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 Thanks, Kulata. jacket is by Belvest.  Got it from former (?) affiliate vendor nSuited for a steal.
Wow, @itsthepaulice, that is really great. Please post more.
Nice stuff, @Liszt@thekunk07@kgfan5  EG / EG / Post O'alls / Yuketen  [[SPOILER]]
Thanks @EliodA and @in stitches!
 Awesome. Thanks, NYI.
 Is the MM Cask Strength worth picking up? Didn't think much of Makers 46 but I have not had a chance to try MMCS. Also, Michter's 10 year bourbon at $110-120 - worth the premium over regular Michters?
A few from the last couple of weeks:     EG/EG/JP     WWM/GBV/Luxire     EG/GBV/Epaulet
Will defer to the more experienced EG-wearers, but if you plan on wearing it unbuttoned most of the time I think it is totally fine. I rarely end up buttoning my EG jackets, but that might just be me.Doesn't look bad buttoned but maybe a bit constricting.
Looks like Need Supply has marked down a number of F/W 2014 items:   Link.   There is also a $50 off code out there for purchases over $200, not sure if it applies to EG as you have to call to order.
 Yeah, no chance of this unless the re-cuts are drastically different from the first run. My large brown homespun measures 21.5 p2p.
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