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Great challenge, @Cleav! I imagine there will be tons of entires, and the ones so far have been outstanding. Here's mine:   [[SPOILER]]  Opted to go with a knit and pair it with similarly casual items (unstructured/unlined jacket, OCBD, chambray pants and suede loafers).
 You can necro-quote any time so long as it includes a compliment. Thanks, Pliny.  I think medium gray looks nice, you could also go for chocolate brown or, as suggested, cream, but it would have to be reeeeally creamy. I also agree with @CousinDonuts that navy would work, but I am one of the few that approves of navy pants. Got this Conrad Wu tie for father's day, giving it a spin today:   [[SPOILER]]  In hindsight I think I would have worn an OCBD and more casual...
Father's Day gift from the Wife:  
 Sorry to rehash and not that it makes it all better, but in my defense technically they were not true khakis but selvedge chinos, lots o' slubby denim-like texture:  [[SPOILER]]  Agree that different shade/color would work better. Will make sure to keep that in mind for next fit.
Thanks, guys. Yeah, I think full EG look book is a bridge too far for me now, but I really appreciate the suggestions.Trying something similar with navy ducks from Epaulet today actually: [[SPOILER]]
  Thanks for the thoughts, guys. Any suggestions on alternatives? Would have worn boots if it had been climate appropriate.
Also an x-post, from Friday:  EG/Uniqlo/BillyReid/Russell  [[SPOILER]]
 Very cool, @prurient  Where is the jacket from?
Thanks, Noob (and @mbaum). I do run most of my pics through photobucket which may involve some saturation. IRL the jacket is a bit more of a traditional army green, but pretty close to the photo above.
Just got this Bedford from the sale at Nomad:   [[SPOILER]]
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