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Thanks @Pliny (and others for thumbz).
excellent @Betelgeuse!   [[SPOILER]]
 Never thought I would be so happy to have something unwittingly stolen from me.
@notwithit - I feel like #1 might be too bright to get much wear, although it does look a little more muted up close. Of these options I like #3 the best
 Chet, I think they look really good here. Possibly not the "optimal" choice, but I think they fit the rest of the look quite well. Of course I also wear a lot of basic shoes and sometimes get shit for it,so take this with multiple grains of salt.
 Thanks, RX. I have no idea of its provenance, just that it's reversible and soft as all get out. Thrifted it about a year or so ago.
 Vintage / Vintage / Visvim / RRL  [[SPOILER]]
10% off sale at Hypebeast with code EXTRA10
Thanks for the critiques, @Ken P. I actually had a similar thought about the shirt, but I felt that anything too bright would just be too much with the color of the pants. Disagree about the cord rolls, but that could just be a personal preference. You might be right on the shoes, a black derby was not something I considered. Maybe down the road I'l give it another shot.
From this weekend:  EG / Rough&Tumble / TS(S) / Yuketen  [[SPOILER]]
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