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Rought & Tumble up at The Bureau.  Someone please buy this shirt and make it look amazing:  
 Large measures 21.5 p2p and 19 in the shoulders (unstructured though so it has a bit of a raglan effect).
 Thanks, @mbaum. I'll give that a shot once it drops below 80 again.
Got this new Rough & Tumble long shirt form Nepenthes:  R&T / Visvim / Yuketen  [[SPOILER]]  Suggestions on how to best to style it?
 @Foxhound - I think it would be great if the sleeves were a bit longer and the jacket was worn a little more casually to offset its shortness. Beautiful shoes.
Finally got a chance to break out some of this season's buys:  Homespun Bedford '14Heavy Twill '14(+ 3Sixteen/Yuketen)  [[SPOILER]]
 I would recommend subscribing to this thread.
Some sales at online EG stockists:   Rooney: 20% off with code NOVEMBER Bureau: 10% + free international shipping with code HALLOWEEN10   Mohawk is also offering free shipping (although I don't know if a code is required) and Haven has 15% off outerwear with the code: HAVEN15 (not sure if this applies to any EG).
 Too late for a re-draft?
Welcome to the other side, @Murlsquirl!  Sunny Sports / EG / EG / Alden  [[SPOILER]]
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