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I actually think the green/purple mix is my favorite part of that fit. Wonder if it would look better with something other than jeans? Either way, that's a really great jacket.
Not sure about your situation, but I was able to match last year's grey herringbone bedford to this season's pattern mix willy post pant.
That's right, R&T is a sub-brand of EGs parent company, Nepenthes. Similar aesthetic to EG, haven't noticed a big difference in quality, but I get it. Still probably a good deal for the price, but I did send mine back.
 This one is an XL. Lots of good deals on this jacket around these days.
Some 70degree LA winter weekend weather (before the rain came back today):  BBJ / RealMcCoys / EGWorkaday / Vans  [[SPOILER]]
Barneys extra 20% off sale coats, shoes & bags.
 FWIW - I'm a L in EG jackets and a M/L in EG shirts and I generally wear a 4 in TS(S). I think overall the fit is a little slimmer in TS(S), but others may disagree.
 Handcrafted and meticulously curated.  You got it, buddy.
Thanks dudes! It was quite a scene.
Nice write-up, @notwithit Finally caved on this BBJ jacket:   HL fractured knit  Japan Blue H:i-Tapered  Veggie Tan Vans:  1940s French resistance shirt (via Brut Clothing, via my wife) Any thoughts on how to style this shirt would be much appreciated. It's essentially an olive popover long shirt, deep gussets, thick canvas material, big ass collar points. And not really a purchase but:  [[SPOILER]]
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