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 Thanks, KP. Was shocked to actually find a pair of pants on Rakuten in my size.
 Needles/EG/EG/Needles Pants detail:   [[SPOILER]]
Saw this on @shoreman1782 's tumblr:   http://www.nepenthes.co.jp/remix/URBAN_OUTDOOR_%20FITTERS/r31.html
Anybody going to any of the RedBull 30DaysinLA shows?   https://www.redbullsoundselect.com/30days
@Gerry Nelson always like your stuff, but I really like these last two. More casual than usual lately?
@SirMeowly I have that same jacket and, while I wish it was a bit longer, I think it looks totally fine there. Today, baloon pants at the Ojai farmer's market:
10% off at Notre with code LABORDAY10   20% off at Bodega with code BDGA20   Additional discounts at Gentry
@thatoneguy - suit looks amazing.  WWM / EG / EG / MWRxNepenthes  [[SPOILER]]
@gdl203 - sorry if I missed this, but are the S&C shawl collar lambswool cardigans coming back this year? Need to buy more colors...
Sizing on these guys?           At some point in a few months it may dip into the high 60s and I might need to cover up.
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