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 I think it might be the sweatshirt that is throwing things off. All good pieces, but maybe a white OCBD would be a better (if perhaps safe/boring) choice. And FWIW, you have posted many fits on the thrift thread that are more than worthy of this thread or the HOFWAYWRN thread. Post more!
 Excellent stuff as always, Pliny. Finally had a chance to wear a tie this weekend for dinner with the wife (went to Providence in LA), and decided to make it my new @Henry Carter burnt orange knit:    [[SPOILER]]
Thanks, @Naka. Long way to go, but I wouldn't even be where I am now with out the advice of the fellows on this board.
 Just wait. At first you're like "why are their shirts untucked? looks sloppy." Pretty soon - "I bet I COULD rock that combi knit vest in orange/brown wool with a pair of birks like this dude:" 
Me and @in stitches - two jews, one shirt:  Needles/Niche x2 (via NoManWalksAlone - thanks, Kyle!)/NB  [[SPOILER]]
FWIW, I asked Nepenthes about pants for those of us with a "wide top block" and they recommended the tux and Truman pants, along with the fatigues.  List of grey herringbone fatigue stockists: Black Blue EG Bureau C-Store Canvas EG Gentry Inventory  McKilroy PTY  Nomad Norse Store  Are black blue EG and canvas EG Japanese stores?
Blackcock by Drakes for Luxeswap?
Not too stiff at all, breaks in very easily.
Nice. Would love to see/hear how those pants fit on a waist similar to mine.
Thanks! it's an indigo denim patchwork jacket by Garbstore that I got on a deep discount from Uncle Otis.
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