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Shirt is from NepenthesNY, jeans are actually cords and I think I got them from Unionmade. Hope that helps! @Benesyed  - might be my favorite fit from you.
Alleged further drops at Mohawk and Independence. 10% off sale at Matches. Coverchord up to 40% off.
Independence Chicago, Indigo & Cotton, Context.
Last day of work before the holiday:     Barena / Rough&Tumble / Orslow Buttero   Looking good @magicalporks!
Winter Sale at End.
 There is a M and XL available at FWRD, not sure if either of those are your size.
 Ha, no. Got them during their sale last summer.  It's actually just what looks like a placeholder for a new shop in a plaza in El Segundo. Nothing special.
  EG / Needles / OL / RRL
Realized i wore all NoMan for X-mas coziness:     S&C / PortFlannel / Monitaly / Heschung
Love the whole look there, @ManofKent. Please send me your backgrounds - thanks!
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