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 Hey, Edward. On the first pic, I love the trousers and the jacket looks nice, but something about the shirt looks out of place. Maybe too casual? Maybe the jacket is too dark? Might be the lighting, but that is the only part I'm not feeling. On the "today" pic, nothing but compliments. I'm a sucker or a brown knit and a light blue shirt. Nice first post, looking forward to more.  Like the shirt, although it is sort of insane, like the jacket, just don't like them...
Really like that shirt, @An Acute Style. Details?
Thanks! Funny to see these Daiki era pieces pop up on Yoox from time to time. I also bought its Summer twin off eBay:  [[SPOILER]]
Lots of nice stuff lately in this thread. @Distorbiant that jacket looks amazing.   EG     GBV     WWM 2010   Battenwear  
105, hachi machi. From earlier this week:  Vintage/Kamakura/Epaulet/Alden  [[SPOILER]]   Epaulet/Kamakura/EG/Alden  [[SPOILER]]
 Strong. Been looking for a light blue chambray for awhile and there are some promising candidates in that post.
 Thanks, buddy. It is a vintage piece made for Cable Car Clothiers that I thrifted a few years back.
 You're not the boss of me! Sorry... It is unstructured but it doesn't get worn that much mainly for the reasons mentioned above. I think it works casually, but not in a robopose + tie setting. Thanks for the thumbs and comments.
@Crat - like the fading on those jeans, fun summery goodness. Don't get a chance to break out this jacket very often:   [[SPOILER]]
I think you mentioned on your Tumblr that it was a slubby raw silk, correct? If so,  I think that texture (which didn't really come through in your pic) would help with the ties overall wearability. 
New Posts  All Forums: