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Thanks for the thumbs yesterday, really appreciate it.   Well, @tchoy rejected by green jacket challenge idea, but I thought I would break this one out anyway seeing as The Masters starts today:   [[SPOILER]]  I eschewed a tie today as I don't normally wear one on Thursdays, but does anyone have any thoughts as to what tie (if any) would work with this getup?
 Yes, fit is a little slim, especially in the sleeves. I usually wear a 40r and I bought a 42 and absolutely love it.
Interesting challenge selection, @tchoy. Here is my entry:   [[SPOILER]] Colors are for cool weather, but fabrics are for warm (jacket is linen/wool/silk mix).
Hello all, first post in this thread. Got my first pair of pants from Luxire for which I used measurements of another pair of pants. I have about a 35 waist, but much bigger hips/thighs/butt, so RTW can be difficult for me which is why I am hoping that MTO can be the answer..   Looking for what I can ask for next time to get a better fit. Any thoughts are appreciated, thanks in advance:      
 Fantastic, @EFV  Beautiful tie, @GMMcL  A bit of a monochrome vibe today:   [[SPOILER]]
Thanks all for your comments, much to think on for next time.
@Cleav - very nice. really excellent stuff from you recently. Jacket today is a vintage Polo linen number:   [[SPOILER]]
That's an interesting point. Is that because the shirt/jeans are light/warm and the jacket is dark/cool? I actually liked the contrast, but perhaps it is too stark.  Jacket is navy, what color do you think would have worked better?  
Boo! So close...   @in stitches - can't you use your photobucket skillz to make your jacket green?
They are a silk/wool blend from BB with a faint herringbone pattern. @sugarbutch - glad to see someone else is enjoying the CA weather.
New Posts  All Forums: