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Testing out some new navy duck walts today:  
 This is one of the greatest posts I have seen. Kudos to you, good sir. I am honored to be included, but you forgot "poorly photographed and awkwardly hiding gut" in my description.
Hey, that's me!    And you look a lot better than me! Jerk.
Congrats @tchoy & @SeaJen! Since we are moving into the warmer months (at least in this hemisphere), maybe something to do with lighter "Spring" colors or something. 
 In reality it's a little better (for whatever that is worth), but I might try for more contrast the next time I wear it. Any suggestions?  Had a hard time choosing a square to go with this, so in those cases I usually resort to white linen or cream silk. I think in this getup, with a tie, nice shirt, etc., it needed a square, but perhaps not this one. Open to your thoughts on what would have worked.  Tried this once, failed miserably, so I thought I would go a different...
Trying out a new jacket, I believe @SeaJen may have the same one. Might need a bit of a nip at the waist and some sleeve extension.   [[SPOILER]]
 This is interesting. Here was my thought process: 1) Shirt - beachy.2) Pants - actually a super light cotton, very beachy. But that does not come through in the picture, so I could see why you said workwear-ish.3) Jacket - I get where you are coming from with the urban vibe, but I actually view the jacket (which is navy) as something akin to a better version of a sailing windbreaker, if that makes sense. That was just how I put it together, but I appreciate your comments....
  FYI - that jacket is 30% off at CHCM with the code "SPRING".
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