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From the 4th - Similar to @Ken P in that there is only one EG piece, but I'm still trying to work on the overall aesthetic:       Daiki-era WWM Battenwear EG Quoddy
Further drops at Mohawk (although the site seems to be down)
20% off everything at Taylor Stitch with code: starspangledswagger
@europrep - what are your thoughts on Kamakura's linen shirts? Just as good as their regular shirts? Worth the price?
Haven't we done tie challenges 2-3 weeks in a row? Might be nice to break it up.
 Thanks, could be that my leg is slightly bent, but probably needs an iron since these pants (or almost any pair of pants I own) don't visit with an iron very often.
@Sotiris - good to see you posting again, nice fit! @in stitches - shirt is light blue or white? Just curious based on the semi-hate white shirts get around here. I think this is one of those cases where either works.  Looks great, bud! New Kamakura shirt, although these pictures make it look like every other Kamakura shirt I have:    [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
Just curious, what do you guys see yourself wearing with the black trainers?
I like the hat and the shirt, just not together. A bit too much GTH in one fit for me.
25% off casual shirts/outerwear/winchesters at Freeman Sporting Club with code: fireworks25
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