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@Man with Apple - excellent first post. That IM sweater really looks great.   Some recent work fits:     EG / Uniqlo / EG / Needles      Vintage / Orslow / EG / Paraboot     EGx3 / Vintage Florsheim
EG / Camoshita / Beams / Vans
Needles / EGx2 / McKinlays
 That sweatercoat is killer, but I feel like this would be amazing with black/grey trousers instead of jeans.
Nice @Gerry Nelson, those shoes are stunning.  Some recent work fits:     EGx3 / Marni     BBJ / Kamakura / EG / Paraboot     EG / Camoshita / Bleu de Paname / Buttero
 Looks great, man. What do you think about the Leder shirt? Seems like his style would work well with EG.
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 Barena / EGx2 / Diemme  [[SPOILER]]
 Just dropped.
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