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I don't have that one, but I did try it on when it was released.   @OccultaVexillum I think a large would work for you (based off my limited knowledge seeing the sizing requests you've made in other threads).   I did pick up the corduroy baker form this season, fits similarly (a little loose in the body, slimmer in the sleeves/shoulders).
@OccultaVexillum - are you asking about the navy floral jacquard? If so it fits similar to most other baker jackets, which is s little slimmer than the bedfords. I think you could take your normal size in other EG jackets for that particular baker and be fine.
From this weekend:     EG / Gitman / EG / Marni
Thanks, @bry2000. I'm for any company that finds extra places to hide pockets.
Pretty simply Sunday fit. Not all EG, but similar ethos:     HillSide / EGWorkaday / Vans
 Sweet. Where'd it come from?
 Thanks, man. That is very kind of you to say and it sounds like we have the same uniform. Any quality post of mine is due to the good dudes on this thread like @lawlercon @Ken P @txwoodworker @Beedub @ramdomthought @timpoblete etc.
@firefit Thanks man. Those are the willy post pants from this past spring. I think they are mostly sold out, but they have a heavier khaki twill coming out this fall. Hope that helps!
Nice @FrankCowperwood. Very nice.
 EG / GBV / EG / Paraboot  [[SPOILER]]
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