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@Parker - I will second Chet's recommendation, I normally wear 11.5 in Vans and both my EGVans are 11. I do wonder if the sizing changes year to year as my 11s from a few years ago feel a little shorter than the 2016 versions.
 Thanks! It sort of differs season to season and style to style. Willy Post (the pleated ones in the top pic) and cinch pants certainly do, the fatigues did in previous years but this past Fall's did not taper much.  I also have very fat thighs so everything looks a little more tapered on me.
@Man with Apple - excellent first post. That IM sweater really looks great.   Some recent work fits:     EG / Uniqlo / EG / Needles      Vintage / Orslow / EG / Paraboot     EGx3 / Vintage Florsheim
EG / Camoshita / Beams / Vans
Needles / EGx2 / McKinlays
 That sweatercoat is killer, but I feel like this would be amazing with black/grey trousers instead of jeans.
Nice @Gerry Nelson, those shoes are stunning.  Some recent work fits:     EGx3 / Marni     BBJ / Kamakura / EG / Paraboot     EG / Camoshita / Bleu de Paname / Buttero
 Looks great, man. What do you think about the Leder shirt? Seems like his style would work well with EG.
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 Barena / EGx2 / Diemme  [[SPOILER]]
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