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hey guys, I have a barbour trooper (olive, small) and i'm really looking to trade it for a bedale/beaufort (olive or sage, small or 36)   Thanks!
would anyone be interested in a barbour trooper, size small? worn for about a month, still in great condition. I just think I want a bedale instead pm me if you're interested! I'd be up for a trade for an excellent condition bedale in a smaller (36/38) as well as selling it
debating between these (179) (won't get them til spring anyway) and the chippewa GQ (can get for 109 with 20% off Amazon), and it basically comes down to a ~$60 price difference for getting the non-captoe vs cap toe... and I'm still torn! thoughts?
hey guys, up for my (first) quick sale is a pair of Nudie Thin Finn in Organic Denim size 29x34   I wore them for about 30 seconds when I realize the cut makes me look terrible, the previous owner claims to have worn them for 2 months, but they look hardly used (a few honeycombs and whiskers).  I'd like $70 for them + shipping (5-7$). I'm pretty firm on this because I'm selling at a huge loss, but feel free to talk to me about it!   here are the...
fack I just got some skinnies in a 30 an i can't even get them on lol. I'm a 28NS, 29PS, and wear a 31 khaki size... should I just go up and get a 31 skinny? I really want a cut similar to the NS if possible
I'm not sure if I messed up here.. but  I ordered a Small Trooper jacket because the measurements on countryattire seemed to suggest it (I have a 100cm chest, their chart said 112cm for the jacket), do you guys think it's fine? apparently 100cm = ~39, whereas other sites say a small is 34 - 36. Help please? I want to exchange it before it ships so I dont have to send it back...that'd be a nightmare! Thanks!   edit: they also mention "chest tolerance": Chest...
An olive colored, colder weather coat, probably barbour, that would go with my style of button downs/raw jeans/clarks desert boots? I'm lost because I'm unsure about the classic barbours because of their collars and probably want something with not bent-over collar if that makes sense I also have a peacoat for when it's extra cold but looking for something in between      edit: decided to go with the barbour trooper!
what are the tag sizes on both pairs of nudies? Thanks!
looking to sell my natural leather belt, worn once, size 32, it's just too small for me (natural waist 31, thought i was a 30). PM me for a shipped price conus only. Save yourself the 4 week wait time that I suffered through!
thanks you guys. my bad at losing my cool, I was just frustrated. I appreciate the advice 
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