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Thinking about picking up one khaki/tan cord jacket from F/W - Suffolk or Andover?    
 Thanks! It's actually a dark olive.
Got the R&T HB block shirt in:       What do you guys think might be good shoe/jacket pairings?
Such great stuff on this page. First wear of the new Rough & Tumble block shirt today:   EG / Rough&Tumble / Rising Sun / Vans  [[SPOILER]]
 I have no idea! I thrifted it a few months back. All I know is it is of high quality, reversible, and made in Italy for a long gone upscale Los Angeles men's store. No brand markings whatsoever. And thank you for the compliment.
Thanks, guys! Appreciate the responses, about what I figured.
Opinion sought on wearing this blouson: A) Open & Untucked; B) Open & Tucked; C) Closed & Tucked; D) None of the above  [[SPOILER]]  ?
25% off all footwear at Inventory
I believe the long shirts go for between about $$228 and $300
No close up on the shirt? Damn you. Looks good from afar though.
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