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15% off at the Bureau with code EASTER2016
Okay, some quick and dirty pics:  Like Greg said, the cardigan is very drapey. Really cool, almost crunchy, texture, very breathable. FWIW, I'm 6'2" and this is the medium.  [[SPOILER]]
Work Fit:     Barena / Uniqlo / UniqloxLemaire / Marsell
 Everything I've ordered from Rakuten has been the same size-wise as anything I've bought in the states. 
Had a chance to check out the dark navy java cloth jacket today in person. Very, very cool.  A lot like the navy floral bedford from last Spring, but lighter weight.
Had a chance to stop by Magasin today at the new Platform in Culver City. Pretty cool store with some harder to find in-person brands (EG, TS(S), Camoshita). 
I did. Will try and post a fit when it arrives later this week.
Finally got through, for those of you who are 11/11.5 they had pretty much everything left. Picked up the grey slip-ons.
Digging that high rise, @mc2k
@Gerry Nelson I LOVE everything but the shoes there. I think something non-blue would have worked great. Maybe your Paraboots?
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