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Amazing entries, guys. Could have easily voted for everyone, so instead I just voted for 1 - @agvs 
Bureau put their Needles stock up here.
Nice stuff the pat 24 hours or so. Beautiful cloth on that jacket, @Pliny Some wrinkly linens from yesterday:   [[SPOILER]]
 Thanks, Namor. Ibaka, Rubio, Jennings, Howard and Anderson all missed a crucial amount of time. Even Westbrook missed a few early weeks before turning into an absolute beast. Oh well. Good luck to the remaining teams!
 Yes, that was a real treat. Really enjoyed playing this year, I'll definitely be back next year to sacrifice another $100.
Nothing too exciting, but got the Dark Navy Twill Bedford in. Big fan so far:  
Very nice, @ManofKent and @KongGeorgeVII From this weekend, very much into Spring here:  EG / GBV / Orslow / Vans  [[SPOILER]]
 Thanks, SJ. Beard's got about a week of life left, getting too hot already.  Thanks, buddy. No awards for her, but her school took home a few which was nice.
 Well, that is certainly not good. I guess I will need a new basketball player.
Looks great @SeaJen  Awards dinner at my wife's school on Saturday, so I had the rare opportunity to wear a suit:   [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: