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Additional items added to the sale at Unionmade.
 I always like your fits, eluther. So simple (in a good way) and clean. Plus, the juxtaposition of the paisley shirt and the tat sleeve is pretty rad.
 Not ignorant at all, I wondered the same thing at first. The metal button secures the opening of a very large map pocket that takes up almost that full side of the jacket. A must for any modern cartographer.
Nice, @europrep. Fabric on that jacket looks awesome.   First run for this jacket in MC Casual:       WWM/BB/Epaulet/Florsheim
 I'm going to change my vote to "somewhere between the top and bottom pic."
 Closer to first pic than second. Edit - ha, that probably doesn't help after @Don L's comment. Here is an old one of my pics for reference:  [[SPOILER]]
I respectfully disagree. Yes, they are wide legged and certainly not what is currently en vogue, but I don't see any flare, just a lack of tapering which I think makes for a very interesting silhouette which fits with the aesthetic he is going for. Personally not what I would wear but i still respect the fit.
From this past weekend in Big Bear:  WWM/Battenwear/EG/Quoddy  [[SPOILER]]
 Thanks for the feedback, HF.  First time wearing this jacket (I think), so I tried to keep things pretty simple, maybe to the fit's detriment. I've been really into textures (ex - shantung tie + slubby silk jacket) more than patterns lately, but maybe I'll try something more adventurous next time. Also +1 to @Papperskatt's jacket, that thing is rad.
@Orgetorix  - Looks great, buddy! Even better that it was all thrifted. Something a bit more summery for me today:   [[SPOILER]]
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