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@DeadBoy - that is my favorite look of yours so far. 
Just because you see it doesn't mean it's right. Fit looks good, and no one IRL would probably ever say anything, but yes, closed lacing balmoral style should be reserved for more formal fits. Get some bluchers, chukkas, loafers, etc. (maybe in suede?) and the fit will be a bit more coherent.
Thanks, CM. Pants look really good there. I'm even willing to overlook the open-toed shoes (sorry, MoK).
That jacket looks great, @Superb0bo. Would love to get some old town stuff sometime. Trying out some double patchwork today:  Garbstore/GBV/OL/Needles  [[SPOILER]]
 No idea, just what Nepenthes told me.
 Nepenthes NY, Relish Washington DC, The Bureau Belfast
Hey, that's me up there! Neato. Will see what I can put together.
From this weekend:   EGx2/Orslow/Vans  [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, it is in the Nepenthes family of brands, a sort of offshoot of EG. Quality is good IMO, especially on sale.
 @Caustic Man - I have this same exact issue, wide hips + big thighs, and more extreme than you. I find that a lot of jean cuts can be difficult to pull off, especially without a jacket or longer top, like what @Caveat recommended.  Now, I obviously have my biases here, but that is part of the reason I wear a lot of EG.  A lot of their chinos have a nice wide top blog and a good (but not too aggressive) taper.  I think one of the first things that took me by surprise on...
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