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I think you mentioned on your Tumblr that it was a slubby raw silk, correct? If so,  I think that texture (which didn't really come through in your pic) would help with the ties overall wearability. 
 Thanks, Pliny! Kenzo, actually.  Sorry, had a long post and it got erased. Essentially - I think that tie is a "fun" item, and I'm certainly not against incorporating those items into an outfit (i.e. - Master's green jacket), especially in the Spring/Summer months, I just think the rest should be toned down. Just my two shekels.
 I feel like if you are going to wear that tie, everything else needs to be toned waaay down. Could probably keep the shirt, but I agree with you that if it is going to work it has to be paired with a navy blazer or something similarly soporific.
Looking good, @mossrockss. I feel like a non-green square might have worked better, but of course I have no actual suggestions. Today:   [[SPOILER]]
Thanks, guys! @ridethecliche, that is very kind and I really appreciate it, but I have a lot to learn and there are many that do it much better than me (@in stitches, @gdl203, @Tirailleur1, etc.).
Tried to take the advice of @Parker and others regarding my last fit and switch up the pants/shoes. Not sure if the blue on blue works. Thoughts?  EG/BuzzRickson/Epaulet/Alden  [[SPOILER]]
Another bedford look:     EG/BuzzRickson/Epaulet   And trying to "embrace the baggy" of these EG Workaday fatigues:  
$95 for duck canvas? That is an amazing deal. Guys, I highly recommend Epaulet's duck canvas pants (I have navy and caramel), super comfortable and easy to dress up or down. Get on it.
 I got mine from Yoox, they have them on sale quite often (and they are running a 20% off promotion now). Link.
 +1. Might want to go to "Enhance" and select "Color Fix" first, then do 1-4 above. Sometimes it is helpful to up the sharpness just a bit as well.
New Posts  All Forums: