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That brick bomber looks really great on @cyc wid it and others. A really unique piece I wouldn't have thought could work so well.  EG / Needles / Visvim / Heschung  [[SPOILER]]
Congrats, Spoo. Looking forward to an LA meetup.
@Ken P - nice write-up in the Styleforum Brief!   Link
I believe so.
X-post work fit:     TS(S) / Kamakura / EG / Heschung (via NMWA)
Thanks, buddy. High praise coming from you.
Hmm, maybe it's just the photo, they are a dark olive.
 Thanks! They are the ripstop fatigues from this past season.
 This is awesome. Hope you're enjoying the new(ish) job.   First day with these new Heschung ripple soles from NMWA:  TS(S)/Kamakura/EG/Heschung
 Ordered last Thursday, got my items on Monday.
New Posts  All Forums: