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 Sweet. Where'd it come from?
 Thanks, man. That is very kind of you to say and it sounds like we have the same uniform. Any quality post of mine is due to the good dudes on this thread like @lawlercon @Ken P @txwoodworker @Beedub @ramdomthought @timpoblete etc.
@firefit Thanks man. Those are the willy post pants from this past spring. I think they are mostly sold out, but they have a heavier khaki twill coming out this fall. Hope that helps!
Nice @FrankCowperwood. Very nice.
 EG / GBV / EG / Paraboot  [[SPOILER]]
 Thanks man!(the shoes are technically cigar )
@Gerry Nelson killing it as usual.   Couple recents:     EGx3 / Marni     EG / Kamakura / EG / Alden
 OrSlow has some nice washes.
Bought these navy java cloth cambridge shorts (sz 36) but they turned out to be a wee bit tight in the thigh. Just looking to get back near what I paid ($100 shipped in US):   Still looking to move this chambray duster (M):  
Work fit:     Bedford (S/S 15) Kamakura Wily Post (S/S 16) Alden
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