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 The fit is why you buy EG, don't get it altered. Wear the jacket however you feel most comfortable, I usually go unbuttoned or button the top two buttons if it's a little chilly.   Check out the pics in this thread for some inspiration. The olive moleskin bedford was an excellent choice.
Finally found a handful of these at Whole Foods: Next night, saw more at Ralphs (?). (For those east of the Mississippi, Ralphs is essentially a Kroger)
 The only non-Japan based stockists I know of that currently have stock are Haven, Independence, Indigo&Cotton and Forward.
Ghost coats are the best coats.
 Some fluxus cords, don't know the season. Got them off eBay on the cheap a year a two ago.
@cyc wid it - that Visvim jacket is really nice.  EG / Rough&Tumble / Visvim / Paraboot  [[SPOILER]]
Brand new (with tags) EG block herringbone baker jacket from this past Fall/Winter collection, sold out in this size everywhere.   Awesome jacket, unlined, super comfy with a great design. Just a bit big for me.   Chest - 23 Shoulder - 21 Sleeve - 26 Length - 30   Price includes shipping (CONUS) and Needles lookbook (if you want it).
Picked up the block herringbone baker in XL from Nepenthes but unfortunately it is a little too big for me. Great jacket, unlined, super comfy: BNWT. Sold out everywhere in this size, just looking to get back what I paid ($275 shipped CONUS). I'll even throw in the needles lookbook they set along with it. SOLD
Some epic entries so far. For the sake of participation and to commemorate one of the rare times I got to take a picture outside my backyard: Hiking in Griffith Park:  EGx2 / Orslow / Marsell  [[SPOILER]]
 Yeah, wool/cashmere. These things are really great. H/T to @ChetBaker for the heads up.  I believe it is, yes. Don't worry, it's nothing special IRL, 
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