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Looking to move a dark navy heavy twill CPO jacket, size medium, not sure of season, EUC: SOLD       Also, looking for this past s/s fatigues in khaki or grey dobby in XL/36.
Looks great, @agvs - how do you like the twill work shirt? Was thinking of picking that up myself.   Simple work fit from me today:     S/S 14 Bedford S/S 14 19th C Equus S/S 14 41 Twill (workaday) Trickers
 Stopped in for about 5 minutes on my way home. No line to get in but the line to pay took up most of the room. Looks like they had about half the menswear they had last year. Heard some people got some Vibergs on the cheap but not much else.
That looks great, @Superb0bo . Excellent textures.     EG / TS(S) / Niche / Yuketen
 Went last year with @mbaum. Decent selection and really good prices, but a long wait (outside) to get in and a long line to pay. Plus it's going to be about 95 on Saturday.
 Yes, navy and black, both floral embroidered.
Hey dudes, hope all is well.   Anyone need a Showgirls poster autographed by Jessie Spano herself?  
Looks great, @ramdomthought!
@pe3brain - would probably be easier to give feedback if you made your pictures a bit bigger.   @el Bert - is that the moleskin baker from last year? Looks great.
 Thanks. Bought the large in this jacket, sleeves/shoulders/length are fine but the waist is very big, so much so that I really don't like the look of it buttoned.  But very lightweight, almost like an overshirt, it gets a lot of wear.
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