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No close up on the shirt? Damn you. Looks good from afar though.
 Only place I know that has it is Nepenthes in NY. I don't believe they ship overseas, but you're heading to NY soon, right? Might be worth calling them to see if they can hold one for you. Pics of the R&T grey/blue plaid from Gentry:   [[SPOILER]]
 I bought that R&T flannel as well, just arrived today and it is better than I imagined. I was worried that it actually might be a little short based not he pictures, but event at 6'2" it's plenty long. You will be very pleased.  Nice! Ordered that one as well, scheduled to arrive later this week. Very excited to check our any pics you can post.
 Yes? To be honest, it was thrifted so I don't know for sure. I like to think that because of the windowpane (as subtle as it is), the ticket pocket and its makeup (100% cashmere), it was made as an odd jacket rather than as part of a now orphaned suit (not that a suit couldn't have those attributes ). I do wish the pattern was a little more aggressive, but whatever it originally was it is an odd jacket for me.
Pretty insane acts to follow. Very nice @Crat and @Anden    [[SPOILER]]
I bought the "Academy" model from FSC.JP has a lot of sales, but I think the moleskins usually get marked down to that level maybe 3-4 times a year. Might be worth signing up for their email list, especially if you like romantic prose about trousers.
 Bought a pair of those Freeman's in olive actually, rather lightweight which might end up being good for LA. I know they are far from the hippest of brands, but J.Peterman actually stocks a pretty high quality moleskin trouser. Made in Portugal, thick cotton fabric, traditional fit. Wait for a sale and these can be had for about $100. Edit: had to add the copy  [[SPOILER]]
"Doesn't work""Abominable""PacSun""Manure Lumps"Guys, I don't want to jump to conclusions, but I'm beginning to think yesterday's fit was not well received...Appreciate the feedback. Ended up tweaking it a bit to go out later: [[SPOILER]]
Rough & Tumble x 2 Cyc Wid It's Port Flannel
I have this jacket and get tons of wear out of it. Highly recommended and this is a great price.
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