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@HansderHund - Beautiful jacket. Details? @GMMcL - Suit fits very well, I don't mind the square, not a huge fan of the tie, but great overall look. Actually got cold again (for LA) this morning, had to re-break out the tweed for one more run:    [[SPOILER]]
@barrelntrigger - that tweed is fantastic. Nice pickup.   @troika - thanks for recommendation. I think I'm good with my Doyle jacket for the Summer, but maybe I'll look into the waxed chore coat come Fall.
Looks good, T. I was thinking of getting the trucker in denim, but that thing is festooned with pockets. Looks better in the waxed version actually.
 @GMMcL - I think the jacket fits well, so getting the pants worked on would probably be worth it (assuming you are in need of a well fitting grey suit). Overcoat is very nice too. Today:    [[SPOILER]]
Dropped by the Epaulet store in LA last week and picked up the Doyle:     Had a nice chat with Michael as well, and I put in an order for some caramel ducks that arrived at my door from NY in two days. Thanks for the excellent service.
Picked up this "Doyle" jacket from Epaulet. Really digging it so far.  
 I really think any shade of grey or khaki/beige/light brown will work. Try a different tie, maybe something solid so the jacket does all the talking. Try a white or light blue OCBD and a knit or textured wool. Also, you may want to consider running your photos through something like photo bucket to get the true colors out, I bet that jacket is something special IRL.  Love the breast patch pocket on that, AAS. Nice stuff.
 Nice tie, @SeaJen. That one of ConradWu's? SXSW was fun, went there for a bachelor party actually. I'd been to Austin a few times and loved the city, first time for the festival. So long as you didn't want to see one of the main attractions (Gaga, Skrillex, Snoop, etc.) it was surprisingly easy to get into bars and hear some great music.  @Braddock- saw this on tumblr a few days back, just stunning. Those pockets!
Very nice St. Patrick's Day looks, gentleman. Here's mine:   [[SPOILER]]
 Thanks for the comments, everyone. In rethinking it, I think a burgundy tie, or something with red in it may have been a better choice for the tie, and helped the shirt work. @DonCologne  - I applaud the ascot, but I think the square/shirt might be too matchy. @calypso - welcome! Very nice first post. Another tweed for me today:   [[SPOILER]]
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