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Nice write-up, @notwithit Finally caved on this BBJ jacket:   HL fractured knit  Japan Blue H:i-Tapered  Veggie Tan Vans:  1940s French resistance shirt (via Brut Clothing, via my wife) Any thoughts on how to style this shirt would be much appreciated. It's essentially an olive popover long shirt, deep gussets, thick canvas material, big ass collar points. And not really a purchase but:  [[SPOILER]]
10% off sale with code 10EXTRA at Cali Roots   Further drops at oipolloi
Price drops at The Bureau.
Some cheap EG jackets in L:   Nonnative Boots 42.5 (so 9.5US?):
PM Sent. Thanks.
Dang, @g transistor, that one looks great. I will keep my eye out. Thanks for all the input, guys.
Looking for an oatmeal-ish color cardigan:     Nonnative - thoughts?
Coverchord sale started.
 I think you should be okay, although since its the knit it may actually be a bit slimmer than the usual EG jacket. Depends what season its from, I have a L knit from last spring that fits great, but the navy knit from last fall in L was just a little snug. Good luck!
 Thanks for posting, picked up the black polka dot loiter jacket. Fit is a bit boxier than other EG jackets so you may want to consider sizing down (I did not). There is another loiter in navy and a knit jacket in blue. 
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