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@europrep - what are your thoughts on Kamakura's linen shirts? Just as good as their regular shirts? Worth the price?
Haven't we done tie challenges 2-3 weeks in a row? Might be nice to break it up.
 Thanks, could be that my leg is slightly bent, but probably needs an iron since these pants (or almost any pair of pants I own) don't visit with an iron very often.
@Sotiris - good to see you posting again, nice fit! @in stitches - shirt is light blue or white? Just curious based on the semi-hate white shirts get around here. I think this is one of those cases where either works.  Looks great, bud! New Kamakura shirt, although these pictures make it look like every other Kamakura shirt I have:    [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
Just curious, what do you guys see yourself wearing with the black trainers?
I like the hat and the shirt, just not together. A bit too much GTH in one fit for me.
25% off casual shirts/outerwear/winchesters at Freeman Sporting Club with code: fireworks25
 Hey, Edward. On the first pic, I love the trousers and the jacket looks nice, but something about the shirt looks out of place. Maybe too casual? Maybe the jacket is too dark? Might be the lighting, but that is the only part I'm not feeling. On the "today" pic, nothing but compliments. I'm a sucker or a brown knit and a light blue shirt. Nice first post, looking forward to more.  Like the shirt, although it is sort of insane, like the jacket, just don't like them...
Really like that shirt, @An Acute Style. Details?
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