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 All the cool kids are doing it.  Thanks, buddy.
  EG F/W 14 Hanes S/S 14 EG Workaday S/S 14 Yuketen
 That's the one I was thinking of. Similar colors, slightly different scale.  @Thanks SF (a new me), I think the same things would work with that jacket as they would with penance's, you would just have to make sure the scale of the shirt/pants was bigger than that of the jacket. I actually bought that jacket you posted on sale last Fall, so I'm going to have to do similar experimenting come Spring.
Lots of great stuff in this thread recently. This may be too casual even for this thread, but whateveez:     Our Legacy / BB / EG / NB   @EFV - just took another look at your brand's page, and not taking anything away from the rest of the site, but that intro page is awesome.
 Not 100% sure, but I think @penanceroyaltea had some nice fits with this jacket.
 It's a wool/poly blend. 80/20 maybe?
Spent some time in NY earlier this week for work, wore this pretty much every day (apologize for the crappy cell in elevator pic quality)  Schott / Vintage / SNS / Port Flannel / Rising Sun / Alden  [[SPOILER]]  
 Iso, I think the top is too formal for the bottom. SC + Jeans can be tough to pull off well, but the white, non-BD, FC shirt is too incongruous to work here FWIW, I don't mind the hair at all.
 Unfortunately I don't get into NY until Monday. Just in time to unsuccessfully phone in my order from a local area code.  Will try to stop by Nepenthes if I have some free time.
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