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30% off at Hypebeast (code BL30) 20% off at Bodega (code TWENTYOFF) 20% off at Classroom Shop 20% off at Super Denim (code BLACKFRIDAY) 15% off at Kafka (code KAFKA15)
Keep 'em. People will be all like, "there's stuff hanging from your shirt", and you can be all "I guess you don't understand fashunz."
 Additional EG sales at NotreShop, RooneyShop and Gentry.
 The Bureau has in the past, yes.
 Yes, both usually do.
Work Fit:  LeLaboureur / Kamakura / GungHo / Buttero  [[SPOILER]]
 Looks great, where are the pants from?
 Congrats, man. And you did it right before they switch from 3 days to 2.
 Speaking of Anderson Valley, the blood orange Gose is outstanding.Tart, a little sweet, a bit salty. Excellent: 
Looks good, @eazye   EG / BuzzRickson / OL / EGxVans  [[SPOILER]]
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