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 I think the sleeves are where the Doyle is slimmest. Other than that the Doyle has the usual Epaulet slimness (compared to standard USA sizing) but nothing crazy.
 Thanks, man. My SWD fits need a lot of work, but per your request:  [[SPOILER]] Thanks for the well wishes! From a few days ago:   EG/Kamakura/Luxire/Alden
 Nice, I was hoping SF would start a Tumblr. Followed, will reblog soon.
I was thinking about these. Can anyone who owns these speak to their versatility? I know in CM gray pants are usually the optimal choice, but I wonder if these would work the same way.
First wear for the chocolate ducks:  
Workaday in olive reversed sateen.Thought it would be a good starter EG pant - no? Looking for a roomier fit in the thighs as well.
 Agreed, and thanks - just bought my first pair of fatigues!
Ha! I saw that video this morning and thought of this very thread. I agree that the jackets are both shorter than traditional CM wear, but I don't really mind on casual cotton jackets like those, especially when worn with casual trousers/shirts/shoes, etc.
Everything about that looks great, but is the jacket just a smidge short? Might be the camera angle. Love that square! Jacket is a linen/silk blend:   [[SPOILER]]
That is nice, KoY. From an CM perspective you might want to go for a broader spread on the collar so it lays under the lapels. Also, if you are going to keep the tie bar move it down a bit so it is not wider than the tie and keeps everything in place.
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