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I'm in.
 Ha. Quite apt.  Per Nepenthes, the bedford is stocked by the following: Bureau Context Correspondances EG Corridor EG Denka  Drinkwaters Garbstore Inventory Stockroom Jack Straw Mini Shop Portland Dry Goods SF Market Siwali. Central Trading Co, LTD. Tailor at the Tannery VMC EG
Thanks! Not bad for $30.
F/W items are up at Mohawk.   Here's the banded collar shirt, @eluther. Unfortunately I don't think it was what you were looking for.
Really good stuff on this page. Thanks for all the thumbs last time, dudes. Today:  EG/SunnySports/Niche/Converse  [[SPOILER]]
Sunny Sports x2 (found both NWT at Wasteland for 80% off)       Orslow Buckle Back Dad Jeans (via eBay)     Birks (via eBay)   EG  
Bought the navy CPO - now I just have to wait three months for the two weeks of LA chilliness.
Popping up from Thrift Thread hibernation to say congrats, @Nataku! Get ready for some life changes...
 Ended up going in at lunch. selection was pretty slim (3-4 plaids/chambray shirts, homespun CPO, one pair of fatigues)  [[SPOILER]]  Tried one shirt on but didn't buy:  [[SPOILER]]   Saw the knit shawl in herringbone in person at Mohawk. It is a lighter overall color in person, more light grey than black. Got a chance to speak with Gary from @Drinkwaters who was incredibly helpful and ordered the homespun Bedford in large. If anyone is interested, here is a list of every...
Yeah, that hasn't exactly happened as much the past few months...
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