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 I like this, ETB, but I think a non-blue, complementary square would work better (although I admit it's a bit tough to see the square from the pic provided).   Excellent! 80 degrees in LA today:   Sartoria PartenopeaKamakuraVintageRLPLMeermin
 Sorry, AAS. If I had remembered that had made a prior comment about the tie I would not have said anything, Don't want to harp on any one item. I think my main issue was the light blue color. I find ties that heavily feature light blue very hard to wear, often because I am wearing a light blue shirt. I also don't like how it exactly matches with the lapel knot, but that's just my personal preference.  That is a very good point about the black knit. It works with certain...
 Ah, yes. In that case, you are correct.  I like everything but the tie here, it seems a little bright maybe? The particular shade of the pants is great, as is the cardigan.
Thanks, IS. That's sort of what I was afraid of. Wonder if there is any chance in fixing it.
Actually, just the opposite.   [[SPOILER]] Very nice, RD.
Thanks for the thumbs, and the thoughts on POW shirts. Maybe I'll try it with a solid SC next time and see what happens. New tweed jacket today:   [[SPOILER]]
I agree with SB. Deadline Friday, vote all weekend, winner crowned Monday and new challenge is announced COB Monday or early Tuesday at the latest.   Not sure if it's possible for this challenge, but maybe in the future.   This week's challenge looks tough, not sure if I have a winter ready non-navy SC.
 If you're not going to do #4, I vote #2. Very ascot-ish.
 Thanks for the critiques, dudes. I've worn light blue with this rig many times, and I agree it is the safer answer. Trying to work in some POW shirts - any thoughts on how to do so? Or is the POW shirt a lost cause? I do wish the windowpane was a little more bold, but I think it works as a SC. @GMMcL - What don't you like the about the square? Its creamy goodness? Its subtle texturing? Its vintagey vintageness?
Really like the neat ties today from @Pliny @Claghorn @daDudeson and @Cleav. Good stuff, gents. Today:   [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: