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30% off Common Projects at Mohawk (starts at 11AMPT).
A few from the past week or two: Absolutely delicious: Quickly becoming one of my favorite IPAs: Nice and tart, great summer beer: Decent, was expecting just a little more:
 Yes sir.
@Rais @ManofKent @Lorcan7 - awesome stuff today.  Needles / Niche / OL / Needles  [[SPOILER]]
Bunch of Needles stuff on sale at Understudy.    http://understudyshop.com/collections/needles   30% off with code SFUNDERSTUDY
Hmm. I don't really see that issue with this particular outfit (unstructured jacket + linen pants). Maybe if there were more formal fabrics and a tie involved.
Thanks, man. Yeah, sometimes I like the idea of these loafers more than the loafers themselves. So soft, super comfy, but tough to pair with a lot of pants.
From yesterday:   [[SPOILER]]
Interesting. I work in-house so I never see the inside of a courtroom or a suit. Looking forward to see how this project progresses.
Taking @Lorcan7 's suggestions on how to wear this white jacket. From this past Saturday at the (now waterless) Getty Villa:  WWM / Uniqlo / EG / Vans  [[SPOILER]]
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