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Top to bottom quality-wise this might be the best batch of FC entries I've seen. Not a dud in the bunch, I could easily have voted for everyone. Great job, dudes!
+1 to what Spoo said about OB. Plus pockets, side tab adjusters and no annoying mesh interlining. Best part of more modern board shorts with higher quality materials and made in a non-Bro cut.
Thanks, dudes! Got some ecru Orslow fatigues (on the recommendation of @Ken P) coming in, so I'll try a lighter pant when those arrive, @mbaum. Trying to keep things pretty simple right now, but I agree that florals would work well (those shirts are sweet, @penanceroyaltea) and might give all that a shot later. @in stitches - you and murl teaming up is not fair and should be disallowed. Too many vehicles. Looks great. Also, did you make it into the EG lookbook? I think at...
@mbaum - first attempt with the Needles jacket:  Needles/GBV/EG/Converse  [[SPOILER]]
Nice, @DonCologne. I think I agree with Euro on the belt (although it's not a big deal), but the pants and shoes look great.    From the other day:     EG/Kamakura/TaylorStitch
 All I could find was this mannequin fit here. Looks very bedford-like.
My only trepidation on this one was the zippered breast pocket.This the coverall jacket you mentioned?  Will post a fit once it arrives from America's hat. Thoughts on styling?
 This is very nice. Clean, simple, fits you well and you look like you are comfortable in it.  Cox - is that jacket green and white or black and white? I'm assuming green because you chose a brown tie. I actually have that same square, but for some reason I don't think it is the right choice with the rest of the outfit.  Beautiful jacket, Don. One of my faves from you. @An Acute Style - I think it is that they are aligned vertically, not horizontally, that seems off.
Thanks! Niche pants are via the sale at No Man Walks Alone. Here's a direct link. Needles jacket is actually 50% off at Inventory.
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New Posts  All Forums: