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Picked these up from the recent sale at TheCorner:   [[SPOILER]]  Of course, as a mainly MC wearer and not being that familiar with OL I didn't realize the shirt was one of their "Jumbo" versions, so back it will go (unless anyone here wants it at cost).
Thanks! I find the Doyle (or similar chore/French work jackets) pairs rather well with a number of outfits on the casual side of the spectrum and helps complete those looks. I just wouldn't try to dress it up it with a tie.
New Luxire duck canvas trousers:       Epaulet/BBBF/Luxire/Alden
Ahhh... thanks. I made a few small changes - brought the half-hip measurement in by an inch, hip measurement in by an inch and a half (although both of these will be going back out by .25 next time), and reduced the front rise by 1.75 inches (but kept the back rise the same). Asked for a "casual chino style" and for them to scoop and curve the seat to account for my gigantic butt.
I will try to get non-gratuitous pictures later. Seat is pretty clean (although could probably be let out some), much better than my previous pair of dugdale worsteds that experienced the same "wedgie" effect discussed above.   Edit - also just realized my cuffs have buttons in them (to let them down?). Is this standard? I'm fine with it but I did not request it.
He did. He is quite the photog.
 @Beatlegeuse - In the wild: 
Gentry has up to 30% off "seasonal" items.
No, these do not have the same stiffness as Epaulet's duck canvas, and the material has a bit of "slubbiness" to it. Seeing them again after I got home they are closer to this, than this. I will try to get some outdoor pics whenever I can.
@An Acute Style - excellent look today! Thanks for the comments, jacket is one of those Italian made numbers from Brooks Brothers .   @luv2breformed - I actually had a wider tie picked out and went back to this one, I'll give the other a shot next time.   @FreedBird  - I like the halves separately, but I think the tie + white (non OCBD) shirt is a little too formal for the jeans.
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