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@ramdomthought - I like that a lot. @sugarbutch - jacket looks rad, but I think there is a bit too much cuff on the jeans.  SNS / Port Flannel / LVC / Yuketen  [[SPOILER]]
Needsupply has 30% off sale items which includes some F/W EG.   Gentry also has 15% off with the code "Thanks15" and I believe Indigo & Cotton has 25% off as well.
  Thanks, guys. I'm 6'2" so hopefully that alleviates some of the negative slouchiness. Will post pics for feedback when it arrives.
 My true jacket size is probably around a 41. Figuring this could be a good slouchy outerwear piece.
This sale convinced me to add more burgundy to my life:     Crossing my fingers the S&C in large works out...
@StyleforumRobot - I think there may be a problem with the links for Karma Loop and Haberdash.
 Yep, it is a really great piece. Color is much more subtle IRL. Fits a bit bigger than the bedford, but not enough to have to size up or down.
 The pieces are very nice and the color scheme is spot on, but despite the fact that the individual items up top (OCBD, knit tie) are rather casual, the top half is still too formal for jeans.  I'm not someone who is 100% against jeans + tie, I just think the formality coherence needs to be near perfect to pull it off. There was actually a jeans and tie "train wreck" challenge a few months back. PTO did a nice write up on one of the better entries. Link.
 Great looking shoes, SB.  I'm not always a fan of the final result, but I really dig your style and the fact it is so unique to you. This one is a definite winner, although the square and ascot look like they could be a bit matchy (could be different IRL of course).
 I had an engineers jacket from a few seasons back that was pretty long (relative to other EG jackets). Still had a bit of flare to the lower half though.
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