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I'd be down, just need to re-read how to pack and ship everything again.
Last year's B2B jacket was a bit slimmer than the Bedford, for example. Still went with my normal size but it's definitely not as roomy. Sorry, can't speak to this year's model.
15% off at Superdenim with code NOV15
 Interesting idea. I'll give that a shot next time, thanks.
That brick bomber looks really great on @cyc wid it and others. A really unique piece I wouldn't have thought could work so well.  EG / Needles / Visvim / Heschung  [[SPOILER]]
Congrats, Spoo. Looking forward to an LA meetup.
@Ken P - nice write-up in the Styleforum Brief!   Link
I believe so.
X-post work fit:     TS(S) / Kamakura / EG / Heschung (via NMWA)
Thanks, buddy. High praise coming from you.
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