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Yesterday:  EG/EG/Quoddy  [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for all the suggestions, guys. Will consider next time I try that jacket out.
 Thanks, any specific suggestions?
Been going back and forth on whether or not to keep this jacket, any suggestions on how best to wear it would be appreciated.  EG/TheStronghold/Orslow/Converse  [[SPOILER]]
Why wait for Gustin to make your chinos - buy these and have them by the end of the week, huzzah!   Completely unworn pair of Gustin light khaki chinos in the straight fit, size 36. Bought them in May, just arrived yesterday, in the mean time I bought a few pairs of chinos I like more. Willing to eat shipping (CONUS) on these to send them to a good home.   For purposes of clarity, there are no actual "tags" attached, but these are brand new and unworn.   Sized 36 in...
@eluther - link
Small number of items up at Steven Alan.
Signed up! Thanks for putting this together @ManofKent.
 Very nice, GMMcL. I know this is about 2-3 patterns less than usual for you, so I appreciate the restraint. Tie is a beaut!
 I plan on wearing only one of these items at a time. Nothing else.  Thanks! This actually isn't the popover, and while not huge, the large (which I wear in most EG outerwear) was big so I ended up sizing down to a medium.
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