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@ManofKent - congrats! what's up next?
Thanks, Noodles! Looking pretty good yourself there. Also, for the record, I don't actually wear cotton dockers.
^ Nice, AC.   X-post from the summer tie challenge. Attended a wedding on Saturday which meant a rare (for me) chance to wear a suit:       tie is linen/cotton/silk from Howard Yount.
@mbaum - really like that shirt. Perfect summer chambray.
Thanks for the write-up, Mike. Almost dropped in there myself today. Excited to see the knits - I take it you didn't pick anything up for yourself?
Great entries so far, guys! Had a wedding to attend this afternoon so I thought I would enter for the first time in awhile:       tie is linen/cotton/silk from Howard Yount.
 Awesome. Thinking of grabbing these for fall. Not sure if they are hideous or beautiful.   Thanks, buddy.
@in stitches - like a young Dolph Shayes! Dressed by the internet today (at least this corner of the internet) per suggestions for this jacket from this forum: @mbaum (patterned shirt), @Ken P (light pants), @conceptual 4est (collar), @penanceroyaltea (pant roll):  Needles/Uniqlo/Orslow/Vans  [[SPOILER]]
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