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 Well, TBB would not be the one hitting you with customs (you would be charged via the carrier), but I have not ever been charged any customs fees on any of my three orders from them.
 Because of the Bedford's peak lapels, I think it is usually worn best with the collar un-popped. Just my .02, everything else is great.  Sooo good, excellent textures and colors.
 Looks like Understudy may have it. And they are currently running 15% off with the code SPRING15
Interesting point, CM. Never noticed that before, but you may be right. Jacket is unstructured, actually wears a lot like a sweater.   @patliean1 - Welcome! Jacket seems to fit you well from what I can tell. Scale on the shirt & tie might be a little close, and, at least from the picture, the square doesn't really seem to fit in anywhere.
Hey dudes, hope all is well.   [[SPOILER]]
From this weekend, pretty blatantly ripping off @AlexanderTG      EG SS 15 EG SS 14 (?) Vans
A number of S/S 15 items are 25% off at Context.
From this weekend, nothing too crazy:     If anyone is ever in LA, I highly recommend both the Strand and El Segundo breweries.     Agree with @Ken P, probably should not have been included in the survey, but it is damn good.     Pretty good, blood orange doesn't hit at first.      For the premier. Yes, I realize it's cheesy, but still...
 FWIW: "Styleforum.net does not claim any ownership rights in any Member Content and nothing in these Terms will be deemed to restrict any rights that you may have to use and exploit any Member Content."  This is actually the case with most websites that accept UGC. The user owns the posted content, but the site has a worldwide, nonexclusive license to use it in all media blah blah blah.
 +1, she's great.  @notwithit - I like these as well: http://madamecuriewasmymother.tumblr.com/http://timesnewnewroman.tumblr.com/http://simpleunionleather.tumblr.com/
New Posts  All Forums: