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Further s/s sale drops at   Independence   Notre   Classroom Shop
Independence summer sale up to 50% off.
Thanks man!
Nice, MoK. Enjoying your summer spectacular.   Super simple Saturday fit:     Uniqlo Workaday S/S 14 EGxVans (2013?)  
Per @Rais' request: 
Excellent, @soqueriaterum.  Rough&Tumble / TS(S) / Niche / Visvim  [[SPOILER]]
Manhattan. Went out to dinner at The Arthur J (which used to be Michi, then Mucho, then Cirque).  Pricey, but good.
 EGx2 / Bleu De Paname / Buttero  [[SPOILER]]
Another try with last spring's duster.
30% off Common Projects at Mohawk (starts at 11AMPT).
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