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Needles asymmetrical sneaker: Trying to decide whether to spend the extra $$$ or just stick with basic cons/vans.
Don't think anyone posted Needles F/W 15 yet:                More Here
So many good fits so far, but for the sake of participating in a good man's challenge, I'll post what has basically become my daily business casual fit: Casual Jacket (EG) OCBD (Kamakura) Chinos (EG) Suede Shoes (Alden)
 Thanks, I called yesterday and they only have smalls left.
Anyone know of where to find the natural patchwork foulard camp shirt in medium?
Independence Chicago 30% off Spring/Summer
Last pair sale: http://www.yuketen.com/last-pair
I bet that in more temperate climates (like LA) it would work well with the upcoming FW line, which I believe is all blacks and grays.
Thanks for the thumbs, dudes. Glad you liked it @Superb0bo, started looking into Laboureur after seeing your fits.
 Threads and Needles in Torrance, CA has the black shop coat and it's on sale, not sure if it is the XS though.
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