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@in stitches and @AlexanderTG, truly excellent fits. Love the bedford/fatigue combo, Alex. Classic.   Stitchy - are those RL's moleskins? How's the fit on those?
Via Nepenthes Tumblr:   "Made exclusively for Nepenthes New York, the Engineered Garments Bedord Jacket and Button Shawls in Olive and Navy Homespun Wool."  — Bedford Jacket - Olive Homespun Button Shawl - Olive Homespun Bedford Jacket - Navy Homespun Button Shawl - Navy Homespun  
Those eyelet boots are gorgeous, @capnwes.
 That shirt looks great, Alex. When you have a moment, can you please let me know what the p2p measures out on the medium?
Yeah, it takes a bit of getting used to. I kept all my original hems and roll them up the ankle a bit for a more casual look on the weekends (especially since it is still so warm out), and then let them down to just a single roll if I want to wear them in a more MC casual style.  Obviously would depend on your height though whether to get them hemmed or not. 
 I think it might be the sweatshirt that is throwing things off. All good pieces, but maybe a white OCBD would be a better (if perhaps safe/boring) choice. And FWIW, you have posted many fits on the thrift thread that are more than worthy of this thread or the HOFWAYWRN thread. Post more!
 Excellent stuff as always, Pliny. Finally had a chance to wear a tie this weekend for dinner with the wife (went to Providence in LA), and decided to make it my new @Henry Carter burnt orange knit:    [[SPOILER]]
Thanks, @Naka. Long way to go, but I wouldn't even be where I am now with out the advice of the fellows on this board.
 Just wait. At first you're like "why are their shirts untucked? looks sloppy." Pretty soon - "I bet I COULD rock that combi knit vest in orange/brown wool with a pair of birks like this dude:" 
Me and @in stitches - two jews, one shirt:  Needles/Niche x2 (via NoManWalksAlone - thanks, Kyle!)/NB  [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: