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I believe so.
X-post work fit:     TS(S) / Kamakura / EG / Heschung (via NMWA)
Thanks, buddy. High praise coming from you.
Hmm, maybe it's just the photo, they are a dark olive.
 Thanks! They are the ripstop fatigues from this past season.
 This is awesome. Hope you're enjoying the new(ish) job.   First day with these new Heschung ripple soles from NMWA:  TS(S)/Kamakura/EG/Heschung
 Ordered last Thursday, got my items on Monday.
 I think it really depends on what you plan to wear with them, but for most of the fits posted in this thread I would definitely advocate for flat ironing.  Anything more formal would likely ruin the coherence of the outfit. Please note, I'm probably biased because I hardly iron anything.
More of a should I or shouldn't I keep:  Think I like the jacket, just not sure the fit is right. Please excuse robopose and business casual dress (threw this on over what I was wearing to work this morning)  [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, finding a pair of 36's on Rakuten can be a real bear.
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