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Great looks, @eazye  Garbstore/Kamakura/TaylorStitch/AE  [[SPOILER]]
 I've said that a few times this season...
 Thanks for the kind words, Steffen. I'll keep that in mind about the collar spacing. SS is the Havana, 
Hey dudes, good stuff lately. Had a wedding to attend on Saturday:   [[SPOILER]]
Sorry, Mike, I don't. I got the stockist list from Nepenthes for those fatigues and that's about it. I do know that they do not have that light blue/red rodeo banded collar shirt. I can say that Ryan at BB was very helpful, might be worth it to give them a call tomorrow and see what they've got.
FYI - Black Blue in Minnesota received their EG stock, including the grey herringbone fatigues that seem to be selling out everywhere (at least in my size).
Thanks, FC. Yes, it is a band collar actually. I thrifted a couple of vintage band collar work shirts this week and wanted to give them a try.  Here's a better pic of the collar:  [[SPOILER]]
First run for the indigo denim kamigata today:  
Not for me, but my wife picked up a pair of these Shoes Like Pottery. I know @eluther was looking into these, they seem like pretty good quality for the price:   [[SPOILER]]
Really great stuff these past couple days. Picked up a couple of vintage USA-made banded collar work shirts at the thrifts this week, trying one out today:  Epaulet/VTG/TaylorStitch/Converse  [[SPOILER]]
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