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Excellent as always, @Gerry Nelson. Some recent work fits:     TS(S) / GBV / EG / Heschung     EGx3 / Alden     EG / Uniqlo / EG / Trickers
 Definitely heavier than something like the ripstop, but not anywhere close to their fall fabrics.  It almost has a blurry effect up close, like those magic eye pictures from the 90s. FWIW - I have the fatigues and they are sized S-XL rather than 28-36 and the XLs are certainly bigger than the 36's from last S/S.
 Thanks, @Sieglinde Here's Rakuten's pic of the coat to help ID:  [[SPOILER]]
Thanks, @NaTionS. Have not noticed any fading/rubbing yet. I think it might be more prevalent with the jackets/pants.
BBJ   Uniqlo X Lemaire EG x Vans
Work fit:     Shop coat (?) Workaday 19th C OCBD '15 Fatigues F/W '14 Alden PTBs
In-store sales begin tomorrow, phone orders on Wednesday. The Navy version will be available at the end of April, according to their Instagram.
Thanks for the comments, dudes. Very happy with my purchase.
Found them at the Beverly Center actually, although their UniqloXLemaire men's selection was pretty bare. Nice and roomy in the top block with a strong taper. They fit similar to the winter cashmere/wool version (not sure if you had a chance to check those out). I went with the same size in each (XL).
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