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Finished it this past weekend, really enjoyed it.
Thanks, @CSCoHammers7! High praise coming from you.   Just subscribed, need to check back in here more often.
 Love this sweater (it was a gift). Wish I could afford to buy more from them.
Thanks, @bry2000.  Loving these things so far.
Some recent work fits:     JPress/O'Connells/Uniqlo/RRL/Trickers     Barbour/JCrew/Uniqlo/LVC/Converse     Barbour/Howlin/Visvim/Yuketen   (apologies for gauzy instagram filtering)
  F/W '14 banded collar rodeo flannel S/S '14 reverse sateen workaday Paraboot
This is hyper specific, but I would love if you guys offered a true navy S&C shawl collared cardigan (again?). The burgundy version is my absolute favorite piece of knitwear (even after my dry cleaner shrunk it  ) and a navy version would be perfect.   S&C prohibits so many people from importing to US, and I would rather get it from you guys away. Would buy the minute it was released.
Shirt is from NepenthesNY, jeans are actually cords and I think I got them from Unionmade. Hope that helps! @Benesyed  - might be my favorite fit from you.
Alleged further drops at Mohawk and Independence. 10% off sale at Matches. Coverchord up to 40% off.
Independence Chicago, Indigo & Cotton, Context.
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