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Wanted to try out a suggestion @mbaum gave in the WAYWT thread a few weeks back regarding my rough and tumble long shirt:  EG / R&T / EG / Yuketen  [[SPOILER]]  Thoughts? Suggestions? Had a hard time figuring out what shoes to wear, everything seemed either too formal or too informal.
Looking great @Knight. You pull off some of the most amazing looks.   This might be better served in the 2013 S/S thread, but Steven Alan is having a sample sale with a few EG items (plus some Garbstore and other aesthetically similar stuff).   http://www.stevenalan.com/sample-sale
Nice @Crat - and congrats on your PTO feature!
Tons of heavy hitters on this page, too many to name but lots of good stuff. A legal aid dinner tonight makes for a rare opportunity to don a full suit today:   [[SPOILER]]
 How dare you! They are certainly an acquired taste for a distinct aesthetic Not that I have put them to the best of use in these pages.
15% off at Taylor Stitch with the code: GOODFOLKS
 Ha. That space is a killer. I bet PatrickR would think the same.
FYI - Nepenthes NY has a re-stock of brown homespun bedfords.
@PandArts - that sweater is amazing.   @PatrickR - holy balls. The fit on those pants is perfect. Beautiful shoes as well.
New Posts  All Forums: