work on certain people for whatever reason, and it might be nice to be able to trade for something of similar value rather than sell for a loss on eBay. Just a thought. Here's the first thing I've seen regarding Workaday for the season: http://www.selectism.com/2014/10/27/engineered-garments-workaday-editorial-jima/#slide-2
Great idea, and two awesome entries so far.   Think this will be a good one for me to sit out and try to learn from.
 Here's the gray herringbone layered over a basic white t and some Niche pants (also from NMWA):   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
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