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@Gerry Nelson I LOVE everything but the shoes there. I think something non-blue would have worked great. Maybe your Paraboots?
Greg - how does the medium fit on you? Comfortable or a bit snug?
 Thanks, man. Sorry, I don't know the exact model, bought this off Grailed and the internal tag is no help.
Thanks @RXS09!
Like that long shirt, @flowcharts  Barena/EG/Qulomaire/Marsell  [[SPOILER]]
@Toby Price - depends on the vibe you are going for, but grey suit with a white shirt will pretty much go with anything.  Given the homespun fabric, maybe something with a more "country" (rather than city) vibe should work. Wool, cashmere, knits, something fuzzy. Black, blue, dark green would all work if you are staying more conservative.   Looking good!
 Thanks, man! I usually refrain from posting work fits over here, but here we go:  WWM / Kamakura (novis) / EG / Yuketen
 Thanks, FC. Definitely a different look from the usual EG stuff, good to mix it up now and then. Really enjoying your loose fit experiments.
Very nice @leftofthedial. You do sportcoat + jeans about as well as anyone.   Two recent work fits:     Polo / Kamakura / EG / Paraboot     Vintage / EG / EG / MWRxNepenthes
I think it comes down to the color. Bits of lint show up a lot easier on navy then they would on khaki.Chalk it up to Wabi-sabi?
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