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Ah, much better - looks great! @ianGP - Great looking combo.
 This one?
 I think the coat might be a little long for you, no? Otherwise with a little tailoring it should work well. Tie is actually army green, can't get it to show up right:   [[SPOILER]]
 Using the @ sign before a username will alert that user that someone has mentioned them on SF, so long as the user has set up such alerts. @Orgetorix - nice jacket! New HY tie/square, in hindsight probably too much blue:   [[SPOILER]]
That's totally different. I'm much fatter than you.
Thanks, @ChetB. My thinking was a navy jacket would be too formal with jeans, even in cotton/unstructured form, but you could be right. (FWIW - shirt is actually linen)
@1969 - I actually really dig that jacket, but I think the tie might be a wee bit too formal with jeans. Interesting stuff so far, here's mine:    [[SPOILER]]
Thanks, Beatle. That is definitely a problem for me, something I am trying to work on both pants-wise and weight-wise. I had a custom pair made by Luxire which generally worked pretty well, but there was actually a little too much excess fabric bunching that I will have rectify somehow on my next order.   Edit - any suggestions on brands/cuts @Beatlegeuse    Also, you and @Betelgeuse really need to have a sit down to decide who has to change their ID.
^Definitely. PM me if you make it out the armpit of CA (I can say that - I went to school in Stockton.)
 I have not, my thread participation (and post count) is rather limited. Are you sure you don't have the Eskdale? That is the longer version of the Liddesdale. @SeaJen , @Michigan Planner - are your jackets both unlined? This one is just the outer quilting, although I believe there are some lined versions that might add to the bulk.
New Posts  All Forums: